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Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
This quarantine's got me dizzy
Someone help me
With a cup of hot coffee
Or should I go on
Being lazy
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
When nations beckon
And the world refuse to reckon
Desires begin to burn
Upturning to the last one
Heart throbbing against self *******
Fighting battles along the way
Liars in exhornorated in white robes
Perambulate, freely reassuring false hope

Beggars bellowing bad breath
Living luxurious life like Lords
Tailored thought thieves take turns
Chopping cheap chops
On platinum platters
Thinkers in their infinite wisdom
Making hilarious descisions

What's there to it
In this vain world
If not, that by your greed
We should be crushed into nothingness
Then maybe our eyes will open to see
The world for its cunningness
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
Free a short word
On a long run
For some its a big fraud
Their minds keep them bound
Freedom is a thing  of the mind
  Sep 2020 Emmanuel Davies
watch the blood

                              seep from my soul.

I feel like black slime

                       dripping down my bones.

I become sick as I

                               watch you back away.
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
Lately I’ve been getting no replies
To the questions I ask
Don’t I deserve an answer?
Or I don’t at all matter?
Please don’t quench my fire 🔥
I’m only trying to be better
That’s all
Nothing more
So when do I get my feedback?
Or am I that much of a bore?
Please your point thus matter
It goes a long way
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
I wish to write a simple haiku
About natures mesmerising beauty
Please how do I start?
Emmanuel Davies Sep 2020
If the world must fall asleep
Let it be a short while
Otherwise all nature will wonder
If it be pride....
Or a very long nap.....
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