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Oct 2014
On the mountain pinnacle i stand,
staring below at the lovely land.

The sky above
stands so close to my hands
it seems as though
i am in heaven
and had attained life saving salvation

I see all peace and solace,
in the arms of the splendid creation
of the almighty, so flawless.

Having reached this far
i question myself
"Is this what i wanted?
Is this called being successfull?
Have i reached my destination?
Did i overcome my fears?
Did i cross over my failures?"

No, i still dont get an answer.

Because I am not this.
I am a simple person,
who loves every simple thing in life,
surrounded by family and friends.

The actual achievement is
Being an adorable daughter,
a loyal wife,
a caring mother,
and above all a beautiful human being.

The road to actual success
is still far away.
But i know i have that in me,
to reach my destination
and achieve the true happiness in life.
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