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  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
Cassandra Cepe
I didn't get
your lick last
on my cheek
or hear you
bark for bye,
but the stare
and asking
for revenge
from a child.
I tried peeing
in the steel
bucket used
to fetch water
and then boil
your cut meat
they abused
with salt, but
I just couldn't
make a drip.
The walking
green camou
pants nearby
and the heavy
boots pacing
back and forth
to startle me,
I whimpered,
while the garlic
was burning.
29 February 2016

© Cassandra Cepe. All rights reserved.
  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
Cassandra Cepe
Some weeks after they shot
my father in the face
and my mother in her stomach,
I could feel the joints
of my bones, the ***** popping
in the loose sockets,
all pain, like the ****** of nails,
their rusting in friction.
The same anorexia could be
seen on the scrawny
gait of our dog that had already
forgotten the taste
of fish heads my father grilled
on coconut charcoal,
my mother stewed in vinegar
or I deep-fried to crisp.
Gray, his foreign name, barked
before dashing out
towards the avocado tree not yet
in season, a collision
between a hardwood and a skull,
his body on the ground,
the dimming gaze a quiet begging,
his nod letting me live.
13 June 2015

© Cassandra Cepe. All rights reserved.
  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
Are you a gangster or
a thief seeking attention

Are you an artist or
a  voyager painting words

Are you a poet or
a plagiarist seeking love

Are you a Saint or
a sinner searching for salvation

Are you my heart or
a tattooed scar stuck on my chest

Are you a fisherman or
a sailor giving life a second chance

Are you the moon or
a lonely sun ravaging through your days

Are you moving forward or
dragging through tormenting memories
  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
Joel M Frye
Sheet-metal thunder
rattles through bluest skies
and brightest sunshine
Welcome to Florida....
  Jul 2017 Denel Kessler
CA Guilfoyle
Like water running, strange requiem
things I can't recall, though deep in soul feel
these skies, these burning lives
we are wild in the fields
only a sun, a storm, the rain
passing by.
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