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HR Mar 15
people cheering,
lights shining,
children playing & singing,
candy being eaten,
hugs being given.

waves crashing;
earth shaking;
heads spinning & throbbing;
blades being clung;
cars being slammed.

a child falling asleep.
leaves gently dropping.
white, delicate snow.
the fragility of an angel's wings.
the vacant spot you left behind.

a phantom pain.
rest easy my love
HR Oct 2018
it makes me feel powerless.
it makes me feel like it has its claws wrapped around my neck,
and as if it's mocking me, it whispers,
breathe in.
breathe out.

it makes me feel like my organs have been ripped out, leaving an invisible hole, leaving a phantom pain behind, leaving something the naked eye can't see and something the heart is forced to observe.

it makes me feel like a wrecking ball is pressing down on my chest, and my lungs want to give in, my ribs want to give up, my muscles want to give out.

it makes me feel like i'm screaming, except i'm not really screaming, and it reminds me of those bad dreams i used to have as a child; and so i wish i could be a child again,

but i just feel
HR Aug 2018
i hope that,
ever since you replaced the moon,
the stars are always singing you to sleep.
HR Jan 2018
so perhaps one day
we'll meet in a world
that isn't this cruel one,

and i'll finally be at ease
knowing it will be kinder to you
than this one has ever been.
rest easy, jjong
HR Dec 2017
writer's block
will never be a thing
for me
as long as i have words to write
about you
HR Dec 2017
i'm sorry
you couldn't find anything
to firmly grasp

i'm sorry
i couldn't be there
to hold you in my arms

“he's in a happier place”,
they tell me,
but i know it's not enough

when i know that,
without you,
my happy place is lost
HR Dec 2017
it seems like everything and everyone is attracted to you;
and i,
can't help but fall into your orbit.
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