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I use to fly a lot from Philadelphia to Savannah and I encountered many things that happened in where I had to get up early for a flight, one flight was delayed, or others that were cancelled for some reason. It does not matter what you expect something will always come up when you take a plane that is simply just out of your control. Frankly, that's what it is like for many of us in life. I remember going to church once ( I was new to Philly) and  I have always left my purse in the car ( I'm from a safe neighborhood in South Carolina) and they stole my wallet with all my cards, money, social security , and a whole expensive bag of make up and at that moment I remember just crying and  calling cops to solve a problem that was just out of my control. That moment for me was unexpected. Many things can happen to us like loosing a job,loosing a wallet,or whatever the situation can be. In reality, how do we react at to things that are far from our control? Maybe you are the one to just loose your mind and go crazy or you just do not care and give up.

I'm here to tell you to not be neither of the two. Do not be that crazy person that looses their mind and don't be that person who does not care and gives up and let's the problem control their lives. Become the person that whenever a unexpected problem comes remember that your God is way bigger than any of your circumstances. Trust. Yes, that is right trust in him in the midst of all things . When they stole my wallet I remember going crazy and a couple weeks later when everyone found out what happened I had people giving me a purse with make up and all kinds of things ... I kid you not, I was shocked. That taught me such a big lesson. To trust in him in those moments that I have no control. I remember someone telling me these words" Anielka, until you let God guide you in every area like a puppet you will never really be in the will of God" and it's true. I have recently given God every area of my life, spiritual, finances, relationships, friendships because I do not want to make a mistake anymore. I've made so many mistakes starting at the age of eighteen and although I did believe in God and was in church it is sad to say I lived a religion not a true relationship in which I could find out what God wants for me. Just like when you get on the airplane and trust the Pilot, that is how you should have your trust on God.

— The End —