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helena ferpin Apr 2013
It came into my life for the first time a while ago
And ate me up
helena ferpin Feb 2013
So my sister was born today
And we chose her name as Valentina.
Funny thing is that she decided to be born on Valentine's.
So probably I will call feb 14 Valentina's day forever.
Not a poem, but I wanted to share.
And by the way, it sounds like Valentin (in spanish)
with and 'a' in the end. Not like Valentine's.

helena ferpin Feb 2013
Even when it's just for an instant,
I forget who I am.

I forget my name,
I forget when I was born,
I forget how I look,
I forget what year is this.

You see,
You get to a point in your life
Where none of this matter anymore.
That old song titled with your name
Doesn't seem so pretty as it did before
That old poem someone made to you
Doesn't make sense anymore.
You think "it's just not me,
but who am I?"

And you roll up in your bed,
And you try to mess with someone's head
Just to see if you still can.
And you spin your world upside down,
And you try to look everybody upside down.
Sometimes it's even better upside down.

Sometimes you find yourself in reverse.
And you reinvent yourself,
And you change your name,
And you change your birthdate,
And you change the color of your hair,
And you try to change who you are,
And not a bit is changed.
And then, again, you ask:
"Who am I?"

And you meet new people,
And you fall in love again,
And you think you know
Who you really are,
And then the world is
Upside down again.

And you give up,
And you try to live with yourself in reverse,
And you try to fall in love in reverse,
And you see how pointless it is,
And you're back to normal.
And then, what is normal?

And you give up on searching for the answers
And then you start to live.
And you meet someone,
Your life is changed.

It may be a shrink,
It may be a lover,
It may be a friend.
You just look at 'em
And you're home.
You find yourself
In desperation.
You find yourself
In happiness.
You find yourself
Anywhere, anytime.
It's just a surprising
Little scaring moment.

And you realize
There is so many interesting things in the universe
So many movies to watch,
So many music to listen,
Maybe some with your name in it,
So many dreams to live,
So many people to meet,
So many whatever to do.


You don't have to be who your name tell you to be,
You don't have to be what your star sign is telling you to be,
So doesn't matter what is your name,
Doesn't matter when you were born,
Doesn't matter what year is this.
You don't have to be someone,
You don't even have to be yourself.

You just have to
Just watching too many french movies, I guess. I hope it makes sense.
helena ferpin Feb 2013
If you ever did something new and really enjoyed,
If you ever met someone for the first time
And felt like you were going to fall in love,
If you ever heard a song for the first time
And actually knew the lyrics

You should just smile.

If you ever did something old and enjoyed
Like you haven't before,
If you ever met someone after so much time
And felt like you were falling in love again,
If you ever heard an old song from your childhood
And remembered all the lyrics

You should just laugh and smile.

If you ever just threw away all the weight in your back
And kept walking like you were a new person,
If you ever regreted for something bad you did
And cried for so long before leaving it behind,
If you ever remind your mistakes once in a while
But are still able to keep smiling

You should just dry your tears and smile.

If you ever did anything that can make you
Or feel something,

You should just smile.
Because you're strong
And you're living
And just because you can.

Smile everyday,
Smile as much times as you can.
Until the day you realize
There is so much things to smile about
And no reasons enough not to do it.


I'm not always so positive, but I drank too much coffee. And I'm sorry if there is some writing mistakes.
helena ferpin Feb 2013
It seems like I've lost them
Since the year started.
I hate summer.
helena ferpin Feb 2013
I think I saw you
I think I loved you
I think I miss you.

I know I saw you
I know I loved you
I know I miss you.

I think I see you
I think I love you
I think you're here.

I know I see you
I know I love you
But you're not here.

You don't see me
You don't love me
You were never here.

You're a dark shadow
You're my dark angel
You're my undying love.

You're my Utopian dream
You're rising into the stars
You're climbing into my heart

You never existed
You're dead.
helena ferpin Dec 2012
Although I hate how wrong this ridiculous sense of common we have for everything is,
Sometimes I just wish we were these two ignorant people
That think the world is wrong but we can't change it
And work hard just to buy a bigger TV

Sometimes I just wish we could live a mediocre life together
And never mind to all the things that happens around
Since our favorite show is reprising saturday night

I wish we could fight every day to decide who's going to supermarket
And what color should be our new car
And fight over and over again about if we should buy a dog or not
And stay up late playing scrabble with our boring married friends

Sometimes I just wish we were these two empty consumerist people
That complain about everything and fight everyday about nothing
But are so so happy
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