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Ghenwa Apr 2019
hard work makes a woman strong
hard work and dedication go hand in hand

Dedication is loyalty to something great
Something greater than yourself
Some greater passion you build up inside

Dedication is sweat and tears
Sleepless nights scarred fingers

Dedication is the light at the end of the tunnel
Dedication is the feeling of accomplishment
The happiness of having accomplished something great
Ghenwa Apr 2019
This time, another heartbreak
not my first, certainly not my last
I decided to let go of the man who let me go
I have learned time after time, you cannot force anyone to love you

I have tried many times, and failed endlessly.

Love is not something you control
You wish you could but if the feelings fade away
They are not going to spark up again

Do not get your hopes up, the spark will not be present
The spark has faded
It is no longer a burning flames
But ashes to dust
Ghenwa Apr 2019

With the love
I am overwhelmed
For the support
I am eternally grateful
Ghenwa Apr 2019
Second day
A hazy day
The thought crosses my mind
Then stops
Comes and goes in flashes
A few tears crept their way to my eyes
But the day passed

Mama held me close that night
As I wept and she caressed my hair
She let me cry
She didn’t say a word
She was there
The way she always is
Thank you mama
Ghenwa Apr 2019
That night, I could not get any sleep
I think he slept like a baby

That day my tears carved a hole under my eyes
I looked the way I felt
trying to go on with a day I didn’t want to be living

He took his jacket and my heart with him.
I tried to get my mind off it

Everyone told me to surround myself with people I loved
That day, there was nothing I wanted more than to have him next to me
That day I didn’t believe it would be better
That day I did not believe that anyone loved me

Watery eyes, blurred vision
I didn’t want anything
Food felt like an obligation
That day I did not have to fake a smile
I wasn’t expected to

I was held close by the people I love and the ones who love me
I realize that today
Ghenwa Apr 2019
I wanted to go for a drive
Something familiar to us
Something we shared for a year and half
Laughter, sing alongs
and all kinds of stories

I though maybe in that moment I could change his mind
show him who we are, or at least a part of us
Something that reminds us of our good days

What was I thinking?
I couldn’t tell you.
We talked. I felt myself agreeing.
Did I really?
Not at all

We left on a hug
I thought I was okay.
Ghenwa Apr 2019
Nothing felt much different, until the day before
His touch felt the same and so did his kisses.
He still smelled and smiled the same but nothing was really quite the same to him

My foolish self
making jokes about him leaving me to my friends
I didn’t know what I was getting myself into
It didn’t think about it twice
not even once.
I gave it no importance
or tried not to

My anxiety was sparking
to the thoughts of good news
good ideas
good thoughts only
This good kind of anxiety
The anticipation
But nothing was quite the same
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