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Emanuel Apr 2015
So easy to be so serious
So easy to not be serious
Either way it's easy
So go which way you choose
Emanuel Apr 2015
She rests and I let her
Her peace as valuable as my own
I'm awake and wanting
But I can satisfy my own
Her gorgeous face, I can wait
To kiss her tender lips
Lovingly I won't hesitate
But for now I think I will meditate
As my sleeping beauty rejuvenates
Her shining lovely soul
I hope to know her when I'm old
I shall it is foretold
Emanuel Apr 2015
Cross legged but I ain't no slouch
I'm getting hungry but no foods in my mouth
I guess I'd better go out
But I'm enjoying sitting here figuring things out
Like who I am and what I'm all about
Life sure is far out
But close
Emanuel Apr 2015
Talking tough
Life is rough
Making sense
Of all this stuff
Reject nonsense
Accept love
We will always
Rise above
This life is graceful
This life is all
Take with you everything
And no one will fall
Enter the grace
Of glorious heaven
The way to get there
Is by letting
Emanuel Apr 2015
Shoot Poetry
Come flow with me
Make nasty rhymes
In various Time
Neat with it
Or nasty on the grind
Like 2 Chainz
Without the mindless rhymes
Or be so sophistimacated
Like Plato or Socrates
Whatever, they're related
In terms of philosophy
What am I saying G?
I know not no never
Except for when I cease trying to be clever
And make rhymes like I am the go getter
Making up fantastic adventures like I am a snow setter
Or Canadian flow-better, nonsensical love letter
This poem is all those who know better
That poetry is a flavour of the loving center
In Canada we spell it centre
But no metter
I take my time and this rhymes dragging on like her wool sweater
*** poking out like ooh letter'
This cute little girly on the dance floor
Swiping shoe like woo-feathers
Dubstep two-step into hardstyle go-wither
Dance to rhythym of the eternal father
Going hard like go longer
This rhyme never ends
Never never.
So don't let me end it like I'm a n00b and this is Halo 2 or whatever
Making sense of my past in context that's better
This rhyme might end now but its now or never
And I choose the latter because I'm jazzy like Coltrane
I stole that line from someone but I don't remember
Emanuel Mar 2015
What do I like to do for fun?
Well for one, make groovy rhythms
Chillin' feelings so surrealing
Make my mind dissipate

The concrete floor gives way in time
Here is not where I base my rhyme.
The living spirit Free and True
Is the only thing I can give to you.

Keep em' guessing, keep unstressing
Watch the flow of life in jest
The seriousness I do detest
When life is mistaken for the manifest.
Emanuel Feb 2015
You will find yourself.
You have pulled the curtain over your own eyes.
Take a peek.
Let memory repeat, the consciousness is lost at sea
At least, you currently let it be.
See the sun poking the moon...
I cannot express truth entirely.
I can only poke you
And hope you turn the right way.
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