Elyas Nakos
(18/Male/Austria)    ''Not being able to fully express my thoughts and feelings, is torturing me the most.'' I am not as serious as my poems may seem ...
With words, I try to pay homage to the harrowing beauty of this world.
(Home)    I am confused ,dreamer and .. ..
(33/Male/Persia/Mesopotamia)    Heartbroken in spring, therefore poet.
Emily Jennie
(28/Female/NJ)    Graphic designer and photographer thinking about starting a band and writing a poetry book. Writing that is raw and real, enjoy. All poems © Emily ...
Ma Cherie
(Somewhere in Vermont....)    This is my life these are my words these are my stories. © Cherie R. Vermont farm girl can cook - a gypsy chef, writer, ...
Devan Ducasse
(17/Female/Ontario, Canada)    Reading poetry has always helped me so if I can help someone by sharing my poems, thats the least I can do.
(16/Male/Above the pyramids)    The worse the criticism the better for poetry. Please flame at my poems.
Melissa S
I am from a small town in Alabama. I use to keep a journal several years ago and quit writing altogether when I got too ...
Shane Leigh
(24/Female)    IT STARTS WITH A JOURNAL, A THOUGHT, INK AND QUILL. LET THE TOUGHT FREE, AND YOUR MIND BE STILL. I didn't start writing until fairly ...
(Androgynous/sound frequencies)    a human living between eras 8.1.13//3.28.15 #illhueminati
harlon rivers
Creativity is an intimately personal journey into the unknown; never let anyone tell you what emerges from deep within your soul should be anything but ...
Luke Kerzich
(California)    My spirit and motivation may vary.
(21/Female/Canada)    Sarah Ahmed
(22/Female/Philippines)    Someday you will find me.. ig: @isay_scribbles
(Van Diemen's Land)    Hello, Poet; this page journals thoughts and feelings. A renowned artist once made famous a continuing sentiment right across the history of human: "they don't ...
(27/Male/North Carolina)    Destroy what destroys you
Marta C Weeks
(Female/Northern California)    "It is said that at nine months old I was found dead but was revived by grandmother's prayers. From an early age, I witnessed, heard ...
Phoenix Bekkedal
(16/Female/California)    I should be a firefighter so I have more time to write in my daily life.
Mary-Elizabeth Cotton
(Virginia)    Words are my world, poetry my universe. I reach for Infinity. "I'd rather die of passion than of boredom." ~Vincent vanGogh
Temporal Fugue
(55/Male/Austin Tx)    A movement, in time. :D
Ritika Dev
(13/Europa)    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma. ||Sleep deprived student, crazed fangirl, & avid reader||
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