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  Mar 2015 Gemma Allan
The world watched as Hope entangled itself around the minds of the willing.

They watched as Justice took its first breath as the seed that sprung from Freedom's *****.

An illegitimate child of chaos,born a burden to a crutched nation.

The world looked away as dozens of corpses piled up into skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers,for eagles to perch and nest their wealth over spilt blood.

Forgiveness was wrapped around the mouths of the unsatisfied.

Muted screams of those whose hearts were set ablaze with vengeance.

Hushed down by Nelson Mandela's words of healing over wounds of discrimination.

Now up and about,a nation on its feet,embarking on this journey of union and peace.
i was born free but nevertheless history scars my thoughts.....really emotional about this one
Gemma Allan Mar 2015
She was doing nothing.
Except lying there, holding up the galaxy.
She could not rid herself of that responsibility
For every cell beckons
Her sweetest downfall.
To give her life to another
Only so that the other
May, one day, do the same.
inspired by Skye Martin's artwork
Gemma Allan Mar 2015
I run
I know I am nothing without them
And when I most wish to stop being nothing
Then the craving to run back to those I have fled comes back with unbearable strength.
Until I see arms, bringing me their gift of death.
I come back here, to live my half-life of loneliness.
Inspired by Skye Martin's artwork
Gemma Allan Mar 2015
I cannot believe your truth.
Because those who are truly original cannot grow here.
Longing to be defined by my thoughts rather than my actions,
And shame for this evident cowardice.
If you are all-kind and I am carved into your right hand, in your image
How am I to be sacrificed as a nothing
In the name of a plan
Not even evident that you understand?
inspired by Skye Martin's artwork
Gemma Allan Mar 2015
Beautiful girl with eyes so dark within their sockets
The essence of woman.
Adapting while effortlessly embracing strength
Concrete fluidity.
Only she is the muse to Hemingway’s unconquerable soul.
She holds the sunset on her breath
Inhale a little bit
Now vanished is my fear of death
inspired by Skye Martin's art

— The End —