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JA S-Mine Apr 2018
I wore a scarf for a year to make my words warm for you
t h a t s  a  l i e  n o  i  d i d n t . . .
i wore your sweater for a month so i smelled like you
j k  y o u  s m e l l  l i k e  c h e e z i t  d u o s . . .
I kissed you while you were sleeping so you would dream of me
a h a h a  y o u  t h o u g h t . . .
I love you
l m a o o o o o o . . .
i havent posed in forver so heres some trash
  Apr 2018 JA S-Mine
14 year old girls in my high school are out here getting pregnant, mean while i cant even get a boy to text me back?
  Apr 2018 JA S-Mine
I think I wrote this 30 times not knowing how to explain or shape the sentences but here goes nothing

Pop, one pill in the morning.
This one will make you happy

Pop, one pill at lunch.
This one will make you numb.

Pop, one pill at night.
This one will make you sleep.

Pop, another, whenever.
This one, will calm your heart,
Make you get out of bed in the morning,
Make your work harder,
Make you concentrate,
Make you
Make you
Make you

Alice feels jealous, her pills make her larger or small
But not happy.
But Alice doesn't know,
After every pill,

Alice feels, but I don't

Three hundred sixty-five days and some other dozen
After pills
Slowly but surely
I started feeling again
Sadness had a taste
And so did food
Laughter had a meaning
and so did tears.

And If you ask me what I remember of that time,
I'll tell you, not much.
It is no way to live, when you live numb
When you should feel things, but you don't.

When the struggle is no longer sadness, but the lack of it
When it is not finding happiness, but not feeling it..

Another three hundred sixty five days and some dozen
I feel things on my own
Get out of bed on my own

After pills,
I pray nothing gets in my way of feeling things on my own.
  Apr 2018 JA S-Mine
Kellie Rae Murray
you posted a coming out video today.
you've left your boyfriend and you're accepting who you are.
I'm happy for you.
I just wish you had found someone else, somewhere else, something else to test the waters on.
After years of hoping, you gave me the chance
to hold you and touch you
and I felt like I could dance all night.
But suddenly, you flipped a switch
and asked
I'm sorry we haven't spoken since then. Maybe I wasn't enough for you. I know for sure that I'm not enough now.
I'm sorry that I can't tell you this in person.
I've come to a realization. I can be angry. I can be hurt. I can be proud. I can be supportive. But I'm afraid that I must be all of these things in silence. I can't be directly involved anymore.
I don't owe you anything
you don't owe me.
Consider us even.
  Mar 2018 JA S-Mine
I met a lady in red with glasses on
She sits near the heavy stone
as i enter the room
she smiles and waved her hand
  Mar 2018 JA S-Mine
Peter Balkus
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
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