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Mar 2015
The first ever dream you had
He was the superhero in it who saved the world

He has always the been the critic
at the same time, a secret admirer

He has allowed you to fall on the ground
but he tought you a lesson to get up and learn

He has always been a strict army man of the house
With whom you would share your feelings less
But when he threw his ears to listen to you,
he even beats mom in understanding you better

Very often you wonder, that
he doesn't care for you
he doesn't love you as much as mom does
But, he was busy in giving you the bright future

He is like the Banyan tree for the family
who strives life long to give shelter to his family

He is the best ever teacher
best ever guide
best ever support system

He is the foundation of your life
Without him you wouldn't exist

He is the first ever superman for a son
the first ever love for a daughter

He is the best creation of God
He is the 'FATHER'
Many a times fathers are misunderstood for being very strict, they tend to throw strict rules, they expect a lot from kids.
But what ever they do, they do it for the good of their kids. They never mean to harm their kids.

Fathers dont care less than the mothers, they just dont show it.
Written by
     ---, ---, Pax and SPT
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