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  Aug 2015 douglas chesa
Yung Wifey
you were my whole ******* ocean
but you only loved me in waves
  Aug 2015 douglas chesa
Jude kyrie
The blush of the moon
brings haunting fragrances
of memories.yet to be made.
In the star clustered night sky
Stardust falls like down
My heart is an open door
Waiting for you
Only for you.
douglas chesa Oct 2014
A long
and winding umbilical cord
That melts into the distant
sparkling fantasy of a mirage.

A snaking dusty trail hemmed
With rosemaries, pansies,
fennels and violets
Fading like a refrain of a lullaby.

A sad mourning song
Of a windy August night
Voices of homeless times
and tears waiting to be discovered.

images of light and shade
Merging heart-shaped silhouttes
Against the glow of hope and fate
Frail dreams
walking on a dusty trail.

Sometimes I struggle alone
Toil, *****, fall and
cry alone
When you fail to understand

And I trudge on
in the windy night
Toward the holy grail, heaven's ecstacy
To voices in the dark
calling my name.

douglas chesa Oct 2014
We smack our lips
And tap our feet
We rub our hands
And nod our heads

We share a smile
And lend each other faith
We do not spare our lips
And enjoy nature's fruit

We get our thirsts quenched
Our bellies filled
Our wounds salved
And emotions bathed in sweat

A **** escapes
From 'twixt tangled limbs
A groan escapes
From our captive lips...

In shudder in ecstacy
We go rigid in fluid devotion
And revulse in naked truth
That we have done
The forbidden act
But what's next?

Each passing moment
We splay nature's legs
And ******* her
We draw from her lifeblood
But for how long
Are we going to **** her dry
And **** the divine innocence
Where are we heading?
***** are we heading!

douglas chesa Jun 2013
Yes, I feel it growing
like a  trickle
of some condensation
on the roof top of our  nest
Some condensation
of all the sighs we make
in the ecstasies we share
In the wee moments
we are in each other's arms...
Yes, it's growing
in a trickle ...
Single droplets unite into rivulets
Forming into a river
Foaming  into some madness of torrent
With hungry passions  to drown
flaming desires ...
The river is now in flood and we are
its captives ...
Oh I'm drowning in this
and don't even try to help me out
'coz I'm enjoying every bit of it!

douglas chesa Mar 2013
I enter this world
Sheathed in protective latex ******
I will lie with this world
All night long,
night after night
But will leave no foot-prints
Of my intimate visits to this world.

Who am I to leave
My footprints at the beach
Who am I to leave
Rose -tattooed memories
in their hearts...
Love -bruised  lips
On this ******* world...
I will remain in the shadow
Of the sun, the moon and the stars
I will hide in the shadows
Of the lewd dreams
with this world
Like shadows slithering
On wet walls of reality
I will remain ghosts
to the cross of truth
By the nail of imagination...
I leave no signs
Even in most lurid imaginations.

Squirt your seed
into the lips
Of this world and she grows
With child
that resembles you
Many have done it...
The world we cradle in our arms
Resembles them
crystal clear
I will not leave any sign.

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