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Hyacinth Sep 2019
Edified by our prayers-
     mustered from the beginning
Years we've been together,
     retrospects we are reliving.

Rendezvous at 71st-
     always brings back joy
My feelings always comes to burst,
     undeniably the best moment I do

One and two and three and counting
     years since we've been with each
Love encompasses our reminiscing
     longing more in making memories

In God we always hope and trust, we
      raise Him up!
With all of these, there's only one
      question left to be asked...
Hyacinth Jun 2016
As the gracious sun rises
So as my prayer to almighty
Giving him thanks
For the sweetest of dreams that
In reality he blessed me with,
Hyacinth Jan 2016
My love, I am here
Fear not for this is fate
Mystery as it may seem
It can never be too late

Since I laid my eyes upon
Your beauty above all rest
Like the radiance of the sun
In this world, no one can detest

This time I know it's right
To hope for the best thing
For my heart I hold so tight
Loves you more than anything

My love, I'm blessed to have you
To forever, we know is our right track
My love, this I say to you
I love you! to heaven and back
Dedicated to my one true love! I love you so much! (^_-) <3
Hyacinth Oct 2015
O such beauty
Bestowed from heaven
Upon my mortal self
I stared with my four eyes
Such gleam, so bright!
Oh my, I'm speechless...
My heart knelt down
Begging for yours
At last! YES! you said!
I can...I can't..Oh no..
My tongue got tied.
Forgive me for this,
forehead kiss
With that,We are one!
Your hug took my breath
...and I died happy.
I love you!
Dedicated to my one true love! I love you so much! (^_-) <3
Hyacinth Sep 2015
Another year has passed
You're stronger now, than your past
All the learnings you've had
Made you much wiser and glad

My dear love,  you've grown
From a girl to a beautiful lady
May your wisdom guide you
Through your life in maturity

Be happy for you truly deserve it
Throw your woes afar, you won't need it
For this is your special day
From my heart, I wish you a very blessed and happy birthday!
Dedicated to my one true love! Happy birthday, love! I love you! (^_-) <3
Hyacinth Sep 2015
I woke up with a smile
Room lit by sun ray,
Birds singing in the trees,
No more cloud so gray,

This feeling seems new,
My heart was ever glad.
Never felt this good before—
I think I'm gonna be mad

I don't know what's going on
But I'm quite sure that's not true,
For I really know why—
The sole reason is* YOU.
Dedicated to my only true love! I love you! (^_-) <3
Hyacinth Aug 2015
I seem to be lost in words
That will suffice my statement
In describing such grandeur
Seems there's an impediment

My tongue seems to be twisted
An impossible knot, I presume
My Oh My, such..such..(sigh)
I'm so lost, I regretfully assume

Those soulful eyes like diamonds
Gleam with such brilliance
And those red innocent lips—
...and there it is again...(sigh)

These words I say to you
I can't seem to finish'em
But I sincerely tell you—
Dedicated to my one true love (^_-) <3
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