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May 2017
i wish i could make you your favorite breakfast
and watch your favorite tv shows in the morning
fill you with kisses on your cheek
and tell you how beautiful you look with your sleepy face

and i wish i could take you by the hand
and take you to all the nice places i know
take you to that coffeeshop all cute and cozy
show you all the beautiful views i love

and i wish i could sing you beautiful songs
and make you smile till you don't feel sad anymore
cover you with a blanket in the middle of the night
and hold you so you can feel warm again

i wish i could hug you when you're sad
and make you laugh till it hurts your belly
and tell you sweet things that make you happier
and beg you to stay everytime you have to leave

i wish i could show you how beautiful you are
and take away all your pain and sadness
and turn it into comfort and joy
even if only for the afternoon

i wish i wasn't scared to tell you how much i like you
how much i want to kiss you and love you
i wish i could make you realize you are so worthy of love
and that love is not something to be scared of

i wish you could feel this way about me too
and that we could try and give it a chance
but you'll never know
and i'll never know
and that is just sad.
helena ferpin
Written by
helena ferpin  23/F
     Fawn, Lior Gavra, FraisDeLaFerme and NV
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