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 Sep 2016 Harsh
The air turns thick,
heavy with heat.
The clock goes
tick tock, tick tock,
over, and over again.
We count every second
with bated breath
waiting for our freedom.
The sun shines brightly
through the doors beyond,
beckoning us.
It whispers,
"Come join the world
filled with laughter and light.
Shade your tired eyes
and bask in my warmth and glory."
We wish with all our hearts
to finally escape
our monotonous prison
and run into the land of joy.
 Feb 2016 Harsh
12:37 AM
do you ever wake up wondering whether the stars watch us

12:37 AM
like reverse stargazing

12:37 AM
do you think they see us like we see them or

12:38 AM
are we more familiar to them

12:38 AM
than the other way around

2:49 AM
hey you know what

2:49 AM
i think we're not so differ

2:49 AM

2:50 AM
us and the stars

2:52 AM
maybe you can tell me what you think when you meet them

3:17 AM
remember that one time jupiter swung down for the moon?

3:18 AM
i saw no stars that night

5:10 AM
you told me once that i'd forgotten to count the galaxies

5:12 AM
and i told you that

5:12 AM
the night before

5:13 AM
i'd never stopped counting

8:02 PM
don't you ever wonder what it would feel like

8:03 PM
to look down on the earth

8:27 PM
from the milky way?

8:40 PM
don't you ever wonder why we never will?
i just really like the idea of the celestial captured in human thoughts
 Oct 2015 Harsh
So much of my life has been spent
With my head down,
At a fourty five degree angle
Pointed at a couple inches of glass.
And I just loved it so much.
And what's not to love?
The entire world is at my fingertips, right?
My friends are just 140 characters away, right?
I need to be able to tell everyone
Just how awesome that pumpkin spice latte is, right?
I have 398 likes your last upload,
So everyone loves me
So, I decided to turn my phone to grayscale
To remind me to look up.
And I can say with certainty,
It has changed me.
No longer can I sit idly by watching videos on my phone.
No longer can I just scroll through Facebook
Ignoring those faces around me every day.
Not because I don't find it interesting anymore.
More than anything,
I finally realized
Just how dull and uninteresting my phone is
Compared to the colors in the real world.
In life.

Live Life In **Color.
I took a page out of a friend's book. Well his phone really. I decided to set my phone to grayscale. Go check out to see what he's written too :) Maybe he'll inspire you too.
 Sep 2015 Harsh
New year, I said.
New place, I said.
New me, I said.
New sheets, I got.
New strings, I played.
New food, I ate.
New me, I felt.
Trees are still tall,
Grass is still green,
The sky is still blue,
And you're still
The first thing I think when I wake up,
And the last thing I think about when I sleep.
And I slowly realize
Nothing is really different.
When your heart is finally louder than your head
 Aug 2015 Harsh
 Aug 2015 Harsh
You're a diamond
Hidden in rock.
It takes a careful hand
And a lot of time.
But slowly, we coax you out
And realize
Just how beautiful
You are.
A diamond in the rough.
 Aug 2015 Harsh
Liz And Lilacs
It is my theory
that we are all connected.
From the thread around your finger
to the ribbon on her wrist
and the rope tightened on my neck.
Every action has a consequence,
because when you pull on the string;
*something unravels.
 Jul 2015 Harsh
I'm dating depression
He knocks on my door
Although he smiles for miles
I knows he hides more

Depression just loves me
He's been other places
He takes other forms
Same guy, but new faces

He sneaks up on me
With surprise in his eyes
Claiming he changed who he was
But I know he lies

People change too
Like the leaves in the fall
And as the foliage fades
My lover does call

"Love me like only you do"
"Need me because I need you"
"Protect me from what I can't help"
**"Save me, but from myself"
 Jul 2015 Harsh
It's okay
 Jul 2015 Harsh
Sometimes it's okay to be wrong.
It's okay to not be
The smartest,
The funniest,
The most well-adjusted.
It's okay to be
Because it's not about how you are now
But about where you're going to go next.

Life is about
Nothing and everything;
Decisiveness and indecision;
Stagnating and flying.
It's about how everything is possible.

So if you're
Or hurt,
You can be
It might not be easy.
There might be days you think you walked down the wrong path.
But you didn't.
Because every path is the right path.
Because every path is the path you need to be on
To be here.
To be you.
And you are pretty special.
More than anything,
You are special to me.
This is inspired in part by Mr. Nobody (Netflix it and let it melt your brain)
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