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douglas chesa Mar 2013
Sin glows
With sparkling richness
Of all luminaries
of blanketing galaxy
Sin is worshiped and enshrined
Righteousness is
but blase fallacy

With all over-flowing
of new pentecostal churches
and their greedy pastors
And easy-come riches
of Chiadzwa diamond fields
with her flippant Gwejas and Gwejerinas
Life is but black
like Soddom's ****
I hear the knell of dawning doom
As Angels of doom boom...

I swear by ****** Mary's blessed ****
I saw a Stephen preaching down Rekai Tangwena Ave
And was run down by a speeding motor car
"O poor chap, was a good fellow," muttered God

I saw drunken Thomas roaming the streets
Of cogitation convincing himself
it was true news
That brother Jesus, ***-bellied in Armani suit
Was back riding a top of the range Lamborghini
And  God shrugged his shoulders,kept quiet
Afraid it may be fatally true

I saw God wet his pants
When listening to Elliot The Idiot's "Songs of Sobs"
That applaud Simon and Peter fishing
From people's pockets
Songs that revere and adorn  the vigilant
Pillar of Salt
Scorn and mock
the meekness and softness of heart
At Golgotha...

Sin is vermin spreading
In this our home,the infierno grande

''gwejas & gwejerinas'' are names loosely used to refer to male & female illegal fortune hunters ,respectively,at mining sites. while the males usually do the labourious digging & panning, the females usually offer some sweet sub-duvet sauces for the cash-loaded males.
douglas chesa Mar 2013
The world gazes shocked
Dawn has refused to wake up
August 8th
The reluctant gored sun
A hesitant pendulum
Suspended on frail certainty
Dances to the banshee
Shrieks of startled morning breeze
The willow knots her braids
The nightingale has lost her voice

August 8th
Afternoon yawns sadly
At it's muted sullen sky
Masked in cadaverous puffs
Heavy with O cursed bereavement
The dove weeps loud at precious
Feather blown by wind
The brook gurgles tongue-tied  -
''Loss is all I know''

The moon forgot
To come with her soft effulgence
The stars with a lot less winks
Last night
One big Star grew numb from cold
And fell from its hanger
Down into the black chasm

Loss and tragedy is ours
The house is empty and quiet
The heath is cold, no fire
Darkness is everywhere
But once you promised
That you will be with me,
Dear mother...

douglas chesa Mar 2013
You hide behind that smile
An artificial mouthful of white
Barren in warmth
Just as your barren gums

You give me a sulky kiss
The commercial Zollywood type
Like a cat with a fatal cold
Stiff-necked in my arms
With feigned bliss

Shut up your ****** mouth
Your breath is not Ozone -friendly
kills my good mood
And stop looking at me
Behind those dark glasses
They don't hide your ***** mind
Though your face is clean
Your neck and back of ears are not
I know your ***** habits
A nauseating lump of pretence
You fabricate, embroider,magnify
is all you know
I hate you

douglas chesa Mar 2012
With blistered determination
We cling to the life-giving ***
Bending double on wobbling hope
We scrap on the bored earth
Begging for a mouthful.
A gift bestowed upon us
Like King Solomon with many wives
To multiply and fill the world
Is to fill the world with smiles and flowers
The rainbow family
The best out of the worst
The blest to school the rest.
Like a stamp and a letter
We stick together
Bleating and bleeding together
Looking in the eyes of the foe
We sit huddled round the dying fire
The embers bequeathed from our past -
The spirits in the wind chanting songs
Of love and peace.
Our eyes have gone numb
Gawking and hawking without cease
The sullen skies of old hope
That invisible palm outstretching
From the melting clouds of distress
''O ye get this vital itaal''
Mannah from your sleepy gods(dogs?)
The pendulum knocks
Against the walls of our minds
Reminding us of our covenant
With the gods of belief
To live our lives as an explanation
The story of the plaintive shadows
From the land of black and white rainbows
And rusting sunrises and sunsets.
Look into the splintered mirror
And you see the dream
A frosty webbed apparition
On the misted glass
Then scrap on the ***** lozenge
On your underwear and sniff!
Till death do us party
We will always declare our presence
Beaten on one cheek
Donate another cheek
Once beaten twice shine
Do not let your bitterness glow by night
For one day for all this
Toiling and drowning in sweat and blood
Someone will pay.

the hard mashona is an indigenous cattle breed very resistant to severe drought conditions. it is amazing how this breed survives in most cruel times & i have told myself that hard times never ****, in fact they leave you much stronger.
douglas chesa Feb 2012
Like a desert wind
Sweeping footprints
Of yesterday tears
And like midsummer drizzle
Teasing the blushing sun
That is my love for you.
Like a moth to a candle
Rainbow coloured dreams
Wing in the broad smiles
Of our times,together
Where ever you go
I will be with you
Like an obedient shadow
And I wrap myself round you
Like a halo round the moon.
Where ever you are
I am that aura you radiate
The scent of your perfume
You wear everyday
I am those sneezes, groans
        and snores
You make everyday
Like a butterfly
In the Collector's Bottle
You are in my hold.
No matter how you run
There is just no escape
Where ever you are
Where ever you go
No matter how you try
There is just no hiding place
From my love,
                      its so real.

douglas chesa Feb 2012
I have been drinking wine
To douse the burning tip of my mind
Worries chewing at my nerves
Like the filter end of a rich Havana cigar
Woes of this world turn my whiskers
Into drab willows of misery
My nights into endless nightmares
And my thoughts rattling and jarring
Like the business end of a mechanical hammer.

Dreams clad in limp loincloth
Revisit me from the dark
Urns of history
The salad days of our beings
And their neauseating euphoria
When in drunken trance we siezed
Conscience by her arms
And threw her on her back
Splayed her legs
And smacked our lips
As blood spurt out...
I wipe my mind with the back of my hand
To brush away the dregs of the sordid rituals
We once enshrined.

A plump shiny green bottle
Buzzes around my mind irritating
Reminding me of Death
Hanging mockingly
Like a pendulum over my mind seducing
''O Sweet Carrion
You are food for the elders!''
And my sins in their hordes shimmer
A deathly pale round the nooze
Suspended from blushing heaven's bottom
My mind's eyes shed crystal tears
Giving away bucketfuls of Chiyadzwa diamonds to regain
Long gone and lost innocence.

I shared a bottle of wine
With my new-found friend, Today
Clinking glasses and minds
Then a greenbottle in full flight
Was caught between the grinding bellies
Of our glasses and minds
Bloodied fleshrot bespattered our intelligence
And our minds rushed to the wash basins retching
A brush with the fetid breath of the past
Left the gums of my mind barren and obscene
And together with newfound friend, Today
We covered our private parts with our hands
At the ****** of our thoughts.

She knocked at the door of my mind
Eyes shadowed in wet grey paint
Lips smudged in scarlet smiled at me
A Good Morning
My palm hiding the discoloured teeth
Of my inner-self
I muffled a Good Mourning to her, but
I felt a warmth spreading
At the base of my belly
Her milky-white mouthful was inviting
A milkyway blaze trailing into deep future
''I will flirt with her'' my mind whispered
But then the rasping sandpaper touch of her lips
Bruised and bloodied my thoughts
And I saw red at the future.

I must have swooned
From the First Lady's fistkisses of philanthropy
Doling out sweet nothings and promises
At a ceremony sheathed in royal pomp and dignity
Where the guests dressed like Harlequins
Mesmerised us with the crablike dance
And flummoxed O poor we
With democratic mumbo-jumbo and lingo
And the Povo touched with feeling
Donated oceanfuls of diamond tears
And their sincere prayers a mutter flutter
Into the heavens for beloved leaders.

I broke Biltong , my past, into the ***
To give life to ailing friend, Today
With my fingernail I peeled off
The tomatoe's tough ruddy jacket
To make sauce
And I heard a rumble of objection
From the August House
And the Mujibhas and Chimbwidos' angry yawn
Gave a chilli spice to the dish
And the food touching Today 's lips
He sneezed and broke wind
Startling ghosts of old nostalgic memories
That had took seats at the kitchen table
To wing away to the scrapyard
Their home beyond the rusting horizon.

Perched on the anthill of anticipation
I roll my thoughts
Into a big joint of mbanje
I **** and grey fading puffs
Of wishes spiral into the bored sky
Each a crippled dream
That was bulldozed at Churu Farm
An ambitious dream that was displaced
By the Operation Murambatsvina
A dream that lost an eye and limb in the food riots
A dream that lost its ***** at university
A dream that fell from the 11th floor at the Towers
Into the Taxman's hat
A dream that drowned in the opaque beer tank
At the Uhuru celebrations
A dream that lost its breath
On top of another man's wife in Mbare
A dream dumped and disowned
Only to find home at the bottom of the Blair toilet...
To find home in the sympathetic clicks
Of poets who have lost their voices.

The stub is burning my fingers
Minds run out of fuel and fire
The angry verbal lash
Of the emotionally wounded
Is a stub licking back at the wielder
To be snuffed out and discarded
On the ash tray of hopelessness
The grave yard that houses all
Once active minds.

douglas chesa Feb 2012
I see the rigours of time
Etched on your sulky face
Though the sun's fingers caress
The brow of your ambitions
Nostalgia tinkles solemn bells
Of dreams maimed and cobwebbed
By time's blunt knife
I see you mourn

Life is molten wax that congeals
With a caress of the air
Life is a wagon swaggering downhill
A liberating spasms
Of wee wet dreams...
I see you mourn

I see your determination thawing
Like white icicles on white winter window pane
I see your patience wane in pain
Like dry cakes of mud in the African sun
I see your conscience rot and ooze
Black brackish slimy rot
Tomorrow they will declare you
A disaster no-go-area zone
I see you mourn

Emotions thunder, tempers glow
And voice a shrill mingle with unknown
Raucous whispers of the gods of doom
This world has been terribly nice to you
I see you whimper like a miserable dog
That has lost its tail
Brother you have lost your tale
I see you mourn.

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