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Erin Schwartz Oct 2015
In her own eyes she wasn't pretty enough
Her body was dull, unfit to her
Her attitude towards herself was too tough
But all her saw was the beauty inside her

He loved the imperfect person inside
Even though she didn't see what he did
So he helped her put her feelings aside
She was no longer a terrified kid

Day after day they fell further in love
The happiness brought to her life was new
The happiness they were both apart of
They knew would always be nothing but true

Even though it was hard for her to see
A love like theirs was meant to be
To Tony
Erin Schwartz Oct 2015
In her own eyes she wasn't pretty,

She wasn't beautiful

But her body was a canvas

And all her imperfections,

Just brush strokes,

Light and delicate,

Perfectly put together

To form a carefree work of art.

But that wasn't what he loved,


He didn't love just the picture


He loved the imperfect person inside

The happiness behind each smile,

The joy in her eyes,

And the warmth her laugh

Brought to each day.

He loved her,

And oh, did she love him.
Erin Schwartz Apr 2015
Being unhappy doesn't always consist of crying
sometimes all you feel is nothingness
Nothing is enhanced
only minimized
The emotional pain is there but backed away
all you feel is empty thoughts with random hints of evil
Once you break through the curtain that contains the numbing feeling
you feel alive again
Feeling all pain, joy, and anger so vividly
would you rather feel the evil or feel nothing at all?
I personally find the evil to be more comforting
than the numbing bliss of depression
  Apr 2015 Erin Schwartz
Nessa dieR
Her feet are cold
Her head is warm
Why wasn't He told?
Why did no one warn?

His love is dying
Deep, drowning pain
And there's no point in trying
The tries would be in vain.

She waited for him
Who she dearly yearned
And when he was finally seen
She got nothing in return.

So she walked away
But his spell, oh so strong
Would make her walk his way
And believe nothing was wrong.

But this time she regrets
Standing under the rain
Protecting him from Bullets,
For this time they pierced her brain.
Erin Schwartz Apr 2015
Beyond the sadness within her,
Beyond all her tears,
She sees a light that shines only once
When she sees his eyes in line with hers

She's saddened with the thoughts of pain
Never seeing joy in anything surrounding her
Yet, when he's holding her close
Whispering soft nothings in her ear
The light begins to grow, and sadness soon disintegrates

The sweet hum of his breathing against her neck
Fingers laced together with light tenderness
She feels the smile played across his face as he lays on his side
Lips to neck
Skin to skin

She wants the moment to last forever
Afraid that with one second of lost contact
She will break again
Never being able to be mended into a person,
Just a puddle of heartache
Waiting to be mopped up soon after

But with him she will never be a puddle
Just an egg who's outside is cracked with sadness
Soon glued with the love of the boy
The love that will be there forever,
Even after the cracks on the outside heal

With him she was human
Not an animal to be beaten
Not dirt to be kicked
But human, breathing and filled with light
The light only the love from the boy could create

As they lay side by side on the bed
Hands intertwined,
Bodies pushed together tightly
She notices something,
A small gleam
A twinkle in the boys eye
The type of twinkle only created by the love of a girl

They were created as separate objects
Separate objects with small similarities and differences
The smallest differences that helped them fall in love
And the smallest similarities that helped mold them together

As they lay there on the bed
Together and in love
They both noticed something
There was a love between them big enough that
Not even gods largest storm could destroy

She was an egg ready to break
And he was the glue to hold her together
She, hurt by fake love
He, ready to give his love away
Together, love that was true
Erin Schwartz Apr 2015
"I wasn't lost in your eyes, I was just lost"
- 10 word poem
Erin Schwartz Apr 2015
"Do you ever think of me like I do you?"
- 10 word poem
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