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PsycheSpeaks Apr 2019
I see the tilt of your shoulders,
When you’re in a rush-

The impatience in your voice,
When you’re barking “medium dark roast”

I know you have a million places to be,
But at the moment, you’re in this one

Why not embrace your presence,
Rather than, expedite its exit

You are welcome to take up space,
Here and everywhere you go

To the girl who accusingly says,
“She made it wrong again”

I see that you have been deeply hurt,
And I hope you heal from that pain

When I see your impatience,
I see your fear

When I feel your judgement,
I feel your pain

You are human and so am I,
Can we not honor and treat each other as such?
Customer service humans commonality love
PsycheSpeaks Apr 2019
Beautiful, sad girl
If I could kiss away your sorrows, I would
If I could go back in time and tell you
That it will all be over soon, I would

If I could wrap you in my arms
And say that you are stronger than you realize-
I would tell you that your fears are warranted,
But you will not fear them forever

I would scrape my nails ******
At the coffin of your pain,
Just to give you a single moment of relief-
I would do this for you, but I know I am helpless

I cannot hold you in my loving embrace
I cannot lift the boulder from your back weighing you down,
But I can feel your pain and I honor it deeply
A woman, still armored with a child’s wounds
Womanhood child healing love pain hurt fear
PsycheSpeaks Dec 2018
I think
Some part of you
Still keeps itself
At a distance,
Just in case

I think
You might not care
About getting to know my world
My friends,
And who they are

I think
You haven’t tried
To know them
And some part of you,
Probably doesn’t want to

I give every effort
To know your friends
And your family
And what makes them,
So special to you

What is holding you back,
From getting to know me?
Reflections hindsight
PsycheSpeaks Dec 2018
I feel you in the wind
And in the grass
That dances beneath my toes

You are the moments of joy
And the days filled with sorrow
Always a reminder

I look up at the evening stars
And there you are, staring back
You are every star, in every constellation

Even when I cannot spot
Your special celestial design
I see you in everything

I do not weep for my pain
I weep for joy because your pain is gone
I weep for love because our love is everlasting

My first best friend,
My beloved brother,
Goodbye, for now.
PsycheSpeaks Nov 2018
I left and
Broke a heart

I took what I

And forgot what
Weighted me down

And now,
I’m here

And I realize
That must have hurt

Your pain was real
And now, so is mine

With all my heart,
I am so very sorry
PsycheSpeaks Nov 2018
I recall:
Sitting on that tan couch
With the cushions
That would always stain

Our toes
Entangled with each other
Dancing over the covers
Of a microfiber blanket

Your playful smile
Caught off guard on camera
A moment frozen in time
Solidified into a memory

You fall asleep like you’re one to do
And I watch as your heavy eyes droop and close
I’m reading but I have no idea what the page says
All I remember is the soft lines of your face
PsycheSpeaks Sep 2018
In the process of becoming
I have seen the worst in me
Mix with the worst in others

In the light of awareness
I have felt regret
Regret beyond any prediction

In the solitude and silence
I have brought myself
Closer to myself- closer to god

In the wake of anger
I have fueled the fire
I have kissed the scorched earth

I have begged for forgiveness
I have asked for answers
I have sought revelation
But only found more questions

Is this my answer?
Is this the journey?
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