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Connor Ruther Jun 2015
You're warmer than amber and bolder you gleam,
You're as soft as my summers and sweet as my streams.
The lands of my youth and the Frazier turn black,
but for times that we spent there, I'll always go back.
Connor Ruther Dec 2014
I am the two tailed Comet.
I am the high and Low.
I am a wretch and Dragon.
I am a ghost of glee and Woe.

I am the perfect lover.
Who smiles with perfect eyes.
I am the imperfect lover.
Who's smile's a disguise.

I am the best at kindness.
I dream up fantastic dates.
I am, at best, the kindest.
But it seems my days come late.

I am your Master and your keeper;
Who pets you on your knees.
I am the crippled *****,
Who's rotted with disease.

But every side, both Green and Purple,
Shares a hue of deepest blue.
Every one of them is hurtful.
And hurts that it hurt you.
Connor Ruther Nov 2014
I have a ring for you.
It's snug and not too small.

You could stand within, if you wanted.
Just to try it out.....for a little while.

I'll trace it around you again on the pavement in thick chalk.
A bright scribbled line. A boarder. A castle.

I lean down. And start to dig. Until my hands bleed and the pavement gives way.
I'll lift the very earth beneath you and carry you away. For you were meant for daisies and better things.
This means I love you, in my language.  
You are my breath, and I'm going to stay here and breath deeply.
Connor Ruther Sep 2014
I'm fed up with your ten cent love.
I'm not fed up with trying.
Don't want more promises to lift me up.
I won't leave without rising.
when all you do is drag me down,
But I will hold you safe.
the earth has swallowed me whole and,
My arms were all your space.
you can't save me now,
Now I refuse to face it.
I'm fed up with your ten cent love,
Then it's overdue I change it.
Empty dinner tables, refill my cup,
I'll pour you shared-sip tea,
I can't wait at this bar alone another hour,
Then leave, and wait with me.
I can't watch my heart crumble anymore,
I hold it safe and patch it,
So pack up your bags and go with the wind,
I won't, but I will catch it.
to where ever wind should take you,
I think it's blowing north.
Don't make it bleed more than it has to,
My blood will run it's course.
Because I'm dying anyway, and my soul
is at the bottom,
I won't let you fade away, and my hands
will break the coffin

of a jar of pennies I'll use till sunset
to get me by
You can tell that we're not done yet,
By the blood red tears I cry.

Don't make me beg, don't throw another dime
in my direction, don't try to buy something that
you cannot afford
**I would never let our house of time,
Or familiy collapse.
The final word.
Connor Ruther Sep 2014
Soft Rabbit Paws,
Curling like waves.
Spring Delights.
Connor Ruther Sep 2014
Your voice is my favorite song.
Your scent is my favorite meal.
Your touch is my favorite vacation.

These are tired truths. And in some ways, those are deepest.
Connor Ruther Sep 2014
It's midnight and I love you.
In two hours, I will tuck you.
In one sleep, I will kiss you, with lips thankful, strong, and warm.
In two sleeps, I will guard you, 'gainst the rising summer storm.
In three sleeps, I will claim you, and never mar your skin again.
In three weeks, I will change who, you thought was in your Man.

I've spent four years in mourning, and eleven months in dread,
While the sliver sword of Damocles, dangles over my head.
I haven't slept enough or stayed consistent, falling on my heels,
But I've wept enough, and stay insistent, that my love is real.

I'm not selfish, I'm just sorry.
Like a blackfish pair upon the tide,
We're hurting cause the world just doesn't care what is inside.

I'm with you till the end, and then I'll carry you through the dark.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
I love you. Your heartbeat is my art.
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