Fire Sardothien
You will find nothing but honesty here
Francis Patrick McNulty
Easton, Md    Born, and I will die.
F    ♪ I'm guessing i can write ♪
England    Just another blog, a lot of things somebody else has probably thought of.
Nibhisha S K
anywhere nowhere    i write because there is an endless monologue of thoughts inside me that i must get out.
cherry blossom
Alison Latres
Apathy's best friend.
Johnny Scarlotti
30/M/cali    @johnnyscarlotti on twitter # michael jordan of the poetry game # drugs sex ultraviolence # antireligion # anthithesis of rupi kaur # bukowski's successor # ...
18/F/The Upside Down    "I am from a Thicket of Flowers from which my name comes", she said as the tears rolled down her cheeks
Christian JD Miller
16/M/Indiana    I don't really know what to put here. so HI how are you? feel free to critique my poems
Crown Shyness
23/M    ventilator profile
17/F/Bahrain    Loves to write and read.
death by elocution
Mark Tilford
Louisville ky    Thinking - always
15/somewhere    my heart is stuck on her
18/Gender Fluid/Somewhere    Ashlynn\Ashton\ Gender-fluid\ Pansexual\ Poet\ Writer\
27/M    I use a childhood picture as it is the time before all hell broke loose. A time before the distractions and realities came tumbling into ...
Debanjana Saha
India    I write, and I write more to soothe my pain & words keep flowing on the go, healing me from within. A quote which inspires ...
Nefarious Breed
16/F/Lusaka, Zambia.    'Cause when you're at the bottom, you fall for anyone who makes you feel like less of a failure. Find me on wattpad @NefariousBreed
Terry Jordan
Boca Raton, FL    "That love is all there is, is all we know of love" Emily Dickenson Currently teach yoga, retired from nursing and teaching career, love reading, ...
alba mcvicar
16/F    i'm walking past life like i'm driving through acid rain.
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