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Muhammad Ali is such a pretty boy
Is it hard for him to read?
but it is easy for him to lead
is it hard for him to write?
but easy for him to fight

Is Muhammad Ali not too bright?
keep thinking that
while he dances around so light
who else could please the crowd?
not bright? He made his mama proud.

In our hearts, he is still
as Ali said,
floatin like a butterfly
and stingin like a bee.
we miss you, Muhammad Ali
Rest In Peace.

Popsicle sticks once covered with ice
all colors and flavors
they tasted so nice

Then you have those sticks
Those sticks were so straight and flat
then why did my creations
look like they had seen combat

A craft one practiced with grandmother.
Dusty boxes with dusty books
That holds the memories we took
I wish we could go back
To do it all again
There is not one thing
I wouldn't do again

From the first time, we became one
I knew we would become
The pair, the couple, the lovers who stayed
The ones who made it all the way

Whatever the future is
We will be together
Whichever one goes first
The other will come along soon

Then who will remember
Those dusty boxes and dusty books
That holds all the memories we took.

Connie Hopkins
Because I looked at my husband of 48 yrs and still felt that same feeling.
Don't you love me anymore
Your eyes don't look the same as before
I stand in front of you close as before
But your eyes look right through me
Just like I am a vapor that will soon dissipate

Will you be happier will you even cheer
As you see the back of my heart
Moving away in tears

Connie Hopkins
Just read a sad poem.
Did they check out your mind?
I hope they returned it on time,
I can't find my mind,
I have checked everywhere,
Maybe it was checked back in,
I hope the stamp date is correct,
So I can remember where I am,
If anyone lost some pages,
I will be lost for the ages.

By Connie Hopkins
Sisco Nabisco you so sweet
Running around on your
Stinky little feet.

By C.H.
Little bitty Sisco you are so cute
just running around in your
Birthday suit.

By Connie H.
This is about my 3 3/4lb Chihuahua had him for 19 1/2 years
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