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Dec 2019 · 47
PhiWrit Dec 2019
I ride tides that shine golden in my mind
The waters of wisdom ebb & flow by design
Of the Divine, in time turn water into wine
Or lead unto gold for the alchemically inclined
I'm dead to the world but to God I Am Alive
So through strife & turmoil I Will Survive
Though I tremble with fear, I must confide
I more resemble Cheer, with it I trust in kind
To defy the vain wrath that tries to divide
Love from my heart & Knowledge from my mind
So I sow my seeds reciting Scripture I read
Hoping their fruits result in some souls freed
It's not that this heart of stone won't bleed
For Christ's atonement's the only Blood I need
For by it alone are we saved, not by any deed
Work diligently by faith, in Heaven your place is received
May 2019 · 75
Rose in the Wind
PhiWrit May 2019
Keep my tech-tight(tektite) when I'm in the light of Anna
That Black Magic Woman wrote about by Santana
Got me on my Gnostic degrees of Elysium
As the waves break I feel the sea breeze again
This is unbridled magick none could match it
You're a spider recluse so I know none'll ****** it
I'm untying my noose n woes I throw like a match stick
Into my past I drowned with kerosene gases
As we walk into the future I'm sure the path's lit
I hope these words act as a suture for patching
The vast wings that escape in sextuplets out your back, sing
Me the song of your mind for it's divine how I soar
When the breath of life escapes those wind pipes of yours
No co-dependency, for I survive and thrive by the Lord
Just a measure of the pleasure your presence affords
Past-Lives flashing not the first time our essence met before

because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know that we're destined
because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know that we're destined

Let's you and I form a Leo/Gemini Caduceus
Intertwine and heal from the ruthlessness
Of the worlds we knew before we grew with this
Spark between souls of gold, please hold, I'm new to this
Sensation that lifts my senses to elation
Cloud 9 is the elevation, has my heart pacing
My butterflies wonder why they start racing
Could never utter lies to get into your basement
See my core holds the key to your hearts encasement
No chasing or evasion, it's magnetic at its basics
So face what's waiting for your appreciating
A kind of affection never expect my love's depreciating
I come correct with my dialect, not dying yet
Defying set norms and rules, leave you lying wet
When I look into your eyes that's the vibe I get
So let's get our minds together, go ahead try the best

because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know that we're destined
because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know that we're destined

The way your spirit flows forth
from your serpentine form
swarms my heart with a warm
fire that lights my whole mind, body, soul
in a blizzard I'd forget the cold,
your vocal chords are strung of gold
for every word be spoke be so precious to hold,
though you're born a Black Hole Sun Lioness
your wit isn't lacking in ol' Scorpio sharpness
with a witchy will to harness the darkness
and mold it into light, oh what a sight,
I couldn't try to fight when you fit so right
into my broken body puzzle piece shaped ever oddly,
whether it be God or our manifesting hard that brought these
moments we've shared into the aether of infinity,
it isn't a sin if it took form before time did begin, see

because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know that we're destined
because the way we glow you could say that our colours are kin.
The way we flow you would say that we're lovers of sin
But that's the way she goes when you're a rose in the wind
Such a long way but at the end I know that we're destined

Soothing like an arrow root cookie, with or without the nookie, that's love straight from above the kind to fit like a glove, no need to push and shove through emotional barriers no matter the storm or how worn my back is I'll still carry her, and when Santa Muerte comes to pass I'll get off my *** on my Greek **** with two coins for Kharon to ferry her, only my love will ever bury her
Jan 2018 · 211
Kingdome Come
PhiWrit Jan 2018
This is for my mother I couldn't ask for no other
Sorry for the hate I threw know your skin like rubber
Look now it only took, wow, I look down, eight years
If only I'd ate fears there wouldn't be so much hate here
You should know I smoke cigs but hate beer
No alcoholic know I'll frolic if it's a great year
I know you hate dad with ingrained fear
He really ain't bad now it's been about 8 years
Off pharmaceuticals with **** free of seizures
I know that won't please ears but ma please hear
He hates the man he was, for that I love him plus
When we met there was no fuss all love and just
A heart of regret mixed with an attitude of gratitude
former for nearly killing you and I when he battered you
The latter because without him I took right after you
A dapper dude with a knack or two for facts and truth

I already have His forgiveness so now I'm asking you

I know you didn't want me but shouldered the burden
See God had some plans if only you had heard Him
But maybe you did that's why My name so glorious
On the straight plain the bearer of Christ is victorious
That's Kyle Kristopher Moffatt translated in reverse
Yiddish-German-Scottish man slated notorious
An old soul of bold gold to the core he is
Forged by Holy fire one of Yah's Warriors

I've been an adult for twice more than four years
Going on 24 16's when I left you in your tears
I didn't mean no harm ma just wanted life without fear
Of you beating me for thinking me mighty queer
Between slit wrists, hanging, and electrocution
God had already stayed about 14 of my executions
Jew stewed in antisemitism so sought retribution
On the peers that used belt sander to give abuse
That's why I wore war paint to make boars faint
Because they misbehaviour ain't kosher or quaint
They thought me a push over so I sought to push over
The pain that they painted me with into bush corner
Suddenly vision swarms and it's burning warmer
Reconciled the paradox that I was born of
******* dealer and Archaeologist student
Who for my good switched to defence law prudent

I know you didn't want me but shouldered the burden
See God had some plans if only you had heard Him
But maybe you did that's why My name so glorious
On the straight plain the bearer of Christ is victorious
That's Kyle Kristopher Moffatt translated in reverse
Yiddish-German-Scottish man slated notorious
An old soul of bold gold to the core he is
Forged by Holy fire one of Yah's Warriors

I know you told me to never contact you again
But I can't help it if you find this and you listen
Not a single diss in this just love and confirmation
That you put work in this kid by higher conversation
Taught me of a universal world unfurled in university
Expanded my mind left behind thought of you hurting me
See I don't mind I just hope you find peace in these
A reminder you always have a heart's piece in me
If I don't stop I might start weeping feel it seeping
But I got a bit more to say before fleet feet leaving
Central Banking has me thinking society's sinking
War, Poverty, Greed and Drugs are all to be thanking
If you want to know who brings'em; government does
It is the oil in the machine and we are the irrelevant cogs
Numbers and debt slaves they get to behave like dogs
Some kind of commodity to be sold like we bathed logs

They call me Kristopher though I prefer Phiwrit or K-Moff
That Phiwrit bit might not catch on it just came off
The dome top, too many talents know I won't stop
I still intend to repay you even though we don't talk
Too many talents Joanna know I can't and won't stop
I still intend to repay even though we don't talk
Just know for you I won't stop until His Kingdom Come
From where I Am from
Jan 2018 · 155
PhiWrit Jan 2018
This my first joint, I'll get to the point
I AM's Phiwrit and I am 'bout to anoint
The mic, spell it right, Phiwrit
That's a Pirate written in Phi glyphs
Rhyme in Peace to my man Zoe Cassidy
'bout to go H.A.M Bohemian Rhaps on me

If you're feelin' sweet get the tooth to cracking
Lift your heel of feet with Root Beer and Kraken
Coming in bombastic elastic Tentacle *******
Fantastically drastic one hint none-at-all could stop me
If I want to float I'll drop ice cream
No flaunt or gloat will stop my dream
Jew Kid LuSiD O sleep walking
New bid you hid so stop talking
I'm not off nodding, just bar soldering
Together a word weapon for bard's slaughtering
Of Weak emcees get weak in knees, fodder sing
it loud. Smoke it proud if allowed oughta bring
A pound to smoke, and a pound for blokes
my pound drops you choke I'll make that coke
I Am's famished lamb through whom He spoke
I Am's alchemist hand so Jew's suit bespoke

Isn't it beautiful! "What is he woke?"
This isn't conscious rap what g wrote
What you need notes I just take tokes
Spin reel raw this kid veal real spoke
Isn't it beautiful! "What is he woke?"
This isn't conscious rap what g wrote
What you need notes I just take tokes
Spin reel raw this kid veal real spoke

Who the **** is this enraging Holy Spirit towards
scorn in the crack of dawning
'bout to leave your whole fam mourning
swipe the gold from your lies,
leave you weak emcees to die
This the verbal molotov, tongue's a cunning kalishnokov
No rushing for roulette without 32 red spot
leave your tops popped off minus the maseltov
watch your Bay, Hasselhoff, don't try to hassle, nah,
on the stripper pole I'll smack your ****** tassels off
Strip you whole rip a new hole raw
Your crew give this Jew hip-hop-hoorah
pass the hookah bowl has a whole oz of *****
Pass the hash on ash let's get to toking some
I ain't a quaint token bet but a vet potent sum
I got 99 balloons you ain't yet poking one

Sit your *** down son, no tsun-tsu
But by now you can tell I've son'd you
I know exactly who's behind who fund you
But I Am too into my grind to even run you
Sit your *** down son, no tsun-tsu
But by now you can tell I've son'd you
I know exactly who's behind who fund you
But I Am too into my grind to even run you

I've been *****, torture taped up, agape; Sup!
Five my brown eye violated, by a guy I hate, uhg,
then my mind grind down by amphetamine design.
******* thought wiles stomp step-son's shine,
18 years later survived, re-up, rep RUN, thrive.
My steel guise steal eyes of these evil powers,
Though it been a while still hold my inner child.
Real cold, don't feel bold, though my soul Israel gold,
Brought to keel o'er by Toyota RAV4 Leaf Blower.
I Am Leaf Hear Me Roar, the poem I wrote before
Back in grade 6. Yo I was hated, knew I was fated,
My mind, God made it, memory faded, spirit elated.
These lines, amazing, aether affinity pacing.
Style Simpletons simply speak sprocket simile
My mild meta-core makes metaphor mechanically
Alas all abysmal alliteration alludes automatically

Don't point your automat at me in laundromat
Don't pack no gat bust rust carry on, yo, hepcats
Nothing you send my way disuades or set back
I'll keep spitting until I get my *** back
Don't point your automat at me in laundromat
Don't pack no gat bust rust carry on, yo, hepcats
Nothing you send my way disuades or set back
I'll keep spitting until I get my *** back
As I roam and write in my dome's tome
This just a piece that I've shown
Feb 2017 · 732
Ode to a Raven
PhiWrit Feb 2017
You could call it an ethereal feeling
Painting my heart a Cistine ceiling
Your presence teaches new meaning
I see the light in you true beaming
Pinch me dear for I must be dreaming
No I don't forget that we just met
Though I desire to know thee if you let
I know I am forward but please don't fret
Just trying to spread love no cheeks wet
Get ready get set let's go out on the town
See a show how could I ever frown
At you on that intoxicating night 'round
Tofino with the tide low and sky a glow, now
You give my heart butterflies
Smile shine clears my grey skies
Your presence doth baptize
My eyes with your guise
Of beauty, and warm grace
Annoints points of your face
Rushing red my heart race
Whenever you step into my space
Won't make a move just in case
You would choose me not to chase
Don't want our friendship to erase
Nov 2016 · 528
Transcribed Freestyle
PhiWrit Nov 2016
Haven't freestyled in a while
since my name was Kyle
1 out of 10 in the room I'd revile
but I got the world swoon over this goon style
9 out of 10 be jealous of the attention
I be getting how fast these legs run a mile
**** it give me 500 miles
and I would rush 500 more
just to kick in the door
Of whack rappers, hit the floor
That's the D-E-C-K I pray to start my day
not doing this for pay just to play and say
what I need to say the state of the States
Got me in dismay as they pave way
For old goose stepping ways
Like **** learn history
About ****** and his story
Of the rise to glory of the Fascist party
and the deaths of Jewish minorities
That they had as priority
Along with any other minority
that wasn't white skinned with ***** grin
or Aryan origin on that topic it's La Fin
because South Park had them Laughing
and sanding me in wood shop
So going to that school had to stop
so I dropped out by expulsion
which fueled the propulsion
Out of my mom's place
At sixteen I started to chase
'Cause that's all that made sense
I couldn't live on cents had to make dollars
Dreamed of being a baller shot caller
Show poster on the wall sir
But my crafts had to be refined before
I could start my spiritual war
Let my mind soar like a kite
In the white clouds past nine
Turned the phaser to eleven
As shrooms shot me a glimpse of heaven started making bread sans leaven
sick of toaster leave-ins knead the flour
need the flower extra sour
though diesel to ease all the pain
And refrain my brain
From seizing and freezing
The mainframe of my nervous membrane
I swear I'm not insane
but it would take me days to explain
The pain that had me nearly slain
so ride my thought train
'Cause I hate planes & listen to the refrain
you feel this profane pyre burn hotter than
blue flames from the butane or propane
Not real champagne lest it be made in France mane
where they sniff the Caine more than oxygen
I am the Champion.
Nov 2016 · 313
PhiWrit Nov 2016
I refuse to abuse the information
Or accuse to confuse Son sensation
It's just bust or elation
These waters rust relations
Readily reprise all re-creations
Heavy on reprisal wrought in radiation
Of Free-Radical Radial Radio recreation
See that at all ****** or catch this bat call
That's some sonar and so far none at all
Can fall on me no **** got a gimp limp
No descendant of wimp, imp, or chimp
Those simply either geezer or ether
Style stay froze door close freezer
When I was younger I'd listen to Weezer
Singing bout being Buddy but I be neither
Just a man in search for Wisdom I need her
Jul 2016 · 401
PhiWrit Jul 2016
Even though you had begun
when I was only 1 I got His Son
I do this just for fun, Crushing grooves
is how I moves fleet feet like horse hooves
it would behoove you to soothe
true your ego stop that flow
cause you know that if you blow
it'll show a snakeish temper let me simpl-ify before I die get so high when I try
to defy desire it lights a fire
for my lord forge the sword
to cut the haters rippin satyrs in two
separate the man Fromm the hoof
common brothers raisin roof
while I woof and howl
underdog on the prowl
with a cowl of divinty
rhyme flow infinity
the seed I sow for the Holy Trinity
Wholly subliminally lace beats minimally
more a cappellas speakin in simile
that's a metaphor that I wore
out from the thrift store
I gift more than billionaires
with my sterling silver hairs
Jul 2016 · 364
PhiWrit Jul 2016
Is it ******* cold in here
or is it just the lies they steer
your mind to fear with
know you cannot see it
or believe this truth I spit
sounds too familiar to the pulpit
calling Satan the culprit
of lust ego sin all of it
you just fall for it like that's all there is
not realizing that all of creation is His
YHWH is His name so the scriptures say
though you may think
it's been passed down falsely to your dismay
there's a side differing see Titus did write this
history Roman in a tome and he talked of
Jesus Christ getting hung up
on the cruc-a-fix He walked with
how Pontius talked with high priests over
Passover feast to hand over
the seed sower heavenly kingdom grower
the only One to the Father show-er
even Jewish Scribes describe of
Yehoshua's vibe was in their eyes that of
a magician so don't be dissin miracles
or call the Holy Spirit unclean at all
that's the biggest sin of all

If I recall any of you cowering away
from this Jew because of what I say
just pipe up so I can brush off the dirt
from my sandals and walk along His way
Know I ain't no snitch Randal just a vandal
making candles you can't handle
light too bright blind your sight
like right away back to the cave
so your chained brother's you can save

Just in these waters making waves
I can tell we ain't quaint by how you behave
Jun 2016 · 309
PhiWrit Jun 2016
I may have lived life homeless but I was never boneless
Stand strong trying to hone this, own this, by His throne sit
I don't want material wealth, that get's jacked off the shelf
I got His spiritual health, this kind of gold never melt
I play the hand I'm dealt with these rhymes I've felt
On the mountain top I belt cries to YHWH for help
In this Hip-Hop game not in it for fame or gelt
But to share His name, to save you from a welt
Dealt by Michael the warrior Archangel
Who beat down the perfect Cherub that fell
Lucifer is destined for hell, Dante's Inferno
Driving young men to cocktails of sterno
Burn though it may worse it be that day
When our Lord and Saviour returns to their dismay.
May 2016 · 741
The Last Huzzah
PhiWrit May 2016
Straight shot of Holy water to exorcise my demons
Got'em out on a couple legs, begs by ****** screamins
With the All Holy Trinity I walk amongst infinity
Got a Cadre of Archangels showerin' me in His Divinity
Brought a fifth of Anointing Oil to mark His Holy Royals
Seeing through the mixed lens of His sixth sense
Burnin' incense to mark the Menorah branch that toils
Ate up the Holy Communion remember that Holy Union
At the Ninth hour His might & power did devour Light
Too dark, the tent of heaven tore, bore mark of blight
Judas seeing that hell'll vent, went hellbent on death's reunion
They dwell of Herod taking  head of prophecy; Maker's cousin
He called Saul as Paul to make all apostle's, baker's dozen
Diss and spit cause of His name,  John 7:7 in the pulpit
This ain't tryin' to be flame or 15 minute fame ****
At 16 I knew I'd live eternal by His Throne, sit
John 7:7 "The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me, because I testify that its works are evil."
15 minutes of fame would go up in flame from these minute three you see; get at me EL-P (@therealelp).
The menorah (/məˈnɔːrə/; Hebrew: מְנוֹרָה‎‎ [mənoːˈɾaː]) is described in the Bible as the seven branch lamp
May 2016 · 288
PhiWrit May 2016
I'm suffocating without compare
Drowning in a sea of panic I shout "Unfair"
Time's defecating on all that has been waiting
Frowning at my screams that are sounding
Replicating a monumental crowning
Separating from all around me
Contusions have induced confusion
Making me question "is this all an illusion"
A fusion of a lesson, and sins confession
Losing the best of any possible relation
My desire for His Fire another complication
Am I a liar for not giving her communication
That this might halt us sharing sensation
That his sight shalt cause me to be shun
By the one whom I love, at least it's been fun
Apr 2016 · 513
Morse Code For Your Abode
PhiWrit Apr 2016
This life got a jigga stressed out
The strife 'lot bigga than he'd th-ought
Dropsy hurt his mind left something behind
Topsy turvy his path seems more curvy
Than straight even without the hate
Doing a dance with fate at eight
Even though it feels more like nine
Surrounded by swine carrying the sign
Of Cain, quite profane sigils etched
On they brain, apathy that Masons sketched
From Babylon's blood cult sons they fetched
This blueprint, that's all this Jew'll hint
I refrain from consciously causing pain
But the stain unconsciously switching my lane
Getting bucked off the faux high horse
Getting ****** out the ego lie of course
Getting lost sending this code morse
Jigga: Jewish form of "*****"
Apr 2016 · 347
PhiWrit Apr 2016
Tongue tied, brain fried
through the trials been tried
Mammon's law defied
In the wild I cried
To the Lord that I confide in
Who washes me from sin
When I play this game
I play it to win
When I say His name
I say it with a grin
His light fills me to the brim
Guides me at a whim
Through this flood He helps me swim
Even with a broken limb The Paschal Lamb
That the world calls a sham
Is the One that laid the land
That you raise your fam on
From eons by gone
By peons that once shone
Amidst the dark landscape
Of this flat earthen plate
Now met untimely fates
While trying to satiate
The wild fleshly tastes and desires
For warmth comfort and fire
All for which it can make you a liar
A buyer of false security
From divine insecurity
That you lying to your inner purity
Lord knows that you've heard of He
But it's fear that stops the start to your belief
In the only source that could ever give you the relief
That you seek He calls the meek
Before the eighth day of the week
As the signs of His coming begin to leak
Look at the sky for itself it speaks
Of the coming labours and havok that shall wreak
Feb 2016 · 322
PhiWrit Feb 2016
It was all a dream
I used to be in sin up to my knee
Guilty of one, you're Guilty of all
Every Saturday repent with each prayer and call
Jesus as my Rock pray till I drop
Frankincense and Myrrh, in the censer of Pap
Way back when the faith I lacked
I thought I'd fade to black
My body is His Church
Remember Readin Luke, The Word The Word
I never thought His gospel was ever truly heard
So He showed me His divine light and gave me my sight
Time to spread what I heard, from the Spirit descended as bird
Born sinless in her, the world turns us to sinner
Remember we must be like children if heaven we hope to enter
Peace in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Those with the ears, let them hear it
I'm born again like He foresaw I would
Through the sacrifice of His Son's blood,
He's All Good.
If you don't know well now you know
Dec 2015 · 459
Eh Far Out
PhiWrit Dec 2015


Holy Trinity
Dec 2015 · 407
PhiWrit Dec 2015
I let the lance lead my prance
Up and missed my chance
While I was set in a trance
On how I could advance
My game, instead of His name
Held within this dame
It's a crying ******* shame
That every time I do the same
Old thing, have I really changed
Or have I been left deranged
Oh Lord right now I feel estranged
Why was our love ever arranged
Oh Christ-ine, light filled eyes so pristine
The kind you'd find in chapels Cistine
The pearl of great price, catalyst seen
For one last embrace I do glean
Nov 2015 · 531
Without Fear
PhiWrit Nov 2015
Livin life without *
Oh you didn't hear
It start's with f
If it get's in your ear
It'll eff your whole year
If the sign you see here
Is this rhyme scheme, Cheers
You're living life without fears.
While you were putting 5 carrats in your baby girl's ear
I was plotting on planting carrots in a plot not so near
Where the ***** hoes sift earth
Not ***** hoes who's only gift is givin birth
PhiWrit Nov 2015
When I pretend everything is what I want it to be
I look exactly like what you always wanted to see
When I pretend, I can't forget about the criminal I am
Stealing second after second just cause I know I can but
I can't pretend this is the way it'll stay I'm just
Trying to bend the truth
I can't pretend I'm who you want me to be, so I'm
Lying my way from

If you feelin like a **** *****, go and brush your shoulders off
Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off
****** is crazy baby, don't forget that boy told you
Get, that, dirt off your shoulder

I probably owe it to God, props to His Son of course
Tryin to hustle some things, that tranquilize a horse
Feelin no remorse, feelin like my hand was forced
******* to the law, better read up the psalms
All the ladies they love me, but the Preachers they screamin
All His Body is bouncin they like the way I be Beamin,
All the trappers be hatin, off the sack that I'm makin
But all the shamans they love it just to see one of us make it
Came from the bottom the bottom, to the top with pots
Yeshua Son of Man, of His plan I talk
Like a running back, get it man, I'm straight off the block
I can run it back ***** cause I'm straight with His rock.
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
A Little Dirty Ditty
PhiWrit Nov 2015
I'm Runnin Jews like Lil Dicky
Run the Jewels, and Ricky
With soso flow of Biggie
Ever since I quit the ciggie
Livin life straight propper
Givin props to Big Poppa
I'm off the spliffs and poppas
Writin riffs for beats that drop ya
Lingerie ladies who have
Curved bodies tight Mercedes
Hot as Hades 420 degrees
Just hot enough to chrisp my cheese
Torchin these trees
Straight from Belieze
Blowin Bolivian keys up they ***
As their friends ends they pass
None of y'all thought this Jew could last
Two days past your last meal
Didn't really know how to feel
Cause I ****** you so raw
Y'all got mistook for veal
That means hyper tender
No allussion to child *** offender
Call me a money stack lender
Back ****** but never a pretender
If I split her in half
God'll have ta mend her
This **** is known to send ya
Into bliss quick
That feeling'll stick
When the tip touch they lower lip
They get oil slick
Just the thought get's 'em hotta than a candle wick
Though you know I don't flow with no trick
Start off slow so we can show each other
Our flame be sure not to smother
Like an over protective mother
Reflect on it while it's lit
Climb inside my mind
See how I visualize thee
Undress and become pantiless
You're sittin on my face
I impress with the pace
I carress your **** with tongue
Spell sinless you'll be a wet well
When you see how well I'm hung (do tell)
PhiWrit Nov 2015
Christ Rules Everything Around Me
Keep the Faith
Grace upon Grace falls

Let them fuccbois come
We call'em chicken where I'm from
Home of tha guerrillas because they the reallus
Goin harda than the Cannibal Holocaust thrilla
I'm a Jigga from the Van Isle Villa
Of Nanaimo, I give props to Hova, tho
When I say Jigga I mean a Jewish *****
Though you may say I'm whack
Because my skin ain't black
I ain't racist when His love be my basis
Life's quaint outside of time, hyperboelic stasis
See this wordplay is my forté go figure
These Psychedelic flows are my signature
I am Holy at One with the Inner Nature
Skin young drapping over a soul more mature
I hope that you're taping
This flow so yo' can be sho'
Of the Good Lo' Jesus' divinity
Drink of His waters and He might make a saint of thee
Gettin drunk off His waters and you might just see three of me
You know I pray to the Father you don't greet me as deity G
Do not mistake what you see as me for purity
Only the Christ is sinless amen that is my only surety
Lord forgive any vanity

Christ Rules Everything Around Me
Keep the Faith
Grace upon Grace falls
Hebrew-Tang Clan
Oct 2015 · 402
Champion's Anthem
PhiWrit Oct 2015
My name means the champion
Got from Him before time begun
Given me freedom to love; have fun
Born under the sign of twins divine
The Lord did intertwine the two into one
Named after His Holy Son
Christ bearer is my middle nom
De plume don't assume or presume
To know the tongues I speak
Got a mind for word every day all week
If you got ears to hear then this is what you seek
Humble diction based in Christ's conviction for the meek
Only fools think it fiction
Victims of forced material conditions
Their spirits be beaten into submission
To share His light is the mission
Stay tight don't start no ***** fight
Or I might have to drop ya like a misty kite
Don't forget that I go Twin hype, do the Horrah on your windpipe
Cause you know I ain't a ripe fruity *** fuccboi type.
We won, we the winners with the champagne
Champagne at the end of our campaign
Spit fire, naked truth like the blue flame, Like the blue flame
(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Let me see your hands up if you using
Caught the plug and we bolt like Hussein
More money, more power, more butane
We about to burn this ******* down, down.
Sep 2015 · 440
PhiWrit Sep 2015
You know I live care free except for when I ***
Gotta be free of all the ***** or impurity
Left in me. Bladder's seen better days
Way back before the ketamine phase

You know that I have had a change of ways
Not burdened by debt of sin caged in haze
The Lord in His wealth could afford to pays
Keeps me in good health as I give Him praise

You know that He owns me spirit, mind, and body
He's a carpenter, repaired the doorway of my psyche
Gave me holy gifts of healing to replace the reiki
His Spirit lives inside see, so Satan get behind me
Sometime when you go numero uno, the poems flow also.
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
PhiWrit Sep 2015
The Lord keeps me quickened
With His burnin wine blood.
Sinner gets Word he's sickened
'Cause their fate is the flood.
Wickin your idols like wicker
This Word that protrude is sure ta
Make knots out of your nickers.
While I heard you is a rude *****
No flippin bird. I'm a Jigga,
One of them scotch sippin Jewish ******
Switch the first lettas in Jew and *****,
What you get is New, Jigga

Go figure

Yourself out, and what you're about.
No need to tout your ego and shout.
Like go ahead call me a ****,
I can't hear ya when your talk is trite;
Words don't cause me tantrums tike.
Little one the end has just begun.
Put down your gun, since before the beginning His Son has already won, before you were even sinning;
In a sense, innocense.
His Immaculate timing is waiting for the start of your pitiful whining
For mercy from the Lord you still curse G.
Sep 2015 · 346
PhiWrit Sep 2015
I got things to do, before I meet His Glory on High (Chapel Cistine)
The girl "that used to be mine's" b-day six months away, she gonna be nineteen
So I pray to the Lord He spare me, and I make it back to Christine
Summary of my conversation with death during my NDE in January of 2014
Sep 2015 · 471
I Only Roll Proppa
PhiWrit Sep 2015
Light up the hash, we goin' get real high
While the smoke blows to the flows from Half Life of Phi

This is a beat for all the ****** freaks
Smokin the keef til they get wide cheeks
Yo we got them blunts rolled proppa
With a fat core of shatta, even Big Poppa
Would hit it, then hit it again, spit a refrain
About how that **** smoke makes the brain
Feel so sane, goes with the grain, healing pain
I'm the DEA's bane of existence,
All because of my dank scents
But all we tryin' to do is make rents
For my friends, choppin ends
Put it in a crock *** but not too hot
Leave it in the spot for a while

Light up the hash, we goin' get real high
While the smoke blows to the flows from Half Life of Phi

Spend the time with a fat pile
Of hash, spittin that medicated style
About the cash that
We goin to make from the batch
Once this plan hatch
Time's up open up the hatch
See the green butter be quick to ******
It up in the cheese cloth
While it's still nice and soft
Strain out the chaff from the grain
For a better product better do it again
Cause you wanna have the fame in the game

Light up the hash, we goin' get real high
While the smoke blows to the flows from Half Life of Phi

Known by the name of the green baker
Risk taker, Swimmin in money lakes-er
Don't ***** wit the shakes
except for personal bakes
Only keef rinses sinces
you don't chinces
Keep the potencies
Gotta keep pounds around
One from each corner of town
Keepin your inventory down
Most diverse selection **** elections
With all that and the dope sound
And nobody around to **** with your crown

Light up the hash, we goin' get real high
While the smoke blows to the flows from Half Life of Phi
Took a **** at 4:20 and this came out, shout out to the Notorious BIG, and Bob Marley, I be bumpin thee every day an hour after twenty past three.
Sep 2015 · 1.3k
Word to BIG
PhiWrit Sep 2015
So I wrote a Notorious word to the Crook King
of Brooklyn who wrote the street book
Based on how the street he took
with feet quite fleet.
You know his spirit i did meet,
first last year on bicycle day
A tab of acid found its way
on my tongue it lay,
in the bathroom mirror I was prone to say,
"Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls" and my heart did in fear fall,
Thought to myself
"I swear I hear a glock click near my left ear" so I got the hell out of there.
The second time was a bit more fair,
the air of a fellow player, yao slanger,
beat banger, he spat a 16 bar prayer
of how he was an unknowing player
In His plan a silent hand of hope
for all the ****** that are broke.
That the Sky is the limit,
only make moves when your heart's in it,
then you are guaranteed to win it.
Ain't no sin against it,
**** the world don't ask it for ****;
that's word to BIG
Based on a true story
Sep 2015 · 252
Battle Verse
PhiWrit Sep 2015
You cannot see the fire that's why you call the God above a liar
But you can't feel the love for why I bow to Him as my sire
He lit up my desire inside for truth you could call it Fire
For me that Fire is warmth, and calls my soul to come forth
But to you it is a burnin' pyre, don't come back to me to heal the hurt
You were the ones that called Him a liar
The same flame that burnt up ***** and Gomorrah
Is wrought from the same name from which this Word came
*Drops Mic*
Sep 2015 · 1.0k
Circles and Hurdles
PhiWrit Sep 2015
I've met a lot of ill women
While I've been swimmin'
and skimmin through this ocean
Trying to find one to show my devotion
The journey has gone as thus;
I tried a Virgo, and Aquarius
The latter was the scariest
I tried to get freaky with a Scorpio
Her mind was too ***** though
But it started with a Leo
That chance I'd blow
I thought I'd found it in the Sag co
But in the end I never forgot the Szajko
(Sound that one out)
I went through the whole zoo,
I'm always found in front of you
Just a poor Jew trying to make up for
All the fire I put you through before.
Not the same pyre I spat to that Sag *****.
Sep 2015 · 257
Cut 2 Heal
PhiWrit Sep 2015
Don't take offense,
all of you on the fence,
no need for defence,
I've loved you since we began,
I'll do all I can,
to show you the love man.
Sep 2015 · 488
Got a Sword in my Mouth
PhiWrit Sep 2015
Pinky finger on tha trigger
Got my mind on the Scripture
I'm shooting wild style
Keeping a low profile
Ain't heard such as this
In a ****** long while
Don't try and diss
Else I **** and ****
All over your face
Don't matter your race,
It'll go down your throat,
So you learn not to gloat
The Lord keeps All afloat
This truth'll make you choke
**** so dense you think it's smoke
But if you choke then you'll croak
And I don't want to see any bloke
Go out in vain without
The Lord's name, out yo mouth,
Call it a shout out
"Ei! Ei! lord you hath forsaken me,
Now Christ rules this day"
The old way, Satan ruled over thee
Now you be walkin the new way
A new path free, His Son's blood hath
Redeemed you of the sins causing His Wrath
Sep 2015 · 614
Only the Lord Can I Afford
PhiWrit Sep 2015
All these sucka MCs I can't afford'em
You know I just let the Lord go an sort'em
I got y'all contortin' and consortin'
With the Devil to give me Hell
You can't tell that my sword fell
The fallen angel down there he dwell
Got it from Michael, the last half is Kyle
That's Hebrew for victorious
For Him I am fervorous 'n'

Mother ******' Furious

The world's situation is serious
Y'all straight out of it delirious
Overtaken in sin
You're way too curious
Where the hell do I begin
To let you know how to win
Against the Ego, deal the blow
Of submission, help you win
That is my mission, this is a confession

Let's start this session

Begin the lesson
Don't be stressin', soon you'll be bestin'
And bullet-proof vestin' through the wild west son
No need for the Smith n Wesson got a killer kush gun
You put on the Raiment of truth that protects one's
Youth; That's innocence,

Make sense?

Breaks in the poem correspond with the breaks in the instrumental.
Sep 2015 · 517
Run the Jews
PhiWrit Sep 2015
Most of you actin like you know who I am
But this Jew's been running ****
since before you began
That's right I ran, th-is real
I'm a Son of Man, I've got His plan
To set fire to the field
Burn the chaff, watch and laugh
(Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha)
As He saves the other half from His untimely wrath
You think your Ego can beat this wheat
"Get up and Go"
He will use you as a footstool after your defeat
The lake of fire is your destined seat.
So take a receipt for your life,
And the strife, don't forget your wife
Any sins against her, He'll be sure you burn.


It's Your Turn,
Run the Jews
Set to the Instrumental of "Run The Jewels"
Aug 2015 · 253
PhiWrit Aug 2015
Stayin up again, until its three a.m,
trying to explain to my brain,
that love isn't sane.
Who's going to be my friend
in the end,
truly will it depend,
on who I gave my last cent to,
who I helped break through,
to the knowledge of you know who.

It always seems that when I think this through,
my mind goes running back to you.
How the slam of the door,
created a gust like ne'er before,
leaving the embers of our love,
strewn across the floor.
I don't know about you,
but what I felt was true,
if not from above,
then whence came this love.

For years I tried to shove it away,
the pain causing me to say,
hurtful things that would clip your wings.
Those embers still smoulder in my heart,
still hot after all this time apart;
for even your pain was art.

So I ask you this,
oh fair and demure miss,
if we may journey together again in bliss;
as it was with our first kiss.
I arise from dreams of thee,
And a spirit in my feet
Has led me- who knows how?
To thy chamber-window, Sweet!
May 2015 · 331
Who Am I
PhiWrit May 2015
I'm just a
Regular guy
Trying to bring
Christ's Light
I was asked to, in 13 words, describe who I was, this was my response.
Mar 2015 · 433
PhiWrit Mar 2015
I am nerdy, weird, and absolutely absurd
With every letter, every symbol, every word
My methods play on my youthful exuberance
So when you see me all goofy and in a trance
Give me a moment to show you how I dance
With my legs, my lips, and my hands I prance
Expressing subtle symbolism with every chance
If you perceive with open eyes, an opened mind
Then you too can leave this paradigm behind
So fly with me, into tomorrow I'll take you to a place
Where fantasy transcends the material right before your face
These preconceived notions of what it means to be
A human in this beautiful world meant to be set free
I stand at the gates to this wonderfully vibrant land
So release your fears to the Father, take an angel's hand
Release the treasure held within your pineal gland
So you too may see the mathematical structure
Of this holographic existence so you may be sure
That all that is material will eventually be torn asunder
To give way to an existence enveloped in loving divinity
Filling your being with noetic lightning; Gnostic thunder
Becoming one with the Godhead in perfect synergy
PhiWrit Feb 2015
Everything isn't always as you perceive
Judging what you see on what you believe
Your own programming is aimed at you to deceive
The information around you, so you can't retrieve
The memory of how to be free of all the worry
Of how others behave and what kind of hurry
They're in, just begin to cover and bury
The idea that you have to be the judge and jury
Believe me when I say there comes a day
When those that judge will have to pay
For the judgements they pass will find a way
To come back to them to their own dismay
Jan 2015 · 348
PhiWrit Jan 2015
So sorry for writing in lengthy ballad
Of dramatic tales these feelings valid
I guess I just saw a mysterious puzzle
Whose picture was missing a piece
That lacking threatened to muzzle
The potential inside for your peace
I beckoned "come hither ******,
My burdens are airy, and few;
I mean to heal not commit sin."
There was enough in me for you
My heart's peace could fit
Into your picture's missing void
Something you couldn't admit
You were always slightly annoyed
Slowly but surely my heart
Is directed All to Him
As it was in the start
When I sung my first Hymn
Jan 2015 · 411
Just Gellin
PhiWrit Jan 2015
When you analyse this rhyme
Trying to find any holes
You'll be left a silent mime
With a case of the Dr. Scholl's Insoles
You have a case of jealousy
My rhymes are a felony
Trying so hard
they turn out lousy

I'm just a part time bard
Jan 2015 · 560
Eyes See Clear Through Fear
PhiWrit Jan 2015
You would be a fool
to think that when I look upon you,
my eyes do not gaze into the depths of your soul.
They see the sorrow you've felt,
the pain you've dealt.
All the tears, and fears;
bliss and cheers.
I am not judging you,
simply seeing through,
the mask that you use,
to cover up your bruised
Though that I am trying to understand,
your pain felt,
so I can lend a healing hand.
Not trying to leave another welt,
Upon your pristine frame.
For I am blessed to have Christ in my name;
I wish to
heal you
- Kyle Kristopher Moffatt
Dec 2014 · 756
Faith in Fortune
PhiWrit Dec 2014
miss out on


and full catharsis



Dec 2014 · 874
PhiWrit Dec 2014
i was all but ready for work the next day
getting caught up in the coming foray
i had a couple of hours to prepare,
steel my mind so that i could fare
against the coming stress and mess
that i knew would put me under duress
i sat in silence, knelt and prayed
to the Lord Jesus creator of all made
for His guidance in action and will
so that night no blood would spill
the tension was high and so was I
with a man who's foolishness I can't deny


when you walked in it couldn't be
i was overtaken by pure serenity
towards my mind to you was drawn
we would eventually converse til dawn

we finally had a chance to stay
beside one another, a few words to say


then the tension broke
when cam started to punch
in my hand his throat I choke
he'd gone out to lunch

i left the house in an agitated haze
the trail behind felt right ablaze
but the journey to work proved fruitless
the return trip though left me in bliss

i came inside and all were asleep
So on my tip toes i did creep
into the room, pulled the curtains aside
then a little part of my heart inside
wept as my eyes fell upon your visage
under the dim light i thought it a mirage

you heard my steps upon the floor
as well as the creaking of the door
i peaked your interest with my request
to join me in the kitchen, leave the mess
i took your hand and pulled up your seat
in that moment we were pleased to meet

i pulled out a plate and grabbed my bags
of Calvin Klein read the tags
we sat across the twister table
as we told each other fables
and the depths of our minds
up our nose went the lines
we touched nothing more than our tips
of fingers, though I truly wish it were lips
your voice breathed air unto my fire
stoking the hot flames of desire

though it was a mental connection
that had started my affection
i was enamoured in your voice
to me a song that brought a choice
to pursue you for pure platonic friendship
and let my fires consume this ship
or to take your hand but a ****** white dove
as i yearn for the light and love from above

when you departed from the scene
you left me with a feeling most serene
i insisted upon your possession of a book
and from your out-stretched hand,
I hope this won't scare september away.
I really can't help my heart,
when it begins to sway,
or when toward love it embark.
So I wish you to know this
Oh-Mega Miss
That what could await you,
is nothing
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
Flipping the Coin
PhiWrit Dec 2014
Whatever happened to that young starry-eyed anarchist in the black suit, with flowing brown curls, eagerly waiting for life to unfurl.

Through you he was replaced by a teary eyed fascist,
carrying a gnarled stave,
silently waiting for the grave.

You were the greatest catalyst, and the strongest of poisons. Now your name is on my list, of betrayers and blasphemers.
Just releasing the searing pains of betrayal by the only person I ever considered my best friend.
Dec 2014 · 391
No Brother of Mine
PhiWrit Dec 2014
I guess when you have nobody to fall on,
You run the other way.
When all your money is gone,
It's time to call it a day.
You called me a brother,
But were willing to throw me under.
Now to me you're just another,
Voice forgotten in the thunder.
To the brother in faith that tried to use me as a fall guy for a crime, I rebuke thee.
Dec 2014 · 427
Fallen Brothers
PhiWrit Dec 2014
I'm old man in the form
Of a youthful face so warm
Underneath the supple skin
Lies a heart full of sin,
Coursing a poisonous maism
From my bleeding chasm
In my chest, this feeling I detest.
It breaks apart my bones
And wears down my joints.
Withdrawing too many loans
For another man's points.
I never wanted to play this game
I never wanted that fame.
My goal is to clear my name
Wash away the pain
Of pride from my Lion's mane.
I'm trying to switch out of the fast lane
Passing to the slow lane to refrain
From feeding the slow drain
On my wallet, I could've called it.
You told me straight to my face
You would get caught up in it;
On my trust you spit.
Thus I toss you in the Tartarus pit,
So you can deal with your own *******;
God knows that I have enough of mine.
Oh friend of mine take it a sign
That here we part ways.
As I leave this snowy haze
I hope not to leave this house ablaze
As I turn the page to write a new chapter.
The dawn of a new age is what I'm after
To live my life with laughter
Maybe I can be a pastor.
Instead of watching you get plastered
To the wall, hits your face, you fall.
Solely for the struggle of it all
You may be deaf, but I hear the call;
The scroll that was signed by Saint Paul.
When you are forced to leave a brother in faith to his own demise, all you can do is pray that he finds his way, back into God's light, and with Him through the darkness he can fight.
Dec 2014 · 613
what is the point
PhiWrit Dec 2014
As my neck is embraced by the rough hewn rope,
The same rope that intends to strangle my last hope,
and life from this form,
Twitching, and swaying,
My body hanging warm.
Instead of six feet under laying,
I am in the desolate courtyard
Vultures circle overhead
Sun beats down hard
The earth too hot to lay in bed
To get a much needed repose
Rejuvination at its best
All I really need I suppose
Is to give my heart its rest.
Inject the ****** through my chest,
Needle point in my heart,
Plunger depressed,
I get my final rest.
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
Carnal Conclusion
PhiWrit Dec 2014
Some days when I wake up
All I wanna do is bust this rut
Not with any ***, girl with flow
With *******, luscious lips,
And a round ****
A girl with brains is what I want
The kind of girl with a mind to flaunt
Her eyes so round, so pretty
Getting to the point when I'm lippy
Maybe a birdy, one who's a little too
Nerdy, still keeps me on my toes tippy tippy
Till my tip starts slipping
In the bedroom getting freaky
Brains are the best *******.
Dec 2014 · 728
I Can't Help My Heart
PhiWrit Dec 2014
Crazy is as Crazy do
I'm not crazy like you
But I'm crazy enough to pursue
You and tread fast through
All the fire that we threw
It was His wind that blew
Our hearts foundations, cue
The hurricane of emotions true
I can't leave lest my face turn blue
From the lack of love from you
"Love is like oxygen,
If you get too much
You get too high,
Not enough
And you're gonna
Love gets you high"
You are my new addiction
My hearts new affliction
A source of inner friction
Sparks an impassioned diction
Creates the necessary condition
For an amorous combustion
I revere those moments when the kingdom of heaven can be seen in the hearts of those you meet, allowing you to share in the presence of the Lord's serenity for an eternal moment.
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
Oral Origami Oration
PhiWrit Dec 2014
Tongue twisting musings
Are all too confusing
With a mouth filled
Through anxiety willed
The stumbling fumbling
Of a poet bumbling
Your rejection is Humbling.
Dec 2014 · 321
Jew Haiku
PhiWrit Dec 2014
Where did you traverse to love
Back to lands above
I am left in Gehenna
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