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JW May 2018
The blank canvas exposes the truth
My mind is dull,  the lack of words are proof
I sit alone in the dark and cry
The future was never really mine
It was a sham, a big fat lie
I'm just a loser, that cant deny
That maybe I'm not special at all
My teachers lied while they stood tall
Told me that I had a gift
Now I realize it was just ****
Spewing from an ignorant mouth
How dare they promise what isn't real
Now I live in constant fear
That I will die alone and sad
I'm not good enough to stay glad.....
JW Jul 2016
Do we drink alcohol to have fun?
Or do we do it to numb our thoughts?
Cause deep down we truly know our existence is pointless.
JW Mar 2016
The itch I have I cannot scratch
Its one of a sick psychopath
I yearn for flesh, blood, and guts
To end a life to quench my lust
But do not fear for its not you
That I will put the bullet through
I will be the one it hits
Cause I get off on killing the sick
JW Mar 2016
Whats the point?
The great grand scheme
The person I was meant to be
I am alone and cannot see
a purpose for me to be....
JW Jan 2016
Stay strong don't cry its not that bad
You shouldn't act like this you're a man
Hide your emotions, don't let them show
How dare you let anyone know...
This is what society wants
men to be strong like an ox
But I'm too sensitive to act this way
I've seen the bad the world relays
This outlet allows for me to be
What I've always needed to see
That others care of what I need
They save me from this ideology..
JW Jan 2016
Fill me with pills to shut my mouth
My ignorance spews unannounced
I'll hurt the ones I hold so dear
God forbid they'd see me tear
For if they do I'm not so great
My legacy goes up for debate.
So then I decay in my room alone
Till the day my names not known
My friends all leave and I will fade
Into darkness unafraid
JW Jan 2016
She can't see that hate I hold
It darkens my entire soul
Oh I wish to be set free
From this self imposed slavery
But here I sit alone and sad
Gave up on the friends I had
Waiting for my body bag
The reaper comes his touch is near
He'll take me far away from here....
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