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taia Apr 2016
i am downing drinks
like there is no tomorrow
hoping i don't wake
3.9k · Apr 2016
peck (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
a kiss is only
a promise waiting to be
broken once again
2.9k · Apr 2016
shut me up (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
lips like a tulip
do i need to distinguish
to which i refer?
as i sit laughing...
2.5k · Apr 2016
warmth (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
morning sun rises
filters through the leaves of trees
atmospheric art
2.2k · Apr 2016
force (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
the power of a woman
and she'll destroy you
not to say men aren't powerful as well, because believe me, i know that men are a force to be reckoned with. i'm just saying that it's almost expected of men to be that way, but women get underestimated frequently.
2.1k · Apr 2016
overcome (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
i say it's too fast
too much, too soon, just stop
have some self-respect
2.0k · Aug 2016
transportation (haiku)
taia Aug 2016
a ride on the bus
sitting in the back row
staring out windows
bored on the bus right now. it's a good place to clear my head.
1.9k · Apr 2016
july (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
summertime sweetness
tastes like sunshine and freedom
with some lemonade
1.8k · Aug 2016
your mother's house (haiku)
taia Aug 2016
cookie tins and tea
your faded grade school drawings
and her chipped birdbath
i always find it strange when you visit someplace you spent so much time in as a kid, like a friends house, but when you return nothing has changed. it makes me feel twelve again.
1.7k · Apr 2016
a void (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
honestly, *******.
how dare you rip my heart out
and then play victim?
i really hate the early stages in relationships. everything is so touchy and and i don't know how to act. just so done with dating in general.
1.7k · Apr 2016
cooperate (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
don't apologize
you have your rights and i mine
can't we coexist?
i feel like my haikus ****
1.7k · Apr 2016
hushed (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
the pitter-patter
of raindrops hitting windows
lulls me into sleep
i'm tired
1.6k · Apr 2016
skye, my cat (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
the kitten curls up
hardly recognizable
sleeps away the days
i love my cats (both my current one and my past ones) so, so much.
1.6k · Apr 2016
acceptance (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
don't ever question
why the earth turns and rotates
just feel the movements
1.6k · Apr 2016
taia Apr 2016
your kiss was as tasty
as strawberry sauce.
but was it your tongue
or just your lipgloss?

your hair smelled of wild flowers,
sickly sweet and divine.
your perfume was so rustic,
like a soft scented pine.

your eyes sparkled bright
like the overhead stars.
with you softly singing,
and me strumming guitar.

we danced until morning,
skinny dipped in the stream.
it all seemed so perfect,
could it be just a dream?

our nights that summer,
i won't soon forget
the memories we made
or the girl that i met.
in case anyone hasn't gotten it yet, i'm not into guys. i'll probably right a longer poem about coming out and my sexuality, but just a heads up, yeah i'm gay.
1.6k · Apr 2016
familiarity (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
i look in your eyes
but i don't recognize you
no, not anymore
1.5k · Apr 2016
unseen (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
gestures unnoticed
a crime oh so trivial
yet it hurts the most
1.5k · Apr 2016
identity (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
there is this stigma
this preconceived notion of
bout to drop a truth bomb on all of y'all
1.5k · Aug 2016
in the pm (haiku)
taia Aug 2016
afternoon kisses
hand grazing over your thigh
naughty intentions
being back on the west coast brings out the friskier side of me. i was so much more carefree when i lived here. i grew up on rebellion, and i miss that.
1.4k · Apr 2016
do not disturb (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
a young fox nestled
beneath its mother's red tail
sleeps soundly once more
is a baby fox called a pup or a cub? i couldn't decide so i had to change the title.
1.4k · Apr 2016
speechless (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
i sit here clutching
pen and paper to my chest
with nothing to say
just tired of everything.
1.3k · Apr 2016
gusts (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
wind shrieks in the night
ripping through branches of trees
wreckage left when gone
i hate them but i keep writing them!
1.2k · Jan 2017
rumors (haiku)
taia Jan 2017
oh liar, liar
accusations shared by ear
finding awful truth
1.2k · Apr 2016
hidden (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
a rose oh so pure
blooms in the garden corner
all too overlooked
1.2k · May 2016
atheism (haiku)
taia May 2016
i used to pray once
when i believed in winged men
and life after death
1.1k · Apr 2016
masterpiece (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
watching you undress
was viewing a work of art
with new eyes, my love
1.1k · Aug 2016
a mug
taia Aug 2016
a broken mug.
a shattered piece of pottery lying in a puddle of three hour old coffee
(black with two sugars, just the way you like it).

that was the last straw for you.
the end of us.

i didn't mean to knock it over.
i was just trying to move my easel,
but in the process the handle got caught and your cup went flying.

against the door frame it hit,
the thundering smash amplified in my horror.
it was like watching a trainwreck in slow motion.

i quickly tried to clean it up,
but as i heard your footsteps going down the stairs i could feel my heart sink.

when you entered the look on your face made me freeze in my tracks.
the twisted rage in your eyes was enough to send me cowering.

apologizing was my only strategy,
wails of "i'm sorry!" rang through the house.
you raised your hand to strike me,
and i waited...

but nothing came.
you stood above me, as powerful as a hurricane, but you did not move.
instead you opened your mouth.

every hurtful thing you could think of came spewing out,
digging up incidents from months ago,
you knew exactly what would tear me to pieces.

i sat there taking it all in,
hoping that you'd let it all out.
but every word that seeped through your teeth was a slash to my heart;
i think i would have rather had the fist.

and then the worst thing you could've said-
"we're over."
just like that you were storming out of the house, grabbing your things.

i was crying and pleading, begging you to stay,
but you were gone.
i watched you get in your car and drive away.

another broken relationship.
you left me crumbled on the ground sobbing, only one thought running through my mind.

"it was just a mug."
inspired by the museum of broken relationships, this is how my last relationship ended.
1.1k · Apr 2016
surface (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
a songbird sipping
from a newly formed puddle
ripples travel on
i like birds quite a bit actually. i never know what to put in this box.
1.1k · Apr 2016
soup (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
the fog rises up
i succumb to the blindness
becoming quite lost
1.1k · Apr 2016
select few (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
they told me don't cry
hold your head up baby doll
flash those precious eyes
thank you so much to the select few in my life who show me how to function despite what others try to do to bring me down. you know who you are.
1.1k · Jul 2016
reconnect (haiku)
taia Jul 2016
there's nothing better
than a warm embrace after
the coldest silence
1.0k · Jun 2016
alleyways (haiku)
taia Jun 2016
a winding pathway
leads to where i dare not roam
still i venture on
1.0k · Oct 2016
the five senses
taia Oct 2016
i remember your scent
it stained my favorite place to kiss on your neck,
and just behind your ear where you always nervously tucked your hair

i remember your flavor
the way your lips tasted like hope,
and the sweet tang of licking you off of my fingers

i remember your touch
how your palms where smooth like silk but your knuckles were hard and cracked,
and how our bodies felt when your bare skin rubbed against mine

i remember your sound
the way your morning voice resonated like you smoked two packs a day,
and how your moans were like the cries of angels

i remember the sight of you
how freckles were sprinkled across your cheeks,
and when your hair fell around your face and over your shoulders you looked a lioness

you awoke all five of my senses,
and you won't soon be forgotten
982 · Apr 2016
the pond (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
frogs leap and take flight
lily pads shift under weight
the still surface breaks
boom! another one haha
taia Aug 2016
my insomnia;
i'm awake at 4am
thinking about you.
i don't want to leave my hometown. currently visiting my beautiful seattle and being with my friends is healing me. i'm dreading having to leave.
924 · Apr 2016
the old oak tree
taia Apr 2016
come follow me
down the road
to the old oak tree

no one has to know
what we do
or where we go

just you and i
our hands entangled
my hopes fly

your kiss so sweet
i'm so glad
we got the chance to meet

even when summer ends
i'll always remember you
you were my best friend

so do not cry
smile because it happened
this isn't goodbye
i miss my old friends
921 · Aug 2016
lolita (haiku)
taia Aug 2016
little ******
innocence stolen too young
a saddening sight
****** is such a classic yet tragic concept. i wanted to write a poem about her (or the idea of her) but this was difficult to come up with. not entirely thrilled.
914 · Apr 2016
early (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
a sunday morning
sweet serenity with a
warm cup of coffee
911 · Jul 2016
who am i?
taia Jul 2016
i always wanted to believe in the goodness of people.
i always sought to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
i always strived to go above and beyond to make others happy.

but what was it all for?
in trying so hard to help everyone else,
i lost myself in the process.
who am i anymore?
i don't know my soul.

this person, this being, i don't know myself!
it was so frightening.
i'm trying to regain a sense of self awareness,
to find out who the **** i am.

but until then,
until i find every piece of the scavenger hunt,
please be patient with me.
i need some time for self discovery.
i don't know who i am anymore. it makes it very difficult to write.
908 · May 2016
crescent (haiku)
taia May 2016
moons are out tonight
orbiting softly, unseen
just beyond planets
893 · Apr 2016
late (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
the sun disappears
some say the world goes to sleep
but really it wakes
892 · Apr 2016
taia Apr 2016
i believe that the people who mean the most to you
are the ones you find on accident

we go looking for who we think we want
but the people we meet by chance are the ones we connect to most

that's what i find to be true

look for love in places you'd least expect it
and it will come to you
i mean every word of it
taia Apr 2016
i ask for what i
know i can never possess
do i never learn?
870 · Apr 2016
cease to scour
taia Apr 2016
there is no answer
    stop searching
         you won't find it

it will only
   make it easier
      to lose your mind

i don't want to hurt you
   there's nothing left to hide
      i've given you everything i have

if you stopped looking
   you might open your eyes
      and truly see for the first time

do not search anymore
   only listen to these words
      and feel their true meaning

i am pouring my heart out
   hoping that you'll understand
      my complicated vibes for you

so don't look
   pause and listen
      long enough to feel
847 · Apr 2016
coping method (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
a haiku a day
keeps the depression away
or so i have learned
834 · Apr 2016
secrets (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
burdens i carry
heavy loads weigh on my soul
and they bring me down
i'm feeling regret
818 · Apr 2016
unwanted (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
smell of alcohol
his breath hot on my cool neck
i tried to run but...
798 · Apr 2016
concern (haiku)
taia Apr 2016
don't worry for me
i will be fine, as always
problems dissipate
795 · May 2016
gone with the wind
taia May 2016
words escape my lips
      before i can restrain them

they are brutal murderers
      cold and unforgiving

i wonder if i'll get a life sentence
      for the things i have said

is there is a possibility of parole?
      or simply a life behind bars?

my own danger shocks me
      rattles me to the core

i never knew i could be capable of such things
      never knew i could say that to someone i loved so dearly

but the words are gone
      drifting in the breeze

constantly searching until they reach
      the ears of the person they will hurt most
762 · Apr 2016
taia Apr 2016
someone once told me people do their best dreaming while they're asleep.

i don't buy it.

on the contrary,
i think people do their best dreaming whilst awake.

that's when they're the most tangible,
and are more easily remembered,
or acted upon.

take action!
stand up, don't wallow in self pity and hopelessness.

don't you want to taste achievement on your tongue and feel accomplishment swell inside your chest?

you want something?

then get up and go get it!
no one's holding you back.

do your best dreaming when you're awake.
i'm feeling a little happier now. more ambitious.
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