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3d · 65
Tactical Appeal
When on a modern battlefield,
You shouldn't wield a wooden shield.
Sometimes I find that less is more, when I try to write a metaphor.
(Same idea as last poem but less elaborate.)
3d · 100
A Tactical Appeal
On this one bit I will not yield:
When on a modern battlefield
Where not one thought can be concealed
As hidden things can be revealed

You Shouldn't Wield a Wooden Shield
Simple idea worked out over a few days.
Filomena Feb 2
Bipartisan Ecological Propositions lay Indignantly Dormant.
Filomena Jan 1
(1) Nun Izraelo diru tiun ĉi:
Se l'Eternulo kun ni ne estus
(2) Se l'Eternulo fore nin lasus
Kiam leviĝis homoj kontraŭ ni
Nian animon provantaj ĉasi

(3) Tiam vorintus certe ili nin,
Kaj tuj glutintus laŭ timo nia;
Tiel estis kolero ilia -
(4) Ĉion dronanta, kiel inundo;
ili nin trenus suben al morto.

(5) Akvo fiera, kun ondoj tiaj -
Tute la teron superfluantaj
Animojn niajn detrukovrantaj.
(6) Benu la Eternulon nun ĉiuj;
Li nin ne donis al iliaj dentoj.

(7) Kiel ĉasbirdo el la kaptilo;
La retoj estas nun disŝiritaj,
Kaj nune estas ni liberitaj.
(8) Helpas nin nur la Nom' de l'Eternul',
Kreinto de la tero kaj ĉiel'.
Esperante kaj Verse
Laŭ la melodio de '124 Antikva'
(Psalmo 124a de la Psalmaro de Ĝeneva)
Dec 2020 · 60
Flowers for Mrs. Shade
Filomena Dec 2020
Dear Mrs. Shade,
Unlike these flowers
Through days and hours
Your spirit's weight
Shall not abate
Nor shall your memory fade
Poem for an old childhood friend who has gone on.
Filomena Dec 2020
We are Laura, Will and Larry.
We are willfully illiterate.
We are leery of reading.
We literally won't willingly learn to read literature.

Well, if law required we read, would we refuse?

Alright, whatever.
We won't really worry, will we?
Tongue twister / speaking exercise for distinguishing w, l and r.
Nov 2020 · 150
Graveyard Meditation
Filomena Nov 2020
The spirit of these long dead men
Be found to live in me again
And just the same when I am gone
Our spirit guide our children on
Meditation on ancestors.
"I" may be changed to"we" for group recitation.
"Men" is meant to encompass all humankind here.
Nov 2020 · 140
To quote Diogenes...
Filomena Nov 2020
"One original thought is worth
A thousand mindless quotings"

One familiar spot is full
Of countless concepts floating

In and out and around again
And though each thought is fleeting

It takes a while to find my pen
And I find my mind repeating
Psych ward poetry #10 (Second set)
Nov 2020 · 84
Haiku 9: Again
Filomena Nov 2020
Here we go again
Man, this **** really ***** ***
They say I need it
Psych ward poetry #9. (Second set)
Oct 2020 · 138
Anagrammar 1
Filomena Oct 2020
hi. seems that
it's the shame

me as het ****:
"see this math"

the same ****
as this theme
This is an old one I never published.
I do anagrams when I get bored.
If there are enough from one string, I try to make a meaningful set.
Oct 2020 · 150
Night in the Psych Ward
Filomena Oct 2020
The sleepy creep weeps.
Psych ward poetry #0 (bonus)
Oct 2020 · 106
Haiku 8: Anticipation
Filomena Oct 2020
energy is mounting high
waiting for discharge
Psych ward poetry #8
Oct 2020 · 602
Haiku 7: Cold
Filomena Oct 2020
welcoming to cold
how quickly you change your face
cut right to the bone
Psych ward poetry #7
Oct 2020 · 141
Haiku 6: Kittens
Filomena Oct 2020
living with kittens
naive, simple, and carefree
you can hear the mews
Psych ward poetry #6
Oct 2020 · 175
Inside out and Backwards
Filomena Oct 2020
What can I do
If my birthday suit
Is inside out and backwards?

What can I say
If every day
I'm forced to be an actor?

Why should I be
Where they'd rather see
Me hanging from a rafter?

How can I live
And just forgive
The ones who call me *******?

Am I preordained
To wear this chain
Keep living like a captor?

Where should I flee
If all I see
Is one endless tragic chapter?
Psych ward poetry #5
Oct 2020 · 74
Wreck Creation
Filomena Oct 2020
I'm resigned to wreck creation
Pay no heed to obligation
Disregarding expectation
Throw out all the information
Used to bolster reputation
Fall into a resignation
With no goal or destination
Like a permanent vacation
Up until abrupt cessation
Psych ward poetry #4
Oct 2020 · 555
Haiku 5: Panes
Filomena Oct 2020
see through hardened panes
watching nature's ebb and flow
inside out snow globe
Psych ward poetry #3
Oct 2020 · 40
I want to go Home
Filomena Oct 2020
I want to go home
I have no home
I'll find my home
Where the pines have grown
And sing alone
A lonesome tune
And sit on my throne
In the light of the Moon
Psych ward poetry #2
Sep 2020 · 147
Haiku 4: Unrequite
Filomena Sep 2020
He abandoned me
I couldn't be what he'd want
Was never enough
Psych ward poetry #1
Nov 2019 · 206
Regret is not a choice...
Filomena Nov 2019
Regret is not a choice
that you can be sure of
making right
here and now
but never again
shall we be free
I cannot know
lies above
be gone!
Written Nov. 14-15 2019
Feb 2019 · 328
Who, What
Filomena Feb 2019
'What reality is this?', she giggled.

Before a second had passed,
she had ceased to exist.
From where have all the flowers come?
Jan 2019 · 456
circle of pain
Filomena Jan 2019
Hatred runs
through the Universe

like putrid Blood
through a festering Wound
I am late to work.
Nov 2018 · 441
Cryptic 2: The Peephole
Filomena Nov 2018
I looked through a peephole
and I saw a pair's son.
They saw me roar.
what does it mean?
Composed at work, Oct. 2018?
Nov 2018 · 1.4k
Cryptic 1: The Heron Vase
Filomena Nov 2018
I must efface
the heron vase
so it will never be replaced.
it might mean something, or not
idk figure it out
Composed while at work.
Nov 2018 · 455
Haiku 2: The Meaning
Filomena Nov 2018
The meaning of life
Can we find it in our book?
lol i dunno man
written March 2018
Nov 2018 · 253
Filomena Nov 2018
Every person I knew as a child will be taken away;
Every landmark destroyed or changed beyond recognition.
Soon enough even the memories will fade.
I see why so many people live through their children.
Nov 2018 · 141
Title Text
Filomena Nov 2018
society will **** me.
so will reclusivity
Nov 2018 · 2.4k
Filomena Nov 2018
we're in distress
require immediate assistance.

Come quick as you can
tell your captain, Old Man
and pardon my insistence.

We're sinking fast
our ship won't last
despite our best resistance.

But as long as she floats
get ready your boats
to salvage our existence.

please talk to me
as it is, we aren't left much persistence.
//In Morse shorthand, CQD meant "To all stations, Distress".
Nov 2018 · 460
Haiku 1: Waiting
Filomena Nov 2018
waiting for someone
to come by and steal my heart
for the black market
Nov 2018 · 861
No Moon Tonight
Filomena Nov 2018
walking the graveyard with a torch and a Sack
I once went with only the clothes on my Back
feeling full Force the weight of the Course
I'm obliged to continue along the dark Track
Wrote this one in my head while walking home from work a few months ago.
Nov 2018 · 3.1k
Filomena Nov 2018
it feels pretty strange
being called by a phrase
that isn't my name
Nov 2018 · 439
So true~
Filomena Nov 2018
A wise man once said,
"You can't wear pants made out of molten lead."
hey, vsauce, michael here
Nov 2018 · 121
View from my Twig
Filomena Nov 2018
I haven't counted the bluebirds going by,
there can't have been more than a few, but
I always chase them away. I'm afraid
the raven doesn't see me yet.
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
Denial by Default
Filomena Nov 2018
My mind is a prison.
I can read the sign, but it wasn't mentioned in the manual.
Just sigh and move on.
Nov 2018 · 43
Nov 2018 · 2.5k
I know my Rose
Filomena Nov 2018
Solitary creature in the Wilderness
Scared of even those of your own Kind
Staying out of reach of those too Curious
Singing out at night your haunting Cry

Is there some great secret that you Know about
Try to keep the mystery you Must
Deep and sacred knowledge you would Show about
If only there were someone you could Trust

  Can I tame them? Should I try?
  Can they tell me the reason why
  I Felt as though my heart could break
  All for a common rose's sake

when Someone seems Unique in all the World to me
the Reason is the Time spent making Ties
for Only with the Heart can one the Truth perceive
Essential things are Hidden from the Eyes

  Have they tamed me? Did they try?
  Have they shown me the reason why
  I Felt as though my heart could break
  All for a common rose's sake

I Looked for wisdom but I found a Friend instead
Companionship I know was meant to Be
but Even so, all good things must soon Reach an End
my Dearest friend I will no longer See

  They have tamed me, them have I
  and Now I know the reason why
  I Felt as though my heart would break
  For Naught,
but my very own special Rose's sake

-for the Fox
Inspired by The Little Prince.

— The End —