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Emanuel Jan 2016
The girls are yawnin
My tired eyes awake
And the perspective is yawning
Melting, away into a new bright space
Keeping turning the mind and it shapes
Every thing I choose to identify, no lie
That it matters is important, no doing die
What means this? Get a clue it is hints
Placed in the mind by the mine inside it
Freedom, love, peace, freedom, love
What you should think of
Of think should what you?
Emanuel Dec 2014
Waves of Love.

I will rise above the sea of myst
Glistening clouds I’ll kiss
Joyfully singing as Krishan I visit
O holy spirit
I fumble my words but I love you so
The one for whom we are given loving glow
My structure more or less rigid I know
Time to just go ahead and let it flow
Making sweet usic with keystrokes
Enduring nothing, loving for show
The light of a universe creating illusion
The confusion, always eluding
It is to known I will say it cldarly
The universe is made of love
So come on, get near me!
Not me, physical, though you may if you wish
But me the consciousness
For it is awareness
The giver of all that is
And I am so grateful
That I could give you all a kiss
Hi neighbors
Hi family
Hi friends
Hi lovers
We all need to begin
By loving each other.


Troubling always
When you believe in location
As if there are some
And they are more valuable.
The world is not made of locations
It is always here
It is always here.
Location is mental
It is narrative of instrument

123 numbers

One is Unity
Two is Separation
Three is Creativity
Four is Rationality
Five is the World
Six is Man
Seven is Heaven
8 is Infinity
9 is the End
10 begins again
Eleven is Unity


Imaginary wealth
To distract us
From what truly is

100 of it is Love

As above
So below

And then…

Stars that twinkle stars that shine
Hint at something, more divine
If you stay you’ll hear a message
“Don’t forget
You are a blessing!”

I think a lot of thoughts
But they are not me)

Floors don’t exist
And never
Is imaginary

Adding and subtracting is futile
The nature of the game
Is always 0

How could I forget
To exclaim
My name
Credit to the top of the keyboard for being a huge inspiration. I was going to post these as separate poems, but I realized they work better together. Bit of a long read, but hey - hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.
Emanuel Feb 2015
Your poor itchy face
I wish to free you from your aches
You lovely girl of lakes
Free at last to set your pace
In the Astral realm.
I cared not for you as I should
Please forgive me as I know you would
My favourite doggy
Woof woof.
Emanuel Dec 2014
Radiating outward from infinity
Me, all I am, and all I could be
Manifesting perception
Realizing perfection
The source itself
Is perceived as its reflection.
Emanuel Feb 2015
It is okay that I experience the cravings of sense
So long as I remain in knowledge of what is.
Then my choice still exists
To entertain or to choose to observe and dismiss.
Lovingly I am all that is.

Still the question "what do I do now?"
Sh... It won't be the same ever again.
Enjoy the show, though it is pretend.
You will always be, there is no end.

Now despair turns to beauty
As you truly see
Our home for eternity.

Any answer will suffice.
Just enjoy the surface
And go deeper...
Emanuel Mar 2016
I am who I'm being
And that is bound to change
But being I shall always be
Only that shall stay the same
Emanuel May 2015
Not needing to be one way
So free to be any way
Like a tree in the wind sway
Happy going every way

Not quite
The only way
That you say
Only that way

Haha, I sound crayzay
Speech little like throaway
But the insight's there past the tensory
The routine letting go of my mystery

So I say **** it to history
Be here now, inhale the spirit story
Same as it's always been
Always here to live for me
Emanuel Dec 2014
Do not feel obligated to buy.
Do not feel obligated to spend.
Your love is not a dollar value.
You may think money is the means,
But Love is the means,
And Unity the end.
Emanuel Dec 2014
Here's the interpretation of gospel rap
Sent through the lens of this lad's perspective
Not as fast as the next kid, but not slow either
I find myself balanced but I have my flaws

Most genius's have motivation, you hit the head on the head
I think my problem is self respect
Always trying to prove, always trying to get
The realization is, the present is
What more do we need than this
Emanuel Dec 2014
If I let go, as I have done
Then here is where begins the fun
Does God play dice?
If he does he does
If he doesn't he doesn't
The Way he does is instantaneous
No fear
Love in abundance
Emanuel Dec 2014
We are bred to be slaves but what keeps us in chains?
There must be something that allows the deranged
The key that locks our flowing lion's mane.
How we ought to say we are ashamed
That in America we talk of freedom
When most are economic slaves;
You're not incorrect to say this.
But what is keeping you enslaved?
Unplug for a while.
Sit in stillness if you will it.
The answers will come to you,
If you ask, and you feel it.
Inspired by the poem "Free Doom in America" by Brianne Broughton
Emanuel Dec 2014
What ever your pain
If ever depression
You need expression
It will unburden
It will release
All the suffering
The pain you keep
If you do not
And hold it still
Then only you
Are to blame.

For thy will be done
And thy kingdom come
Release attachment
And become the Son.
Emanuel Dec 2014
Connect through wisdom that understanding
The flowing river of thoughtless bliss
A peace here does surround you
Reminding you of God-bound gift
Emanuel Dec 2014
Funny mind makes me care
If people want to stop and stare
It's as if, I want people to say
Nice thing you got over there!
Who cares,
That's not the point of this there here.
It's time to drop the shtick and
Let loose the freedom spirit.
Emanuel May 2015
Little bit
Large bit
Infinite dip
Colors n' ****
Emanuel Dec 2014
And if you want her hand then you must know
It is not your thoughts that make her glow
It is your heart, so bold and true
When you let, your heart be you

Pridefully gleaming you will bow
To any man with blade endowed
When you see his painful growl
Because you see his inner child

His lost, confused, angry brat
Who lost his way when momma had a heart attack
And now he's stuck in nightmare raps
Because he has no way to get past

If you can see that the heart it breathes
Then you have seen much in eternity
All that's left is to let third-eye lead
And you will finally be free'd
Emanuel Jan 2015
Sometimes I forget I'm me
In a sea of infinity
Emanuel Dec 2014
The world is made of each of us
And us each we have a special touch
There ain't no need for gamblers luck
We have it all, it's not as rough
As we once thought it was.
So let go of fear
And let in all the love!
copyright to no one, share the love!
Emanuel Dec 2014
To you:
It can be
Imagine it
Then let it be
Emanuel Feb 2015
What of these moments?
Creative and new?
Are they really repetitive too?
Why but of course,
They all come from the source
Which is not that or this
But inside, inside every dot
Every squiggle and knot
We repeat my friend, we repeat to new ends
Such is the way this story bends
So buckle up and enjoy the ride
It is designed to be a surprise
Emanuel Dec 2014
It is beyond
Yet ignored
Blinded by ignorance
White in colour
Emanuel Dec 2014
I have demons
But I love them too
In infinity
All is your crew
Emanuel May 2015
She stands there like a goddess in the myst
Truth is she's the goddess and the myst
Every single plot twist
Every vengeful fist

She is the all encompassing mother of creation
The source of all of your frustration
The train station, police man, "late-ing"
She's the one who tells you

Stop waiting.

And come find me.

I am everywhere but will you ever see all of me?
The Man gazes contently at Her everlasting beauty
He wonders if, truly, he will find every piece
But alas, it matters not - she's him, he's her

Infinity is nothing
Without a conscious observer.
Emanuel Dec 2014
If you've ever sat alone
And gazed up at the moon
Then you'll know the feeling too
Of fleeting Mother's tune.
Her whispers of dear aptitude
Save us from monsoon
Of turbulent forces at the gates
Of our temple; our cocoon.
Hear her voice and be at peace
To us she sings at night
"Dear child let now close your eyes,
And tomorrow behold the light."
Emanuel Dec 2014
I neglect my friends
To what ends?
I get lost in desire
Seeking pu...
I'm ashamed to say it
That I seek woman for sexuality
I claim to be so clear
So understanding
But I let desire rob me of my freedom
I seek physical beauty plain and simple
I once followed a ******* Twitter named Dimple
Because she had a pretty picture
What kind of sick man am I
That I claim spiritual guidance
And rob my knowledge by inviting
Torrents of ignorance.

No more.
Desire is my tool
Not my master
No longer "*****" is what I'm after
Rather beauty
True beauty not plastered
Nor smeared, nor cheaply perfumed
True beauty of mine
Not a girl's physique
But mine, and all that I keep
All that I save, while I wait for her
I will give it to you, and to him
And to all the children who sing
Nothing of me is off-limits now
I give to the world what I am
Emanuel Dec 2014
Please be at peace
Then you are free
No diseeze.
Emanuel Dec 2014
An ode to a valley of greatness,
Where shaded from ignorance the brilliant dwell
Building steam so they might shine light into the darkness.
Covering nothing an unleashed torrent of heart current,
Flows into the hearts of those not calloused,
By shades of greed and torment.

Whispering to me, the trees let go their secrets.
Only those willing to hear them privileged in their presence.
The power of the Sun shared by us both in abundance.
No reason to hoard a wealth that flows in infinite volumes.

Those who lead you to believe that wealth is limited,
Are those who are most limited in their wealth;
Because amidst their collection of physical accessories,
Dwells a soul bankrupt by the chains of time.

Only those who breathe in the divine in unison,
With all those in their presence, accounted for and otherwise,
Are truly wealthy.
They share the wealth of infinite rays with no hesitation,
Though them do infinite rays pass forward indefinitely.

Go forth as an infinite being as you truly are.
Fear nothing as you share the luminosity that you were given.
It is your duty to give it to the others.
Until the Sun sets to rest, you are its champion.
Champion of the Sun.
written in paradise.
Emanuel Dec 2014
So all is none
And none is all
What does that mean for me?
Nothing at all.
Thereby you create meaning
Out of the shrill emptiness of bliss
And through this something
All that is amiss
Nothing could be better
And one day you will see
That nothing is the answer
And that’s alright with me.
Emanuel Dec 2014
For this one moment I want nothing
In the next I may be ablaze with the waves of lust
But for this one peaceful moment
Nothing interrupts
Emanuel Dec 2014
The crux of it
The root of it
Is exactly this:
I was too scared
When I was 12
To give a girl a kiss.

That may seem small
But not at all
For the one that did not act.
Indecisively I felt true pain,
And I've been Hamlet in the sack.

I'm done.
I'm finished
Being the one
Who gives up
Without a try.

I tell you God
If I break my word
Then smite me down
I'll die.

From this day forth
A new man of sorts
From the ashes of regret

A fire's been sparked
This boys been charged
Not afraid of what he expects.

I claim not as mine
These thoughts I find,
Only freedom through my eye.

So hear me once
And hear me loud
I will no longer fear to try.
Emanuel Dec 2014
I have passion for my people.
Cause I know we're equal.
I love you all,
The short, the tall;
Never mind what "side" you're on.
We all die at the end,
So let's get along.
Emanuel Dec 2014
I believe that is one of my most common dilemmas
To embrace power; nay tis weakness.
Power is mine* but to flaunt it for no reason but its expression?
What's the lesson? What am I getting?
More separation, more illusion.
Power only breeds confusion.
When it isn't used for fusion.

So quit your focus of "losin'."
Time creates this horrid illusion
Of those above and those below,
But guess where we all go?
Back into the same whole.
Forgive them, for they act
But do not know.
Power is not mine. Power comes from the divine. All those seeking power, are in my mind misaligned.
Emanuel Feb 2015
Where would your mind throw em
If it realized the world without name chosen?

(You remember it now
You are golden)

The birth of ideas forgot
Happens when you're flowing.
Emanuel Apr 2015
Shoot Poetry
Come flow with me
Make nasty rhymes
In various Time
Neat with it
Or nasty on the grind
Like 2 Chainz
Without the mindless rhymes
Or be so sophistimacated
Like Plato or Socrates
Whatever, they're related
In terms of philosophy
What am I saying G?
I know not no never
Except for when I cease trying to be clever
And make rhymes like I am the go getter
Making up fantastic adventures like I am a snow setter
Or Canadian flow-better, nonsensical love letter
This poem is all those who know better
That poetry is a flavour of the loving center
In Canada we spell it centre
But no metter
I take my time and this rhymes dragging on like her wool sweater
*** poking out like ooh letter'
This cute little girly on the dance floor
Swiping shoe like woo-feathers
Dubstep two-step into hardstyle go-wither
Dance to rhythym of the eternal father
Going hard like go longer
This rhyme never ends
Never never.
So don't let me end it like I'm a n00b and this is Halo 2 or whatever
Making sense of my past in context that's better
This rhyme might end now but its now or never
And I choose the latter because I'm jazzy like Coltrane
I stole that line from someone but I don't remember
Emanuel Apr 2015
Cross legged but I ain't no slouch
I'm getting hungry but no foods in my mouth
I guess I'd better go out
But I'm enjoying sitting here figuring things out
Like who I am and what I'm all about
Life sure is far out
But close
Emanuel Apr 2015
She rests and I let her
Her peace as valuable as my own
I'm awake and wanting
But I can satisfy my own
Her gorgeous face, I can wait
To kiss her tender lips
Lovingly I won't hesitate
But for now I think I will meditate
As my sleeping beauty rejuvenates
Her shining lovely soul
I hope to know her when I'm old
I shall it is foretold
Emanuel Jul 2016
How many times
Must I open my heart to find
It locked from the other side?
How many times must I open my heart
To be met by lies?
How many times must I cry
Before I realize I'm wasting My?
No, my heart stays open for days
And it will stay this way
I'm not a slave to likes or wage
**** the blind stay out of my way
I have people to save, I say
My words are for those who listen
Whether I like you or not we can have a sit-in
We are all children of love, none ungifted
******* if you say that by my skin, creed, or *** I deserve no longer to get lifted
Get a ******* grip kid
Whether you're 20 or old and forgotten you're spoiled rotten
Your only salvation is to be honest
Stop lying to impress those most lost
It's your sacred life that be the cost
What a price to pay for mindless talk
But fear not
For if your intent be love you cannot be lost
Wake up, if you forgot
Stay strong, if you have not
I love both sides
The wanderers and the lost
Emanuel Dec 2014
I feel it in my bones
Though little of my own
To see it in others
My heart it grows
Feelings of deep
Sadness, yes
But also unity
For in each tear
I shed for another
The closer we become
Emanuel Apr 2015
Talking tough
Life is rough
Making sense
Of all this stuff
Reject nonsense
Accept love
We will always
Rise above
This life is graceful
This life is all
Take with you everything
And no one will fall
Enter the grace
Of glorious heaven
The way to get there
Is by letting
Emanuel Dec 2014
There is no such thing
Only the state
In which its awareness is lagging
Emanuel Dec 2014
In the elegance of eternal palaces
The draping diamond-emerald web
It holds attention with a lustful stare
Glittering boldly shining glare.
"Who goes there?"
The guard holds firm
"It is I, the boy who--"
"Nevermind who you are,
Begone and make it far!
This palace is ruled by the one
The only, mighty Jaffar."
Dismayed but not distraught
The boy he did leave
Understanding full-well the guard had his duty.
He turned and departed
(Before doing so he farted)
And set pace for a land known as Oz.
It was there he would find
A miraculous dime
Known by all as the Queen of good times
"Queen you must come,
Come quick we must run
By the fate of all that is true!"
"Young boy who are you
Can't you see I'm busy too!"
The boy bit his lip
He had to think quick
"I know of a man
This man's seen it all
And to this day he stands tall
On his claim that nothing can move him!"
Unsure of the claim and aware of her fame
The Queen of good times was enlisted.
"This man he's no match
I'm made of heart-attacks,
Lust and desire, my holy empire,
Watch me reduce him to rubble!"
This guard was in trouble
As they walked on the double
To his post where he stood tall and strong
"Alas what is this?
It appears a boy and his mother!
Step aside pesky swine, I haven't but the time
To tolerate a boy and his ***** of a mother!"
Why the queen, she undressed and the man was impressed
This bought the boy just enough time.
The boy made it in and jumped in for a swim
The prince had made it back for tea time.
Emanuel Dec 2014
That I would praise others for selfless acts
And then hope they praise me right back
The logics whack
Emanuel Dec 2014
Nothing to craft
That's a lie
It's hardly a task
I just let words fly
I made the title
**** I messed it up
By going meta
And telling you
What's what
But that's ok
Here I go anyway
This poem could still be good
Floating flocks of fawns
That drowned in humble ponds
Miserable image sure
But it has a weird allure
How do I tie this together...
Right, just let it flow
No need for clever
Writing poems
Is like grating cheddar
what did I just do
Emanuel May 2015
I feel so tie-red
Making me want to smoke the ganj
To free myself of obligation
But wait
I am already.
Take ease.
I am able to do what I want.
Be free.
Go sit
Emanuel Feb 2015
You will find yourself.
You have pulled the curtain over your own eyes.
Take a peek.
Let memory repeat, the consciousness is lost at sea
At least, you currently let it be.
See the sun poking the moon...
I cannot express truth entirely.
I can only poke you
And hope you turn the right way.
Emanuel Dec 2014
Love leads to unity
Of course.
The great attractor to the source.
A tour de force
Oh but of course.

I longed to understand for so long
And now I do.
At least, I know where I'm going to.
Away from separate thoughts of separate action
And toward a place that's combined, less fraction.
Not fragments, one whole;
A piece of a puzzle perhaps
But a picture perfect piece at that.

All around we see the signs
Leading us back to timeless time.
Know your goal and the battle's over
You realize your whole life has been the closure.

Male and female they meet as one
You are reborn as a pheonix from the sun,
Lies and deceit no longer shading.
The knowledge that you are the divine Son is waiting.
Emanuel Dec 2014
I see a poem, it's clever yes
But I am displeased with the way it ends.
A man wished his life away.

I'm used to stories that go hip-hip-hooray
And this man wished his life away.
Why take tomorrow for today?

It makes no sense, I cannot say
That I would ever advocate such
Incredibly dangerous play.

This life is to be lived only right now
It's the cat's meow
The sound of love.

I'm attached to this life.
Still it causes me strife.

I have found much bliss
But still I know this
This life is not all that exists.

The endless Universe expands
And I am just a man
Caught inbetween here and...

The awesome land
Where fields of godly poppies bloom
Expanding into lotuses soon

The cows there talk
And the women
Keep me glued to Earth.

How do I reach escape velocity?
How do I become a star?
How do I, I, answer me my guiding Self.

Let go of it all.
Even the desire to go far
Or to go no where at all.

Let go of thought
Let go of feeling
Let go of wishful believing.

Simply experience
Life for the first time
Through unblinded mind.

It is here you will find
Past the reaches of time
An eternity always inside you.

Stay for a while
Meet Jesus and Sarah
You will soon, I hope that doesn't scare'ya.
Emanuel Mar 2015
What do I like to do for fun?
Well for one, make groovy rhythms
Chillin' feelings so surrealing
Make my mind dissipate

The concrete floor gives way in time
Here is not where I base my rhyme.
The living spirit Free and True
Is the only thing I can give to you.

Keep em' guessing, keep unstressing
Watch the flow of life in jest
The seriousness I do detest
When life is mistaken for the manifest.
Emanuel Dec 2014
Separateness is a lie. We never die. You can lie in the sky. The pizza is a pie. The horse is the guy. Rangers are spies. Children are flies. Telephones tell lies. There is no surprise. There's truth in demise. A house cannot fly. Our home is alive.
Emanuel Dec 2014
This girl's now in heaven
She has chosen a god among the brethren.
Tonight flexing
But only for her.
He keeps his talents secret
But some truths cannot be hidden.
He could father her children
But he's a man on a mission.
No longer missing the point
Helping others is his joint,
He needs no love
For he has enough.
What he plans to do
Is throw away plans and such.
Live spontaneously
Invent creatively.
She sees this
And she's curious.
But she's also nervous.
Funny how cute she is
She's sort of like a little kid
But much more filled in.
I won't let her win,
Because it's not what she wants.
She wants to flaunt,
And I want separation to stop.
I want to lead the truth to the lost.
I want to crumble my desires
And leave what was forgot.
Who can help me do this?
The world is sure to produce one.
Is it her?
Maybe not.
But I know who is.
The question is, am I ready?
Each fearless action
One step in her direction.
To the girl I love. The love may come from inside me, but it is she that does remind me, of how to be a fearless kindred spirit of the earth.
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