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Kevin Oct 2018
The veil of ostensible happiness raised
And the bitter truth revealed

With the heartless sound of the gavel
A long overdue judgement pronounced

Yet again bereft of purpose
Imprisoned on an abandoned raft
Shackled to the impregnable hopelessness
Paralysed by an overdose of lethargy
Petrified by the horror of calmness

Drifting on the dark waters of boundless void
Awaiting indefinitely for the predestined doom to come
Kevin Aug 2018
Fell from the soaring heights
Into the endless abyss
Swam through the canals of despair
Out to the boundless void

Brushed against the essence of eternity
Shut inside the chamber of time
Battered with clubs of agony
Shattered into pieces of abandoned self
Kevin Aug 2018
An empty boat glides through a tide-less sea
Echos of thunderous silence reminisces the rowdy sailors once on board
Without fear they sailed across the dark waters
Without the knowledge of forthcoming doom they kept the spirits high
Navigation impaired by the wrath of silence, their abominable gaiety and preposterous hopes were muted for eternity
Life drained, flesh rotted, bones crumbled to dust, and the boat was filled with peaceful death
Though without an inhabitant it still continues to drift towards a predesitned chaos
Its calm trail behind disrupted by an impatient tranquility
Its still path ahead disallows all animations with an unfluent time
Yet it moves forward
Kevin Aug 2018
With a sunset stormed in all the evils
A creeping temptation to abomination
A swirling appeal to haphazardness

Then came a wild night when i let things go
An ordinary aberration from a chaotic junction
An occasional stray from a lost path
An intentional overlook of unscrupulous mischief
A through misjudgment under ruthless predicaments

With a sobering dawn i found myself
A delusional justification for foreseen consequences
An unconscientious injection of fleeting remedies
A deliberate neglect for recurring failures
A self-inflicted blindness to vindicate oneself from misery

Then it is a calm morning
Though i know that it is all in the history
I cannot avoid the reappearing of the serene night
Whose other side awaits the furious storm to shatter me down yet again

— The End —