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Raven Gates Dec 2017
As i lay here in my bed
Thinking about what lies ahead
The tears fall from my eyes
As I sit thinking why
Why you had to leave us now
I sit here thinking how
How I could have saved you
...I miss you
I think about the fun times we had
How we could talk whenever I was sad
How we would spend hours playing games
Knowing if anyone tried we'd put them to shame
The promises we made about the things we do
Now that's not possible without you
The pain I have may never heal
But i know the love you had for us was real
I always wish that this is a nightmare
But I know life isn't that fair
Sitting alone in the dark
Hiding behind a broken heart
That's not what you'd want me to do
Youd want me to stand up and be myself
And not put who I am on a shelf
Though I'll always miss you
And I come to realize this pain is true
I'll always cherish the memories we shared
The way you showed us you care
Rest easy Dad...we love you
I lost my Dad last year. Writing is the only thing that helps.
Raven Gates Dec 2017
If she knew
If she knew how every night tears fall down face
Feeling low nothing a disgrace
If only she knew the pain I hold inside my head every day
Trying to keep my demons away If only she knew the pain I feel
How somedays its to much to deal
If she knew how my heart ached
My emotions drowning me like a lake
If she knew how my scars make me ashamed
And hate the stories they bring
Some may say they know the real me
All the while treating me like I'm under their feet
If only she knew I hated the person I've become
How I think I should have been left to hung
If only I can overcome this and be happy
Not sad and ******
If only she knew shes the only person that can help me
That one Forest amongst the trees
But where is she I ask
..maybe she never existed and I'm asleep in my casket
Raven Gates Apr 2016
Everyone always tell me I'm an awesome guy
Funny smart and shy
But do they know
The one side I can never show
Do they know about the times I tried to commit suicide
the times I went walking just to cry
Do they understand why I keep myself distance
How many people I've lost since this
Person I became came to be
How much it pains me
To watch the ones I love leave
like a tree losing it's leaves
How do I explain my pain
While trying to remain sane
Every scar on me is my battle
shaking my body like a rattle
The battle to keep myself happy
To not **** the mood to not be sappy
The blood I've split is my own
I thought it was going to give me a bright passage as it's shown
But alas I was wrong
And it has been a very long
Battle to just be evers sees
the Tears my eyes shed
My heart filled with dread
My gifts are my curse
And I couldn't ask for anything worse
To you I am this wonderful amazing guy
To me...just an empty soul wanting to cry
  Aug 2015 Raven Gates
Ethan Titus
Give and take, that’s how the world works
You give what you can and accept what you believe you deserve
All I have to give is love
I give it freely
I give and I give and I give
There’s none left for myself
I don’t deserve it
I don’t see what others see
I receive what others give, but I do not accept
A failure is all I see
An amalgamation of the shattered remnants of whom I was
I want to accept the love of others
I want to accept love for myself
I can’t
I don’t deserve it, I failed everyone
Raven Gates Apr 2014
I'm proud to be Emo
Is that a problem?

I live in the Darkness
Is it your problem?

Blades cut into my skin
But to me it's not the end

My blood spills all on the ground
But do I make a sound

No, because it's my choice
And I don't care about your voice
Raven Gates Apr 2014
I'm nothing to the people around me.
Everyday they clown me
See I'm something no one likes
Blades cur in to my skin, yet there is no pain
But I will never feel shamed
I'm EMO and proud to be
There are many people just like me
Look inside and you'll find
A broken heart,  not to kind
My family will never understand what's it's like to feel
My kind of pain, it's just so unreal
Sometimes I wish I could die
So I can never cry

— The End —