Careena 7d

Silver lining
Antique finding
Intertwined fingers
Browsing eyes

Indoor maze
Shifted gaze
Can't see all
Noticing some

Vintage room
Old spittoon
Strolling past
Items forgotten

Mirror reflects
Dust collects
We evlove
But never change

Careena Dec 2017

I've reheated the same
Cup of coffee five times
This evening

Trying to write something
For myself that accurately
Describes how I experience

Often I am flooded in the ordinary
By the emotion and the density
Of life itself, in all its majesty

And sometimes I am left
Devoid of sentiment
In moments deemed worthy

I get lost in thinking of
The way the future will
Tangle with the present

I find myself stopped in
A memory as well,
A reminder, a fragment of past

The present is a fleeting concept
A paradox, I think
A circle of thought

At what point
Does the future become the present?
And the present become the past?

Careena Dec 2017

I wished you could have
Followed me home
Opened the door
Felt my hands roam

I wish you could have
Watched me undress
Felt my eyes linger
Knew my intent

I wish you could have
Been there tonight
Fed my addiction
Grabbed and pulled me in tight

Careena Nov 2017

If I may
Be so free
To tell you I
Don't think it's me

I've known you long
Your true heart
Beats off time
To think us part

If it is
Left to grieve
You worry I
Love to leave

Careena Nov 2017

I've looked at you and felt
My heart fall apart within my hands
But I've seen your face and knew
My next fifty years of plans

Careena Oct 2017

I'm a slave to the words
A marionette in the music
As I'm assuaged I've moved on
Muscle memory's proven

I can pick up the patern
Feel its reverberating sound
Emotions heightnened, rising action
Then I collapse to the ground

I hoped I wouldn't have to
Ever again play my part
But my name's in the playbill
I know the motions by heart

It felt the same like it did then
Careena Oct 2017

Nodded off and then awakened
Fluttered open bright blue eyes
You woven tight right up against me
Legs, arms, whole bodies intertwined

Absorbing the moment slowly
Heart filled to bursting at my front
I sighed, closed my eyes, and thought
"This is all I'll ever want"

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