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 Dec 2014
THE Apache Tomcat
Spark up my cancer stick as the mist rolls in
Enchanted as I sit on these steps
and catch water rivulets while holding my breath,
the smoke entwining with secrets I've shed
all the while cherishing the thought of shared bed.
My wicked streak no longer welcome here
there's no room in our nest for this shame in my chest
I find myself nourishing what hasn't happened yet,
flourishing the tender side of my soul in the dead of night
I sit here alone not cold, for beknownst to me,
my inner vision in sight, orange cones surround the scene,
that cannot obscure moonlight, oxygen growing in trees
and all the famed whispers cavorting with me
All congenial with our convictions,
this depiction of snow Winter sent has me lifted
Every fence i lean over has only meant that I see you
Spring sprouts as a human,
your hope makes me feel new
I've hit the ground running to pick up your pace,
but not for a second do I feel in a race
We have hit a harmonious stride,
and Dear I do find
that your words are the grace in this ephemeral place
I'm right beside you smiling because home is your face
Thank you for all the advice and edits Lunar Luvnotes! Collaboration poem featuring Lunar Luvnotes A.K.A. Nissarona
 Dec 2014
THE Apache Tomcat
The sunrise creeps up the hillside
Illuminating the Shadow ridge
Rejuvenating every color within a rainbow bridge
So iridescent and lively, Awaken all that is
Light spills through sullen remiss
Like perfume letters sealed with a kiss
Leaving the leaves of the trees only half shaded
Sated now until next we see our soul-stitched stars debated

This is the meeting place of a farewell embrace
The present relieves the past from the shadows disgrace
As yesterday races away leaving no trace
Crying be gone now
A new day is mine

Bestow on me majestic grace and sing me lullabies
I wish to revel in this beautiful space
Not level to the buzzing of greedy flies
This taken in with silent reflection
The day that time asked Why
I've seen this once, just once before,
Yet always in my dreams
This silence harrowing a muted rapport
My silent dreams of Nevermore
Collaboration inspired by Lunar Love Notes and a very interesting 37 hours to follow

— The End —