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 Feb 2017 taia
I want to yell across the entire universe, about
how close my heart is at exploding from the
constant pressure, caused by indestructible demons.
Demons that dance to the symphony of my broken dreams.

But if I really got the chance to speak up
my mind, I'd rather sew up my lips
so no pitiful words of hope can interfere with
the reality that kicked me down in the first place.

Having someone to care seems more scary than the
endless hole I'm falling through; My last cry for help
is now dying in my throat, mingled with the other
unspoken opportunities of a better life.
I finally got some time to write and get some feelings off my chest. It feels good.
 Feb 2017 taia
gray rain
Hollow Soul
 Feb 2017 taia
gray rain
I can see the world flash by through my pupils.
Black holes reflecting all that I can never be.
Black holes of a soul so empty.
No hopes or dreams
Just heavy black holes
Watching the world pass before me
 Feb 2017 taia
 Feb 2017 taia
raw extinct being
dead eyes gaze starry
end to this
we should've ended this
cruel yet humane
victorious pain
 Feb 2017 taia
 Feb 2017 taia
she slept in until noon
woke up to fist fights
bruised eyes
bruised knuckles
blood stained sheets
tears ran down a pretty face
displace a disgrace to the human race
inside the fight matched the outside
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