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Heather Mirassou Feb 2015

dare mutest thee

heaven’s sanctity.

Now them hast

deep spirits

quickening breath.

A vision childless

breaking virtues

angel’s slumber in death.
Heather Mirassou Feb 2015
Embroidered ivory mountains

flowing tipped waterfalls

and melodious violet fields.

A thousand madrigals

and fragrant Myrtle groves.

The rivers and streams

sing sweet rapture


As the celestial hidden skies

hover Venus charms

and quivering goddess sighs.
Heather Mirassou Jan 2015
In the wee hours
I am wakeful
When clouds are nesting
And the wind is thrusting
Carnival wildflowers glow

Twinkling in painted fields
a moon overflowed
And the rain begins to rouse
I rise in a dream
where my spirits soar
I faintly kiss the stream
Heather Mirassou Jan 2015
I see naked droplets

of subtle honey bee.

Love released beyond

our summer lending trees.

Beyond a breeze

glow-worm light shines bright.

Love wheel delight

For the stars are giddy tonight.
Heather Mirassou Jan 2015
The aqueous moonlight

floats from heaven

Sober hues and a tender wind

crisscross the sky

A hazel mist melts the faint dew

below the sleeping willow tree

The murmuring water lillies

awaken the egantine

While my white eyes are lulled

under a topaz canopy
Heather Mirassou Jan 2015
Young bliss

a fragrant kiss.

Lips slumber

eyes agaze.

Arms aflame

damp passion.

Enmeshed in desire

Bloomed within.
Heather Mirassou Jul 2014
August thickened under the bleached sun

Ravens swimming in tilting trees

While lust ripens in fruit rain
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