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 Feb 2021 ishq
Julia Celine
 Feb 2021 ishq
Julia Celine
Hide your frail pretenses
In the curves of every arc
You think that I don't know
Why you only touch me in the dark

And flinch away when I reach out
As the sun begins to rise
You stiffen up, you've given up
On looking in the light
 Feb 2021 ishq
Megan Sherman
Fires of gold
Are thine aura
Rivers of passion
Are thy heart
Infinite flowers
Are thy spirit
Image of Heaven
Is thy soul
 Feb 2021 ishq
Christa Ziegler
 Feb 2021 ishq
Christa Ziegler
I turned off my feelings


I lost my words
 Feb 2021 ishq
 Feb 2021 ishq
The hurt may go away
but your memory will
forever rest in my soul.
 Feb 2021 ishq
Diamond Flame
They say that
When a symbol of love breaks,
The love no longer exists..

So today..
When the pendant fell
From its third new chain;
When your heart fell to the ground..
I thought
" you really dont love me"

And for so long..
I convinced myself
"I dont love you..
And I've met someone new.."

When I broke his necklace
To fix yours..
I then knew...
I always have
And always will
Love you
..even if you no longer love me too

But a part of me wishes you still do..
...why cant i let you go?

— The End —