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50.0k · May 2015
Graff1980 May 2015
Today it’s
I am obsessed
With red
Or black
Or smothered
With lipstick
It doesn’t matter
Even though
It will pass
But in poetry
Right now
It’s lips lips lips
38.6k · Sep 2015
The Clouds
Graff1980 Sep 2015
Today’s cloud is a rainbow
Dark blue
Light blue
With white

Some clouds are Pentecostal fury
Orange cotton burning
With daylight’s rage
Swirling and smoking
Working themselves
Up into a storm of retribution

The clouds descend
Bluish grey beasts
The skies
All things in sight
Leaving nothing
But a lone tree
To stand against
The rain and sleet
37.4k · Jul 2015
To The Transgender Suicides
Graff1980 Jul 2015
You will never know
The peace of acceptance
Once you are finished
Put to earth
Life was harsher than the dirt
Parents made you feel worthless
Cause you wanted to wear a short dress
Because you felt different
Cut off
One friend after another disappears
And no one hears
The sobs
No one feels the salty tears
No one holds your hands
Or offers you a hug

You were ******
By the those who demand
You conform
Where there was no  warmth
The clock cuts you bitterly
Condemning you to be lonely
And I cry all the more
Knowing you won’t be the only one
Not the only daughter wanting to be a son
Not the only male that wants to be female
Not the only soft face harden
Or hard face softened till the sorrow overflows
Till everyone you know closes the door
And you disappear forever more
I wrote this in December.
20.3k · Jul 2015
Graff1980 Jul 2015
Our nation is a father
Who spends sons unwisely
Wasting their wonder
On warrior blunders

In nations swelling pride
We see our children
Committing suicide
Honor bound to pursue
Patriotic truths

If mothers ran the world
Would it all be better
Or would maternal malice
Malform modern intent

Blue eyes telling lies
Of war and all its’ glories
Grey hair sitting there
In old reclining lawn chairs
Celebrating fantastic stories

But I know the lives lost
Were not always spent wisely
Were not always sacrificed justly
Why does it feel like no one else sees
Have I become Don Quixote

Fatherland motherland
Better planned
Would be brotherhood
And sisterhood
All that love spent for the good

Like this poem
We have lost our way
Perhaps better stanza
Will return the wisdom
Of our better sages
16.0k · May 2015
Feeling Deficiant
Graff1980 May 2015
I feel like I am neurologically deficient
That a lot of my brain cells are missing
Like a punch drunk doped up punk boxer
A pimply muscle bound ***** on steroids
Hanging out at my old high school locker
No shocker that I am no medical doctor
But I always thought I’d be just a bit better
I guess on average I am a little bit smarter
But the bar is set so low that it requires
Very little to grow and go over it, you know
In comparison to the other young men
I may be grandstanding and one upping them
But when it comes to grand scheme of things
When compared to past people
Who shared my glorious dreams
Like Percy Shelley and John Keats
Like Ginsburg and the other Beats
I think I am drifting of course just a bit
Lest we all forget the **** cut the crap to fit in it
Maybe I’m okay few travel this way anyways
So who’s to say if I’m doing it the wrong or the right way
But I still feel like my brain needs a chemical treatment
A diet with more nutrients and sufficient Supplements
Because I’m feeling neurologically deficient
13.3k · Jan 2015
The Batman Of Doubt
Graff1980 Jan 2015
Doubt is the lonely father of fear
Not a clad caped hero
Waiting to swoop in
And save the day
But a two faced killer clown
Wearing ****** crocs
With electric joy buzzer shocks
Sending surges through your veins
Sending urges that drive you insane
It may be in reason
It may be in season
But the summer heat
Can burn your feet
Under the fire of fire
Place you in stasis
As you wait to find were your space is
Letting others tell you were your place is
While they race to chase
A better life
Doubt can be better than blind
You just have to watch out
For the dangerous side of doubt
Turn detective to fix the defective
And Steer clear of the fear
That disparages hope and reason
11.2k · Jun 2015
The Cake
Graff1980 Jun 2015
A scarlet confection
Made to tasty perfection
For your mouth’s inspection

The tip of the toppings
The vanilla flavored frosting
Is so tempting to you

The taste bud’s elation
In what you are facing
Is something like devil’s food cake

The tiled floor kitchen
In the hours bewitching
Leaves your pulse a twitching
From the caloric intake

And the hours you shorten
By licking the shortening
They are a mistake
But they are your poisonous pleasure
Made to bake and yours’ to take
It’s a sweet treat we call cake
I'm so craving something sweet. Cake is good but love would be better.
11.2k · Dec 2014
Compassion Is
Graff1980 Dec 2014
Compassion is a
An open ear
No judgment

Is a hug
And accepting

Is a tissue
For the tearful
And my last dollar bill
To a stranger

Is a thousand fold paths
Of daily acts
Of kindness
10.2k · Dec 2014
The Desert Metaphor
Graff1980 Dec 2014
Sometimes my eyes
Are the skies
Of the desert
Dry as the lies
That they told us

Sandy brown
On the ground
Parched particles
Pointy patches
Of cactuses

Insects and mole rats
Little lizards that run fast
And you may ask
Where is the metaphor
Well, everything is a
Metaphor for everything else
I know it should be cacti for the plural but cactuses works better.
9.8k · Jun 2015
See The Suffering
Graff1980 Jun 2015
That the intensity of our society
That shattered and splattered our history
With the blood and sorrow of our humanity
Our family
Makes me weep
Makes me speak grievously
For the evils of hiding our grief
We need to see the suffering
To begin to heal our reality
8.8k · Apr 2015
Sex gun
Graff1980 Apr 2015
She leads with licentious behavior
Like my ****** savior
I savor
Her thighs
I delight in her sighs
Her sexed up scent gets me high
Mounds of flesh
Soft *******
Tender tongue
Like whips
Till I am throbbing from the hip
Till my gun comes
And I become
Resting with an empty barrel
Dripping slimy smoke
The last vestiges
Of trembling ecstasy
Wiped from her lustful smile
8.6k · Dec 2014
The Sidewalk Crow
Graff1980 Dec 2014
The sidewalk crow
Picking at the stone
Like the streets were still his home
Nibbling at this mess
Of concrete flesh
Gasping and rasping
To catch a smog-less breath
Black thing shimmering
In the sweltering city heat
No worms to eat
Because he can’t crack
That grey concrete
8.5k · Jun 2015
Graff1980 Jun 2015
The bitter bruises
That mark my bare flesh

Bring me closer to enlightenment

The harsh words of enemies,
Family, and friends

Bring me closer to enlightenment

The cruel human suffering
And daily acts of violence

Bring me closer to enlightenment

The **** I see on my computer screens
The darkness of our society

Bring me closer to enlightenment

You know what
I don’t need to be that enlightened
8.2k · Apr 2015
Graff1980 Apr 2015
The grass will not settle
Beneath our feet

The sun will rise
With wondrous oranges
And sleep will come

That hope is not wasted
Tasting a twinge of regret
May make hope sweeter

That hope is real
7.9k · Jun 2015
Here Is To Beer
Graff1980 Jun 2015
Here is to the bitter eye of the even sky
The acidic beverage I imbibe
So I can feel just a little more alive
For that cardiac killing back breaking
Blood spilling sweat distilling nine to five
7.4k · Jul 2015
Garbage In Garbage Out
Graff1980 Jul 2015
You put garbage in you get garbage out
Health food fanatics know what I am talking about
McDonalds, Arby’s and all those Buffets
Sluggish citizens working Twelve to ten
And to cover up their poor nutrition
We soup up the brackish black brew
Killing ourselves with more caffeine till
We collapse

You put garbage in you get garbage out
Good teachers with years of experience
Know what I am talking about
The tweet, the face book
Are superficial connections
Binge watching brain-dead reality show people
Speed reading unverified Articles
Peer reviewed paper by academic writers
Don’t get the press the talking heads
With party lines and hateful sentiments get

You put garbage in you get garbage out
Any poet philosopher knows what I am talking about
Flashing screens switching scenes while twitching teens
Sit texting banal and ephemeral things
No grand dreams but to be normal
No expansion of the human potential
Just block and block of picket fence prisons
Dreams are limited to advertised fantasies
7.0k · Apr 2015
Killing The Gay
Graff1980 Apr 2015
We killed
Hart Crane
Though he leapt
To his death
A poet’s plan
Or perhaps a whim
We hold the blame

We killed Freddie Mercury
And stopped the music
The callous political games
Blocked possible gains
In a needed cure

We killed Harvey Milk
We were the bullets
And the metal frame
Held the assassin’s hand
We hold the shame

We killed
The blond burnt boy
The hate

We killed the strung up
Beautiful boys
The hung up
Beaten up
Broken hearted
Brothers and sons

We are the progenitors
Of the violence
Through action
And more often than not
Through inaction

Maybe a little more guilt
Would serve us well
7.0k · Nov 2014
The Tides
Graff1980 Nov 2014
We are sands astride and in the tides
Waters which tare us from both sides

Passion and fury
Duty and honor
Pushes us in
And pull us out

Love to hate
Pushes us in
And pulls us out

The desire for domesticity
And the desire to be free
Pushes us in
And pulls out

Till we are bludgeoned
By the flotsam
Tangled in the terrible debris
Battered by the violent sea
No more you than I am me
And I wish I had the gills to breath
Before those tides overwhelm me
6.4k · Feb 2015
Empathy Versus Apathy
Graff1980 Feb 2015
I sat in history class
Must have been
My senior
Or junior year

On the screen
Came horrible things
Human beings

Numbers tattooed
Bodies burnt
Gas chambers
Stories so cruel

Years after we read
Anne Frank’s diary
But no one really had a clue

The pictures
Were part of a documentary
Made to remind us
Of human insanity

Skin and bones
Broken men
Barely left standing
Human suffering

I couldn’t help but cry
But behind me no one else did
And then I couldn’t help but wonder why
No one else felt the same sadness in it
6.3k · Feb 2015
Brown Is the New Pink
Graff1980 Feb 2015
Brown is the new pink
It don’t matter what you think
A pretty man can make a pretty woman
It’s all about perspective
Gender neutral
Brown hair
Thick lip smile
Brown skin
Long lashes
Brown eyes
Strong arms
Brown is beautiful
6.2k · Jan 2015
The Violence
Graff1980 Jan 2015
I beat my feet against the floor
Thud thud thud
Till the dark red blood
Spews from my new nubs

I bang my head into the wall
Thud thud thud
Till the crimson drips
Drop silently into the mud

I punch the glass window
Thud clash crash
The glass shatters and my fist
Fly’s past the panes

Again and again with no end
In sight
I rage against the night
Violence incarnate
Fury in human form
Flesh and blood storm
No sanity for this mad refugee
Just blood and gore
5.9k · Jan 2015
Making Morality 2
Graff1980 Jan 2015
The rush of blood the face we placed
On every corner on every space
We raced to come to terms with life
With morality a facade for strife
Pointing to the pain as a promise for more
Pointing to old books that might restore
Dignity and respect for the living
While other possibilities are destroyed
And the destroyers are forgiven
Sweaty palms stomach ulcerated
And for the sake of the soon to be liberated
Let me explain how real morals are made
Not through musty scriptures
Not through verses that are immature
But through learning and coming to terms with
How everyone feels and experiences life different
5.4k · Dec 2014
Making 'Em Laugh
Graff1980 Dec 2014
Man I got years of practice
At making ‘em laugh at this
And that ****
Gas out my ***
Shakespeare references
Comic book characters
Foreign accents
Effeminate behavior
Always a loving labor
Smiles and chuckles
To ease or eliminate
The distance and uncertainty
Between those I appreciate
5.0k · Oct 2015
Graff1980 Oct 2015
The naked is not dangerous.
Lust filling the eyes of young.
Full bodied stretching
yearning for what is to ***
or merely done
For the sake of comfort.

Not a foreign folly
But a jolly adventure
letting the wind and water
wash away the stress of the days.

Naked as the snakes
or the furless babies
breastfeeding at their mother’s breast.

**** and curved.
Fat or muscled.
Not dangerous, but beautiful
like Michelangelo’s David.
The **** does not destroy
neither does the ******.
****** does not diminish our morality.
4.8k · Jun 2017
Watch Me
Graff1980 Jun 2017
The city sounds of ordered chaos, the constant wave of people crossing back and forth like a human tide. Strangers cut in and out of their tiny groups and barely miss colliding. Honks and bleats hasten the crowds pace as they race to cross the road. Some people stare at their phones, others watch the road but no one looks directly at another human being. Somewhere, near here and in-between there just off to the side a stranger sits mumbling, barely coherent.

“Watch me.”

The age lines run so deep into his skin that they might as well be built in. White stubble paints a drawn slightly sunburnt face. Deep dark blue eyes scan the city life for some unknown relief.
A red line catches his eyes, followed by a childlike voice singing playfully. “Watch me mommy.”

Tiny matchbox cars race around a shallow hole. The little cars cross dips and dirt ramps increasing the young boy’s excitement, as he mimics his favorite show. They crash into a partially exposed root. “Brrckkkeeech bccccch.”A fake explosion sounds. Dusk begins to fall as the cars settle into their makeshift cereal box garage. Smiling and dusty the boy crosses the small road, then the tiny parking lot, and comes home.

Long ***** white hair falls messily across the man’s worn face. All but a few awkwardly placed teeth are gone. Some are yellow while others are darker and rotting. His breath reeks. The emaciated figure feels the cramps of hunger pains. A brown speckled haze clouds his vision, followed by a slight coldness and dizziness creeping over his body.

“Watch me.”

Cardboard swords clash in a titanic battle of good versus evil.  Until the young victor jumps upon his sawhorse stead. A yowl of pain sounds as his tiny sac is smashed. The pain jolts upwards and inwards causing temporary paralysis. Thin legs scrape the wooden brace dragging chips of paint down with him as he falls off his fake saddle. The victor is defeated by pain. A few seconds later the internal pain passes and he is up and at it again, running straight for a large tree. At the last second he swerves barely avoiding a painful collision. In his mind a red cape swooshes behind him as he flies off to save metropolis.

The summer heat draws pit stains on the old man ***** orange tee. The neckline is stretched and has an almost circular pattern of moisture. Barely able to move, his sick stench draws the attention of flies. Bugs buzz by almost as frequently as strangers walking by.

“Watch me.”

Tears fall from the tiny child eyes, as he stumbles in pain. A deep **** runs red with lines of falling blood. His mother picks him up and carries him to the neighbor’s car. She whispers soft word of reassurance. The tears eventually stop.

The man clenches his chest. Pain permeates his being. His breath is lost. He stumbles falling harshly against the cold grey cement sidewalk. Tears fall. He reaches for strangers pleading weakly for their assistance. A foot smashes against his left side, causing more pain to flame up; while forcing him to edge of the sidewalk. The crowd keeps moving.
A stranger snarls “get out of the way you ***.”

“Watch me.” The old man whispers as he recalls his mother’s warmth. Soft kisses planted on his forehead. Sitting in the dark living room safely snuggled next to his mother as a scary storm rages violently against a small house.

“Watch me.” He cries. His voice, obscured by the city, fades and is forgotten.
4.8k · Jun 2015
Speak The Truth
Graff1980 Jun 2015
It’s a privilege to speak the truth to those in power
But an honor to speak the truth to those
Who do not know their strength
To awaken and empower them
To see their movement
4.8k · Apr 2015
The Carnival
Graff1980 Apr 2015
It was about fifteen years ago
No romantic notions
No grand stories
Just another part of my strange journey
For a high school dropout

It was a wooden bed
In a blue storage trailer
One and a half month long
Sleep deprived
Long drive
From site to site
One week
Per city
Doing my laundry
At laundry matts
With strange pretty girls
Hanging at a bar
Playing slutty slot machines
No drinking
Cause I was only nineteen

It was two vets
From different wars
Smoking *** in the morning
It was my first *** buzz
Staring stupidly up
At the ceiling
The strangest set of strangers
Bathing in the back of a semi
Getting lunch with a lemon punch
Using carny credit

It was sketching for a distraction
No artistic satisfaction
Very few journal entries
And those journals are now lost
Searching for myself
As all young men do
In the end it was just another job
4.7k · Dec 2014
Reason and Comparison
Graff1980 Dec 2014
Life seldom grants us absolutes
Before the truth of reason
Comparison was treason
Ignoring the fact
That some have and some lack
Was common practice

Justice was lackluster
Politicians and business men
Were fluff and lots of bluster

But now with all the information we have
Reason and comparison should be elevated
Inequalities should be seriously debated
Not with flowery words which inform so little
But conceal so much, but with science
Because facts find hidden truths revealed
And there is seldom to much truth
4.6k · Jul 2015
Graff1980 Jul 2015
There is a painful vacuum
Not a naked desire but still
A longing unfulfilled
That hollows the soul
It is why babies wail
Why old men wake crying
From beginning to end

We evolved to be touched
Skin on skin does not need to be
A ****** frenzy
A hug, a handshake
And pat on the back
Or a hand on his shoulder

The old man waits
The silence of isolation breaks
Oxytocin rushes through his system
Rebooting forgotten feelings
Restoring diminished capacities
It does not return all abilities
But enlivens deadened synapses
Yes it is very cerebral

Without it we wither away
Stewing in mental and physical decay
So, have you touched someone today?
4.5k · Dec 2014
Three Fragments
Graff1980 Dec 2014
Such vehemence
For immigrants
Border patrol
I never knew
A human being
Could be illegal

A child should never be taught to hate
And human beings must never be insulated
Or inoculated against the horrors of war

There is no liberation in this economy
Debt is a slower and slightly grayer
Variation of slavery
No more cotton fields but prison labor
Tell me where is our great modern emancipator?
4.4k · May 2015
Graff1980 May 2015
The blood vats
Stirring clotting goo
A tepid sticky stew
Crimson mess
Spilt on the floor
The hungry goblins
Gulping the pulpy gore
Plasma swimming
In spider web veins
The dripping fluid
Sticking to you
Soaking through
The stained washcloth
Swirling in the warm bath
Cloudy dispersion
Smoky mass
Dark diluting
And disappearing
Through time
And loss
So here we are
Generations of
Vampire blood
Leaching the life force
Spreading the plague
And bleeding
Life from one generation
To the next
4.4k · Dec 2014
Marvel and DC
Graff1980 Dec 2014
You crossover the cutting board
Quick witted leather fitted
Eyes blasting beautiful rainbows
Muscle rippling with truth
Capes and cowls
Heroes and villains
Smiles and scowls
A league of Avengers
A modern mythology
Patterned after past pantheons
DC to Marvel
The same side of two twisted coins
The same lie that I love to enjoy
Fiction intertwined with philosophy
Violence intertwined with morality
Leaving me with these power fantasies
Of superhero friends and families
You’re on my tv, movie screen
In my comic books, novels,
And even in my dreams
4.4k · May 2015
Come Dance With Me
Graff1980 May 2015
We exist in the revelry
The in-between
Living scenes
And agony
So won’t you come
And dance with me

Work the strings
Pull the levers
Change the sound
Clear the ground
As your feet pound
The ***** downtown streets

Close the doors
Hold me near
As I hold you dear
Forget the day
Forget the night
Together embraced
In dance we are

Cut the chord
Stop the beat
Even then
We will still
Move our feet
Dancing till
They close the streets
It’s you and me
Free to dance
So come dance with me
4.3k · Jan 2015
The Black Rose
Graff1980 Jan 2015
It is a passing love affair
The black thorny rose
Thin stemmed
Bleeding nightmare
Beauty bathed in darkness
Like a black cat
Sleek feline queen of Sheba
Narcissus and Nefertiti
Eyes open no final reflection in death
Just peace from life’s pain
Not a mistress I would pursue for a kiss
But one that one day I might not resist
4.2k · Mar 2015
Graff1980 Mar 2015
Nostalgia is okay
To get lost in yesterday
Not wallowing in regret
But swimming in
The remembering
Those people and things
We loved
Even when they are lost to us
4.2k · Sep 2018
Graff1980 Sep 2018
Nobody knows the
the darker corners
of my decrepit soul,

a stale and stinky
nasty shrinking
***** of abstraction,
that is less than
a fraction
of nothingness,

a shadowy space
where people cringe
and strangers displace
their rage
till tension and resentment
fill this smelly place.

Nobody knows
that my heart
does not grow
but disposes
of the red roses,
dripping paint
of crimson pain,

taken in exchange
for struggles
and anguish,
pumping out plump
plumes of poetry
and prose
to express the truth,

that nobody knows.
4.2k · Feb 2015
Graff1980 Feb 2015
Broken box
Society’s cold shoulder
Children grow older
People get colder
Humans become more animalistic
Incarcerated *******
Humans don’t deserve this

Our city
Needs clarity
Eyes upwards in isolation
Echo location
With no manifestation of god
But the sun feels so good

Freedom forgotten
Lost to new conditioning
A tumor that gains a stronger claim
To an inmate’s brain

We are not improving our world
We are just pharmacist repositioning
The world’s pain
4.2k · Oct 2018
Untitled 12
Graff1980 Oct 2018
I have a heart
made to adore
juvenile fantasies,
despite modern tragedies.

In moments of madness
when modern photography
presents to me
the horrors of humanity
I can engage for a minute
and escape the insanity
in the comics
that carry super hero forms.

When I see bombs
that blister skin
till flesh bursts
revealing red disfigurement
I can travel in
my own mental
to escape this.
I can revisit
Winnie the pooh
or review the crew
of “Star Trek
The Next Generation.”

When mind numbing poverty
rears its sad faces at me,
with stranger’s eyes
and thin lips quivering
in lonely desperation,
despite my empathy
I have a gift for escaping
the irrationality
of human suffering.

I just sip the soft brew
of nostalgia for old cartoons
recalling a slightly saner time,
when all the sorrows
were only mine,
when I ached
with a mother’s fury
but tv shows saw me distracted
the fact is
I have been escaping
my whole life,

and I don’t see
that changing.
4.1k · Dec 2014
Defending Freedom
Graff1980 Dec 2014
The Veneration
And Sublimation
Of a Freethinking nation
The Devastation
Of Liberty
Comes with the
Consuming identity
Of Religious
Graff1980 Mar 2015
When you don’t have to see
When it’s just a tv screen
Muted voices scream
But you can’t hear a thing

When you’re not on the ground
To feel the fear or hear the sounds
Then it’s easier to look away
It gets easier to stand and say
That waging war is okay

But when it’s your blood
Or the blood of those you love
When the price you pay is personal
Then the decisions are made more carefully

Too bad politicians and rich men
Don’t have to send their sons and daughters
Off to war to face an almost certain slaughter

Maybe if the generals and congressmen
The admirals and the president
Had to stand in the thick of it
I might trust their judgment
4.0k · Sep 2015
Fear And Uncertainty
Graff1980 Sep 2015
Fear and uncertainty
are the bane of humanity
poison to the populace
yet, with knowledge
they can be conquered.

But tamed social schemes
proposed by powerful people preying
on those who feel powerless
are detrimental to all human beings.

So, in the face of the unknown
my brothers and sisters
accept the enslavement
giving in to the higher force
that does not exist.
Faith persists
And flourishes
in the realm of fear
and uncertainty.
3.8k · Jan 2015
Digital Echo
Graff1980 Jan 2015
She is a digital echo
Hollow hole
Binary string
Stuck in my memory
Pictures pasted on facebook
Tumblr and twitter
Technological footprint
In the internet sand
A ghost in the system
Server soft saved
Humanity lost that day
But she still exists
3.8k · Oct 2018
Graff1980 Oct 2018
It is quiet,
secret seconds
seeking distractions
from overthinking,
and reacting.

Obsessive behavior
redundant checking,
and occasionally
checking again

It is observing
emotional signals
and decoding them
to the best of
one’s ability,
and unconsciously.
Till, their anxiety,
anger, and sadness
is distorted
and reflected
in your feelings.

It is only alleviated
in engaging with
and educational information,
fitness and exercise,
or sleeping.
3.8k · Jan 2015
Graff1980 Jan 2015
The world looked like a
Sic and strange set of circuit boards
Green and brown patch work fields
Black sands punctuated by golden roads
Buildings built up like little transistors
No sign of humanity
Other than a cold construct of state wide
Electronic life
3.8k · Feb 2015
Trauma Trauma Trauma
Graff1980 Feb 2015
Buried under trauma
Every war
Every impoverished neighborhood
Every ****
Every child abused
Every act of police brutality
Every act of aggressive greed
plants the seed
For trauma that feeds upon itself
And ***** out more trauma
3.7k · Jun 2015
Consumption Consumes
Graff1980 Jun 2015
I pursued my disease
With a virulent persistence
Like the plague
Or your pestilence
I fed upon your opulence
Walking red death
I marked your flesh
The whooping cough
The symptoms most forgot
Dreaming darkly
Poets cry sadly
Artists die crying
As the fever kept eating
All of their sanity
Inch by inch I crept
Awake while you slept
Burning holes in your brain
Until nothing of you remained
Just a cold cart to carry
The carrion left behind
But I still miss
That delicious mind
3.7k · Sep 2018
Untitled 0.
Graff1980 Sep 2018
I’m just a fading echo
of my younger self,
an empty shadow
who performs
a preordained
with a broken leg
red and inflamed.

I’m just a broken
ceramic figurine
that is beautiful
but barely seen
and seldom
for the quality
I bring.

I’m just a Poe
and Van Gogh
longing to connect
to world
that forgets
its humanity

I’m just tired.
3.6k · Sep 2015
Takes Me Out Of The Moment
Graff1980 Sep 2015
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
takes me out of the moment.
Everything that
takes me out of the moment
wastes the potential
of each moment
to be enlightening and inspiring.
3.5k · Mar 2015
Makers Of Meaning
Graff1980 Mar 2015
The makers make
From everything
Hands into the void
Shaping matter
Parsing out particles
Passing electrical
Synapses to deduce
And reduce
To the simplest rules
Then changing the laws
Of science
Not god
But humanity
Making meaning
From the chaos
Imposing order
Through logic
The saving grace
Of this human race
3.5k · Jun 2015
Frankenstein's Child
Graff1980 Jun 2015
How can we not feel Adam’s pain
See the features of this creature
Tortured by people’s disdain
And not weep at his wretched state

Frankenstein’s creation
From his strange life equation
Electrical innovation
In that once marvelous now dead age

How can we not feel Adam’s pain
The child with no real name
Only a borrowed nomenclature
To define his human inhumane nature

Torches and Preachers calling for his head
Love denied never finding peace
This so called beast could rip us to shreds
Tear our flesh asunder and squash our heads

But when he speaks racked with life’s pain
A horridly embellished mirror of my own
My defenses break opening the floodgate
And the monster makes me cry
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