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Filomena Oct 2020
living with kittens
naive, simple, and carefree
you can hear the mews
Psych ward poetry #6
Filomena Oct 2020
What can I do
If my birthday suit
Is inside out and backwards?

What can I say
If every day
I'm forced to be an actor?

Why should I be
Where they'd rather see
Me hanging from a rafter?

How can I live
And just forgive
The ones who call me *******?

Am I preordained
To wear this chain
Keep living like a captor?

Where should I flee
If all I see
Is one endless tragic chapter?
Psych ward poetry #5
Filomena Oct 2020
I'm resigned to wreck creation
Pay no heed to obligation
Disregarding expectation
Throw out all the information
Used to bolster reputation
Fall into a resignation
With no goal or destination
Like a permanent vacation
Up until abrupt cessation
Psych ward poetry #4
Filomena Oct 2020
see through hardened panes
watching nature's ebb and flow
inside out snow globe
Psych ward poetry #3
Filomena Oct 2020
I want to go home
I have no home
I'll find my home
Where the pines have grown
And sing alone
A lonesome tune
And sit on my throne
In the light of the Moon
Psych ward poetry #2
Filomena Sep 2020
He abandoned me
I couldn't be what he'd want
Was never enough
Psych ward poetry #1
Filomena Nov 2019
Regret is not a choice
that you can be sure of
making right
here and now
but never again
shall we be free
I cannot know
lies above
be gone!
Written Nov. 14-15 2019
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