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 Aug 2014 Fae
Stu Harley
starry nights
are the
coral reefs
of the
ocean bright
the soup of life
 Aug 2014 Fae
Rachael Stainthorpe
Honey liquor. the sweetest taste on my lips,
to fall down to the inner sanctum, and rest,
beneath my chest in a silent humming desire.
I feel your breath across my teeth, as it takes in my edges,
the curved outline of my body, plays with the candlelight,
that was so sweetly lit for this moment.
In a flash, like a 1950's photography picture,
the want, turns to rage, to abandonment of what lays before you,
I lay before you.
You breathe me in.
You take me in.
You leave my skin with goosepimples, and i am not cold.
I want to roar, but i am lost with out my mouth,
as you hold it in fearful gaze that I might just breathe,
you, in.
You following my veins from my neck to my wrists,
you count the beats of my blood, with your ears,
pinned back, with your teeth white and sharp,
feared by the candlelight, they do not move, like my body.
I writhe and sink below you,
your hand is on my wrist, and my arm is locked behind me,
I am pinned,
I am put upon,
and yet, i have nowhere to go, but my mind is running from you.
I wait for you to take me,
an indeterminate amount of time passes as i look at you,
with your eyes closed,
taking your time, with your lips pursed and your chin turned,
just so.
And i feel the liquor burn within my chest,
it drips down each breast and across my navel,
as you nip the scant flesh of my inner thighs.
It is quick, it is swift,
the breath i held is exhaled through an open mouth,
a silent howl in a wood-less room,
and a den has been made.
I am not here anymore,
I am within you, as you are within me.
I am breathe, as you are the air.
There is suffocation as i come too quickly and i can't control my mouth;
It utters words in religious overtones;
'Let this be my Sanctum, OH, MY GOD'.
I am fixated by the sight of you,
my body breaks into a millions pieces and dances through the languid,
heaving sweat of the dormant room;
I watch my fingertips pass me by,
I can no longer see your face,
You have braced me for the final *******,
The Ultimate Fix.
And my legs crumple as quickly as your body does.
You are silent in your respite in having me,
there is no tangible evidence of love having taken place.
And sweet honey liquor burns at the back of my throat,
as i exhale and howl to the room, the air, the woods;
for in the space between the light there lies within some air.
To love a wolf, one must have to fight,
to love a wolf, one must have to forsake all,
and be reborn anew and to cry.
For to love you, you have to take me.
And i will drink the sweet liquor,
and retreat to the sanctum within, with a smile on my face,
a burning in my chest, and a tear in my eye.
For to love a wolf, one must be willing to die.
 Aug 2014 Fae
Sam WG
 Aug 2014 Fae
Sam WG
Searching for tranquillity to take her to town
Board a train of thought in solitude with the absence of sound
Quietude is my preference and presented proud
A glance to the blue cloud clustered sky and any sense of self is swiftly lifted as high as I feel
The door of my favourite place is secure and sealed

A rough trail of thought winds it's way through my mind
Like a green forest's walking track
A feeling of worth on Earth
No longer considered to lack
I have no purpose but to live
Earn my bread and yearn to give
Create and indulge in art
Satisfy my soul
Reach for the status quo and tear it apart
A century or so to call my own
People of the future and people of the past
In the end we all go just as far
 Jun 2014 Fae
Connor Ruther
Do you ever feel that voice?
On the edge of your subconscious,
That haunts your every choice,
And stings when you're not honest.

Not a Demon or an Angel,
To sit perched upon your shoulder,
To make you act unfaithful,
Or to turn a new leaf over.

It doesn't ask for Victory,
Fame, or ***, or Wealth.
It's a deep internal liturgy,
That demands you Know Yourself.

For when you tell that single lie,
That 3 jellybeans is 4,
You've opened up a wound inside,
And can never shut the door.

Our voices are not voices.
Stop talking to yourself.
A subtle sign of your insanity,
When it only says, "Farewell."
Freewrite while temporarily insane. Read with mercy and understanding, please.
 Apr 2014 Fae
10:26 pm
 Apr 2014 Fae
I find you between the pages of textbooks
I see you in Christmas lights

My past and present is skewed
and I don't know if tomorrow is yesterday
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