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Haley Cann Nov 2016
you, the shimmering collection of midnight lights sparkling above my head.
i rest upon this mountain wondering how you could be so beautiful.
Haley Cann Nov 2016
you are not past
memories decaying, shadowing your thoughts.
you are not future
projections consuming your dreams.
you are present
breathing life, swaying in this november breeze.
Haley Cann Sep 2015
A crisp and solemn early autumn
with fallen leaves,
shivering hands,
deathly quiet.
Then heavy breathes,
searching for some kind of warmth.

Yet it has gone,
the warmth of summer,
yes it has fallen away with the leaves,
and he has breathed his last.

Shivered hands do quake under this cold,
deathly quiet,

Yet he has gone,
his life,
fallen with the leaves,
another death in this crisp and solemn early autumn.
August 2014
Haley Cann Sep 2015
I am holding a million and one words each tightly packed into my mouth yet
many small words are escaping, pouring from the sides of my lips, drenching the lower half of my face entirely.
I will wipe away the slipping residue and begin with calm,
only opening the entrance of description as to unclench my lips.
Jared, male, twenty-two.

These minimal words of black and white reach the ear plainly,
without impact.
Residue slips further,
more words of lesser color,
lesser impact, yet
the slightly slightly slightly more more more more invigorating colors release themselves in these bright forms of words,

He has ambition.
Ambition that can only be compared to the greats of history,
the psychotic,
the brave,
the colorful.
A juicy pink now fills my lips.
Jared has a heart that beats with caution, yet
when held close, fits into your hands like a newborn animal,
I tear up at every encounter with this one
this one psychotic,
colorful boy.
This one careful,
darling individual who yet could,
without flinching could extract apart every ****** limb of any breathing thing.

He stands,
a military posture, gazing.
He does not look away.
With shuffling your feet and nerves jumping because
you have only experienced this once by your least favored teacher,
the opposing end of a power dynamic too intimating to overcome,
who was evaluating the proper level of punishment.

He already knows who you are yet you batter and batter and batter into your head what this boy is.
Some seconds pass by and yet
the same three words;
Jared, male, twenty-two,
patter like a ****** advertisement through your mind
until he is telling you a story;
his venture on the mountain of Mount Fuji and amid a monsoon in which he would have,
should have,

And you listen,
And he does not stop talking
and you do not stop listening
and you have hiked nine miles
and you realize the sun has set
and you are not where you started
and those three words have been forgotten
and you are walking in 11pm darkness.
Attentitive, at his side.
September 2015

This is about description of a loved one. I find it difficult to describe those close to me and this is an attempt at that.
Oh, and you don't have to "get it."

— The End —