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ev Jul 2015
Feelings can disappear
Memories can't
- ev
ev Jun 2015
I knew it back in my mind
that he had found someone new
yet it ached me everyday to ask
and with liquor in my bloodstream
the text was sent in a heartbeat

I thought it wouldn't hurt
because I already knew
but when the response was mine
with the dreadful answer
it hurt me more than anything

I thought I could look past it
but everyday I think about her
if she is better than me
if she is happy with my love
if she can give him back
- ev
ev May 2015
Dance with me
I won't stop you

Embrace me tight in your arms
I won't stop you

Squeeze until I can't fill my lungs with air
I won't stop you

Continue until my vision goes black
I won't stop you

Hold my body when I've fainted
When it's too late to stop you

My last request is that you don't stop
Let me be yours until I'm no longer existing

I rather be yours and nothing
Than alone and everything
ev Apr 2015
"Don't worry, I'm finally over him"
And it was in that moment
When my lips felt the words running out
I knew that I had become a liar

The definition of over isn't:
Thinking about him every morning of everyday
And not being able to stay away from the phone
Because you can't miss a call, you can't text him back too late

When he is there, he is really there
But when he is gone, he is forever gone
Or at least until you mumble those words
"I'm over him"

Darling, I promise you
He will be back
And if you not stay strong enough
You won't be over him
- ev
ev Feb 2015
She was a girl looking for love
In a town where boys looked for fun
So she visited another town
Where she found a man
Looking for both

She was unexperienced
Beliving that if she gave all of her heart
She would get all of his in return
But the man was scared
Keeping a part for himself
- ev
ev Nov 2014
Stones - Barbarossa*
He push play and walks toward me
The melancholic sound sweps over me
He puts his arms around me
I press my body against him wanting to get stuck
Wish he won't let me go
Hold my tears in when he kiss me gently

We are ten meters from the parking lot
I start hoping for something to happen
An accident even to stop the time
Let me have him a bit more
But he parks and stops the engine
And with just one glance back with my teary eyes
I walk away with our song replaying in my head
ev Nov 2014
My body shivers of abstinence
My nails are broken down
I get aggresive and doesn't care anymore
It's not alcohol
It's not drugs
It's you
I haven't heard your voice in two weeks
I haven't touched you in a month
I need you
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