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Jan 2015
Oh! Dear troubled Soul

Dont you see
how the bud blossoms into a beautiful flower
how the river gives birth from mountains
how a small seed gives birth to a giant tree
how a small spark of fire destroys an entire forest
How every shade of your life is been created and developed

A mere human has no power to do any of these
Then why and how can you take the privilege
of taking others lives in your hands
by torturing and killing them.

Faith and religion was meant to build humanity
Not to be inhuman and develop insanity.

Please grow up!!
Extremely disheartened by the way things are turning up in the name of faith. They are just creating hatred among others about their own religion. I am a true Muslim, and i feel very disgusting when some one says your people have created this nuisance. They are not among us, they are among no one. They just know to **** people with lame justifications.

They are only part of a religion called 'Terror'.
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