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Danielle Mimran Jan 2015
Guided by the true clock of nature,
dominated by not much but basic needs
satisfied by what earth has given us freely.
Ultimate freedom of thoughts and choices
made only by what need basically is.
  Sep 2014 Danielle Mimran
In life,
It is essential
That you learn
How to be strong enough
To let go;
And wise enough
To wait
For what you deserve.
  Sep 2014 Danielle Mimran
Petal pie
His name purred on her lips; 
She loved the way it
Rolled around on her tongue,
Loosened her vocal chords 

Every time she said 
his name aloud,
It felt as though she were 
Becoming more and more
Well versed in him; 
His character,
His very being
Boundaries are in our minds
The land is for us to inhabit
Peace will prevail
If we transcend our mind’s boundaries
Danielle Mimran Jul 2014
Thoughts inside the head,
to who they belong?
Hard decisions to take,
am i really here all alone?
Leaded, controlled, left alone,
confusion, what's your song?
Who are you for real?
Come out from that dream.
Is it me being you or just you being me?
Inspired by the movie "Being John Malcovich"
Danielle Mimran Jul 2014
We are like trees that start with a trunk.
Each thought, each action, each progress
grows branches to the direction
of thought, of action, of progress.
Some are thick and lonely,
others numerous and tiny,
long, short, straight, curved,
it's different, the way to our thoughts.
The total of branches at the end,
doesn't vary to the extreme.
There is a limit where we can get,
we're not that different, it's just the way.
As seen from far, it looks the same,
the little details tell other tale.
I am not better with branch on the right,
there will be always the other side.
While having long fat piece of arm,
can not imagine it's split to some.
My point is that with given life that is not so long, we have opportunity to develop ourselves as we please to every direction possible intentionally and not. At the end it gives almost same visual image, though if observed from close, looking at the details, the "roads" are built differently, some have roads to all the directions but they don't reach as far as those who have roads to less directions. Options are endless but not the life which ends. And i say, don't underestimate no one, we can learn from everybody for they all have different paths of their own, and if we don't wanna learn from them, it's ok as long as we respect them. No one is better, we are just different.
Danielle Mimran Apr 2014
What's in the power?
What is below?
and on
and above
frustrating again,
the power
makes people
To Who I Belong...?
Who people become when the total power is in their hands and when they are sure that they are never gonna fall?
Does it apply everyone....?
Maybe for some it takes more time until the power strikes them because they were much further than others.
"Thoughts from movies."
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