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LORD, draw my dross up to the surface
purifying me for Your eternal purpose.
As You turn refining heat up higher
please set my love for You on fire!
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
I don't know you
but you are my love story
I did not see you
but you are my love poetry.

I'm feeling you now
and looking for your entry
I haven't met you yet
but you've penned my diary.

You come to my dreams
and stay always in my heart
I forget all of my friends
but you and I won't be apart.

You sing my love songs
in my intentional live concert
Do you feel my emotions?
I paint your smile on my art.

You play in my hopes
and knock on my closed door
I am going to relapse
And you are my drug store.

I am tired of sickness
I want you to treat my sore
I wanna see raindrops
Please give me some more.
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
Make me great with your light
O Most Powerful God,
Keep your light shining on me
O Most Merciful God!

You stay in my entire life and death
O Most Gracious God,
My prostration is to you in full faith.
O Most Merciful God!

I don't want to go the wrong way
I wouldn't respond to others in a wrong way,
I just only want your mercy,
O Most Merciful God!

Please open the door of mercy
And forgive all of my sins
with your love and mercy
O Most Merciful God!

If I have done any little sin in the day
Turn me on the right path immediately.
O Most Merciful God,
Keep your mercy flowing to me, please!
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
In this rainy evening
I am feeling so alone
Babe, make me smile
with your lovely eyes!

Let your soft touches
bring pleasure to my heart
That's full of happiness
I can't tell in my words.

The language of your eyes
and the smile on your face
make me feel so drunk,
Like I'm melting into you.

Please don't stop this rain
Let the door be closed
Let go evening lamps
Light up my life, beloved!
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
Another bird sings today
in the forest of your love
Today an unknown man rows
the boat of your love.

Today you are drawing
someone's new dreams
and another sun rises
in your morning.

I hear someone else's song
in your voice of pride
Does it give you pleasure
to not think of me inside?

Maybe you've written lately
someone else's life story
Even you've given another poet
all of your love poetry.

Yes, I feel so relieved today
to see your happy smile
I don't get hurt anymore
to think of your memories.

You're having a good time
Keep it up, sweetheart
I have nothing to ask you
I will always be alright.
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
Only one loving glance of you
gives my heart joy like an ocean.
I have seen other beautiful ladies
and lovely women
But as for me, you're the best one
and I still see your smile in my dreams.

Babe, your lovely black eyes
melt into shyness.
I feel so pleased
with philophobia
when you get down in the water.
Yeah, you're still walking in my dreams.

Your eyes are full of languages
of my little heart.
The moon that fills the sky
The flower that smells to attract love
Maybe they follow your shadow.
Love, I ask you to stay in my dream always.
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Imran Islam
The green leaves are playing with rain
and I'm feeling lonely this evening.
I remember it was raining
Last year we were here together
I still miss that day more than anything!

When the raindrops touch your beauty
and make you feel pleasure
Yet I just keep watching where
with my thirsty eyes
and I deeply enjoy your wet black hair!

I have stopped writing to enjoy your dance
in the rain and just have dreamed that,
Don't be shy onto me just dance
and don't hide your rainy face
Maybe I'm a new bird in your rainforest!

You know I'm a stranger
My country is far away from you
But I'm impressed with your lank wet hair!
When the evening has become darker
and the rain has stopped, I'm feeling lonely again!
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Frank Russell
Biscuits and tea -
abstract girl entertains
Victorian ghosts

- fr
 Jul 2020 Elioinai
Frank Russell
A form is perceived  -
Then all of the additional baggage
Your memory, imagination
And emotional inclination
Hang upon and drape over
The perception  -
Yet you point
And tell me this is
   the truth of Reality.

- fr
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