I feel you in the wind
And in the grass
That dances beneath my toes

You are the moments of joy
And the days filled with sorrow
Always a reminder

I look up at the evening stars
And there you are, staring back
You are every star, in every constellation

Even when I cannot spot
Your special celestial design
I see you in everything

I do not weep for my pain
I weep for joy because your pain is gone
I weep for love because our love is everlasting

My first best friend,
My beloved brother,
Goodbye, for now.
PsycheSpeaks Nov 6
I left and
Broke a heart

I took what I

And forgot what
Weighted me down

And now,
I’m here

And I realize
That must have hurt

Your pain was real
And now, so is mine

With all my heart,
I am so very sorry
PsycheSpeaks Nov 3
I recall:
Sitting on that tan couch
With the cushions
That would always stain

Our toes
Entangled with each other
Dancing over the covers
Of a microfiber blanket

Your playful smile
Caught off guard on camera
A moment frozen in time
Solidified into a memory

You fall asleep like you’re one to do
And I watch as your heavy eyes droop and close
I’m reading but I have no idea what the page says
All I remember is the soft lines of your face
PsycheSpeaks Sep 3
In the process of becoming
I have seen the worst in me
Mix with the worst in others

In the light of awareness
I have felt regret
Regret beyond any prediction

In the solitude and silence
I have brought myself
Closer to myself- closer to ***

In the wake of anger
I have fueled the fire
I have kissed the scorched earth

I have begged for forgiveness
I have asked for answers
I have sought revelation
But only found more questions

Is this my answer?
Is this the journey?
PsycheSpeaks Sep 3
When the sun doesn’t shine
I take a break from life
And I smoke a last cigarette
And I listen to sad songs

You were dying for so long
But now, it’s like you vanished
And I don’t know how-
Or where to begin

When you left in your way
You took with you, a piece of me
And so I keep the best of you

But the sadness will fade
And I’ll keep what remains
Because you, will always be
A part of me
PsycheSpeaks Sep 3
When I think of you,
I still hear your deep rasp
A muffled, familiar roar
Carrying the weight of your words-
Yes, when I remember  you
I smell your half extinguished cigarette
And feel your warm touch
A familiar burn
PsycheSpeaks Sep 3
I listened to your vinegar words
Tell me how to miss you,
Pleased to learn
When you break something
It grows back stronger

If I could ask any question of you
It would have to be,
Do you remember, when you decided
I wasn’t worth
Your precious time?
A poem and pain from long ago
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