Careena 3d

I tried to take notes before you left
Mentally scribbling down asides
The toughness of your hands
Compared to the soft skin of mine

Blocking out the sunlight
Pulling covers over your head
Pretending that it's night
Is what it's like when we're in bed

Letting me out of the car under-roof
Needing not to brace the rain
You are a different man now
Warm-hearted, patient, unfeigned

We have the same soreness like picture day
From smiling with our teeth for so long
We almost forget what it's like to frown
Until it has passed and you're gone

It drizzled as you looked at me
Got in your car and said goodbye
This is not our first parting
But it is like that every time

Careena Apr 4

Hair pony-tailed, tight up against my head
Almost as snug as us, supine in my bed
I am long past drifted
Dreams in and out sifted
Covers covered, pretenses shed

A chill brushed over me, sleepily
Eyes flutter open and admiringly
I gaze at you curled up next to me
Heart filled so full, busting at its seam
You are peacefully breathing, this is no dream

Blankets shuffled to your side
Undesiring to wake you, I quietly confide
"Baby, I'm a little bit cold"
Your eyes pop right open and you promptly fold
Me up in the blankets, you hold me so tight
I wish this is how I could spend every night

Careena Mar 27

Criss-crossed scribbled heart
Dwelling on the dark parts
The ones I tried to hide hard
But once you turned into my sight
I was left unable to write right
A love, brand new bright light

A different sort of style
Careena Feb 27

Until I slept next to you, I never knew
How soundly I would rest
With your goodnight on my lips
And my head upon your chest

Careena Feb 19

I have only felt this way
Once before now
And it was you then too

Careena Feb 6

I think I first liked you
Because you were shy
The type of guy who liked to hide
I liked the way your hair curled
How you saw the world
The way you described
Wanting to walk into your kitchen
Far in the future to see me sitting
At the table drinking my morning coffee
The way you said your life
Wouldn't really seem complete
Without this pure dream of you and me

Careena Feb 1

The insecurities that I have felt
Are internal, nothing to do
With something you said or did
Recently, it's just me
I am scared
To depend on you
To need you
I have trust in you
Exponentially more than I used to
It's just taking time,
These things don't happen overnight
Or in a short period of time
Please be patient and stand by me
As much as I'd like my fear
To dissipate instantly
I'm finding comfort in your reassurance
Your loving friendship welcoming me
I do need it, it warms my heart entirely
I just don't like to feel too needy
Like it takes too much work to love me
I find joy in giving you all I have
It's just the receiving part that is troubling
I just ask you hold my hand and understand

Just putting into words something I couldn't quite express a few days ago.
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