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Av Dec 2020
A glass of wine,
As sweet as your empty promises
Av Dec 2020
I didn’t realize that all I
Needed to move on was
For you to unfollow me
Av Dec 2020
It’s depressing to know that after all this time,
I would still take you back.
Av Dec 2020
I remembered that you said you
Wrote me a letter and I never
Received it.

Much like the time you said you
Would never leave me and
Then left.
Av Dec 2020
I’ve come to terms with the fact
That you have built a home
Inside of my mind
And don’t plan on
Moving out anytime soon

When will I evict you?
Av Dec 2020
I saw your mom today and everything came rushing back.
The laughs
The love
The fights
The late night calls
The deep conversations
The adventures

I’ve worked so hard to get you out of my head and now it feels like you never left
Av Dec 2020
I send this with love but know that
I am no longer in love with you.
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