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I dreamt about you last night

Or as I know now

I saw you

In a different time

But within the same space

Where we’ve always coexisted

Silently, without

Loudly, within

I was never sure before

If I am just hearing my own

Echoes of words I sang for you

But heard only by me

An illusive love of two

In front of a cloudy mirror

Obscured by a lack of presence


If I kept my silence

I’d hear your voice again

If I disappeared

I’d find you once again

To my surprise

Though it was expected

Just like your impermanence

Just like your absence

Your presence in my dream

Caught me off guard in motion

As you held me tightly

While the twinges of your

Tangible soul blossomed

Throughout every atom

Of my being

Echoing through the night sky

In your unmistakable voice

Giving light to stars that have always

Permanently been there

But were ignored by me

In my search of you

Among the visible

While you hid within every

Light and darkness

Every flowering star

Every bit of space

Fertile as earth

Darker than the midnight sea

With its shimmering reflections

That which  

I am now swimming through

And falling into

Like a child

In this storm of every sense

In my own dimness

I always thought

You were reaching me through

The same time

But separated by a different


I didn’t see the truth

I felt it

But I never understood it

You were never showing me

A life of if and could’ve

You were showing me

Our future

Our love in a different time


Within the same space

Where our souls have

Always coexisted

Where our soul

Has always

The Spacetime of Our Soul
April 16, 2018
By: Yitkbel

(Inspired by Jamadhi Verse)
We are becoming cultural germaphobes
Eliminating every potentially negative thing

We are becoming sheltered perfect roses
Under glass domes too over protecting

Monocultures and biodiversity
If we don't build our immunity

How are we to survive
How are we to fight the blight
A shout and then
All quiet
I feel you in the wind
And in the grass
That dances beneath my toes

You are the moments of joy
And the days filled with sorrow
Always a reminder

I look up at the evening stars
And there you are, staring back
You are every star, in every constellation

Even when I cannot spot
Your special celestial design
I see you in everything

I do not weep for my pain
I weep for joy because your pain is gone
I weep for love because our love is everlasting

My first best friend,
My beloved brother,
Goodbye, for now.

In some places,
monsoon season has long ended,
in other places, some freeze, some quiver,
bending their bodies, to warm their guts...
the head swells, wanting
to spew, to set loose some things
as nature speaks....murmuring
its restiveness, through gusts of wind,
the impatient
its holder now alert, feeling sentient
but, unswerving...sounds are clear
hurrying footsteps  do not matter
hand stretches...grasps a sign
fireworks have come and now blind unprecedented high
an untold moment becomes nigh
an energy rares to be...needs to be
......and is now ready to be
already atilt
snug within the palm, its hilt
sword has yet
to pursue, to capture...but is now set
...and when she began to write,

she did it with such elan!
mind, hand and sword, worked as one
catching bright, newly born ideas
writing them down, as quickly as
they came to mind...she started swinging
dashing...circling and criss-crossing,
black blood flowed from the tip of her sword
created lines, with defined letters and words,
captured thoughts......filled blank pages
with scenes of action, without traces of rage

in moments of restless silence
............her poem was born....


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    July 1, 2018
Kalypso sports within the waves
luring sailors to watery graves
but if they make it to her isle
there they may tarry for a while.

Food and wine are given a'plenty,
they are rocked into lust so gently,
Nymph, Maidens, Bacchanalian revelry
lead the sailors into darkest devilry.

*** and sin are openly displayed,
a salacious procession, ***** parade,
And all men their vices expressed
seek the comfort of Kalypso's breast,
her hospitality soothes, allays their fears
as she slowly steals away their years.

© Pagan Paul (05/12/18)
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