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helena ferpin Jan 2019
dead inside
can't think of anything to do
with my life

have vanished from my mind
same as all the joy
(when you left)

passes by
we grow older
and love will die

meaningless days
if you're not by my side
to complain about the dogs
barking on the street

meaningless days
without the coffee you used to make
when we were late and so afraid
of the life we had to plan

why are we still fighting?
if you left
what are we still fighting for?
if you left

can't think of anything to do
after you left me all alone

passes by
as silence grows
the pain grows stronger

is it fair?
if you left with all the answers
to the life we used to know

why are we still fighting?
if you left
what am I still fighting for?
if you left... me.
this is a song I wrote with a friend.
helena ferpin Sep 2018
my little bright star
the brightest of all the stars
always next to the moon
it's been a while since i've seen you

today i looked at the sky and you were there
staring at me, almost gone
it's sad to see you disappearing

my little bright star
you were always there for me
when i had no hope
and now you're leaving

my stunning dark star
you were my first love
i'll always remember you
but it's time to let you go

my little bright star is going
my little love is dying
all my memories in this last shining

my little star is dead
and so are we.
helena ferpin May 2017
i wish i could make you your favorite breakfast
and watch your favorite tv shows in the morning
fill you with kisses on your cheek
and tell you how beautiful you look with your sleepy face

and i wish i could take you by the hand
and take you to all the nice places i know
take you to that coffeeshop all cute and cozy
show you all the beautiful views i love

and i wish i could sing you beautiful songs
and make you smile till you don't feel sad anymore
cover you with a blanket in the middle of the night
and hold you so you can feel warm again

i wish i could hug you when you're sad
and make you laugh till it hurts your belly
and tell you sweet things that make you happier
and beg you to stay everytime you have to leave

i wish i could show you how beautiful you are
and take away all your pain and sadness
and turn it into comfort and joy
even if only for the afternoon

i wish i wasn't scared to tell you how much i like you
how much i want to kiss you and love you
i wish i could make you realize you are so worthy of love
and that love is not something to be scared of

i wish you could feel this way about me too
and that we could try and give it a chance
but you'll never know
and i'll never know
and that is just sad.
helena ferpin Sep 2015
Pour me some wine
******* some smoke
I can't do it, it's too messy

You kiss my legs
I can't resist it
I pull you close
You push me out


It's complicated!
You get too close
I kiss your lips


It's okay now
You can let me in
While I push you out

Love, love me!
Please disappear
I need you here

Get out of here
I need you so
We're so scandalous

It got too messy
You said we're done
I pushed you too much

I never wanted that bus to come
I never wanted to say goodbye
helena ferpin Apr 2015
We talk,
We know.
We kiss,
We love.


She walks away,
I fall apart.
I get together,
She starts to doubt.

She falls apart,
I'm far away.
She brings me closer,
I start to doubt.

We talk,
We don't know.
We kiss,
Maybe we're wrong.


She starts to cry,
I calm her down.
Love is here,
Why can't we see?

Blindness is gone,
I kiss her eyes.
She hugs me tight,
I can see her insides.

We talk,
Now we know.
We feel,
We can't be wrong.



So much happiness
So much love
Happy tears
And now the void.

We don't talk,
We know.
We don't know what we know.
What's going on?

(Fear gently approaches)

I start to doubt,
She's far away.
Bodies so close,
Never enough.

Beating hearts,
Holding hands,
Syncing sighs,
Silence awaits.

We don't talk.
Are we done?
We're so close,
Love can't be gone.


I start to cry,
She hugs me tight.
What does it mean?
There's no reply.

We're blind again.
What happens now?
If this isn't the end,
Where has it gone?
Why do we never know enough of happy ends?
helena ferpin Jun 2014
From the moment I met you,
You felt just like home.
But I should have known better:
My home was always the first
To betray me.
helena ferpin Aug 2013
I wish I could wash you away from me
every little fragment of love I still feel for you
drowned in soap.

but I just can't learn how to do laundry
when it comes to you.
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