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Helsy Flores Jul 2016
I missed him when he was away
I felt everything when he was around
All it took was a "hey"
To make my heart start to pound

Hadn't felt them in years
A thousand butterflies with each kiss
But it would all end in tears
I wish his first "hi" I'd miss

His feelings were locked in a cage
He cared only for himself
He would spit words in a rage
Made me feel bad about myself

But this magic was so rare
I tried to keep it alive, to fight
I tried my best, I swear
But it takes two to make a thing go right

And so in the end
We couldn't agree on anything
What we had, I couldn't mend
So I said "Goodbye, darling"

I missed him when he was away
But felt nothing when he was around
He killed the magic
July 21, 2016
Helsy Flores Jun 2016
They always thought it'd be blue
But bright red, it made its way through
For she wasn't a princess
She was a damsel in distress
June 20, 2016
Helsy Flores Apr 2016
He had his demons in jars
He said he had his flaws
From life he had some scars
For love he had his laws

He was made of stars
He was a galaxy and more
He might have been from Mars
But I could see right into his core

He looks in the mirror and sees imperfection
I hope one day you'll see what I see
And on the back of the reflection
I hope you see me
April 23rd, 2016
Helsy Flores Apr 2016
"All is said and done,"
She managed to say "okay"
"I need to be gone"
She had to look away

Had to flee the scene
As her eyes started to fill
There it was, so keen
Pain too excruciating to feel

Convinced he'd cause her woe
He said goodbye and left
Wanted to avoid a blow
Save her heart from being cleft

Thought it'd be best to go
Thought he'd save her from grieving
Little did he know
He hurt her more by leaving
April 23rd, 2016
Helsy Flores Apr 2016
I found him shattered
From life battered
I lent a helping hand
I tried to understand
He picked up a crystal
Used it as a pistol
Left me bleeding as well
Farewell love, farewell
April 20th, 2016
Helsy Flores Jan 2016
He was a nomad
He never stayed put in one place
Before he went mad
He would leave without a trace

But all this freedom came at a price
He had no place to call home
Nothing would ever suffice
All he did was roam and roam

He belonged to no one
He would spend his days at the gym
Yet he would most nights sleep alone
Because, you see, nobody belonged to him

And no love would last
Or even begin
And dear friends were left in the past
Along with what could've been

I guess the worst part was
Getting home with success
And hear not a single applause
Nor find a beautiful girl in a dress
January 30, 2016
Helsy Flores Jan 2016
Don't look at me, darling
You broke your own heart
Thought you were winning
Thought you'd play smart

One day you'll realize
What you turned your back on
Don't search for my doe eyes
I will be long gone
January 26, 2016
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