Lure Pot
24/M/Facebook: lurepot.hp    I'm young- So, I sing of youth Every niceness is beloved So, I would like to be nice...
Scarlet McCall
F    All monsters are human
M/Los Angeles    Plays a sax. Likes to draw. Roasts coffee bean.
Just here.
It's not about the quality in which you write. It's all about the content and intent of what you write about. Do not feel like ...
kalica calliope
24/F    infj. red fox. forest faerie. word prophet. addict in long-term recovery. 6½ years sober. living with schizoaffective disorder. synesthete. dryad. modern day atlas. ineffable. golden ...
26/M    Words are what the heart speaks. Instagram-officialbwriter
Nowhere    Apsens (adjective): Definitions: absent, missing, away, gone ;physically elsewhere (things), non-existent
Jeannie Kristufek Hawrysz
Wake Forest, NC    I am what happens when you're the daughter of an English teacher and spent your childhood quoting Poe and Shakespeare at the dinner table - ...
Michael Señorin
20/M    A poet who's awaken by reality and sustained by his wonders and fantasies. Check out my debut work "Unsung Serenades" on Wattpad: Twitter: @archtjmos
Caitlin Gyimesi
A amateur of writing (poetry, and that's that) thoughts and emotions, superb and better-yet. Great for poetry right-off-the-bat, so why don't we write about that?
Rohan Press
17/M/Tromsø    reader, thinker, lover; i fade away into the corners of the ether.
Kerstin Martinez
21/F    I try to find beauty in all the pain, answer questions in all the rain, through words insight is what I gain. Married, through all ...
F    i write a lot of sad poems. those 'emo' kinds that people probably make fun of. you know what they are. if i write something ...
Carson L Kappenman
M/Sioux Falls, South Dakota    "Fighting is pointless. Verbal and physical, I have always felt that way. But just because I don't fight doesn't mean I wont. Just because I ...
Jewel Vanilli
17/F/Manila, Philippines    INFP · Nefelibata · 07 · Black Rose · Art Enthusiast · Jkts · Passionist Youth
Bea Cookey
F/Russia    I'm a girl who is just searching... A doctor who fell in love with writing. what better way to express myself?
Christena AV Williams
I am a beautiful Jamaican poet and Author of Pearls among stones.I love philosophy, law and History.I sometimes refer myself as Worldclass poet and poetical ...
Ajani Akono
East Coast    stop looking for me and you will find
18/F    I am an introverted person.
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