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 Sep 2021
Mary Anne Norton
I am not alone
My God is walking with me
And holding my hand
 Aug 2021
Butch Decatoria
Such Grace, so Divine,
The words cannot embody,
Ballet when God speaks.
First title : Nijinsky
 Feb 2021
Harriet Shea
Glory connected to inner-self
attached to wisdom submerged
deeply within cosmic space.

Complication explained within forces
of intellectual knowledge forming
together from one into beings
of extraordinary power.

Interference intrude diligently
with no complications to complete
universe acknowledgment of
dimensional true existence.

Eternal glory consumes all demons
corrupting thoughts tempting to hold
back radiance followed by majestic
grace of Mother Universe.

Let us know from the heart that love
is all we know from deep, making
our beliefs grow stronger within
determination to keep getting up
without interruption.

Our inner-connection will allure
us to the place we have always been
before we went to sleep.

(Glory to God in the Highest)

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
 Jan 2021
Mary Anne Norton
When the Son comes out
Bitter cold will go away
And a rose will bloom
 Jan 2021
Christopher Westra
A Beginner's Guide
To manifesting your dreams
And achieving prosperity

Clarify your end result
Visualize with inner eyes
Take incremental actions
Watch angelic forces rise

Trust in powerful beings
Embrace their loving aid
Shape intelligent matter
Forge reality - unafraid

Give thanks for all you use
Enjoy each glorious day
Accept, forgive, rejoice
Reach out to help, and pray
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Everyone has talents and strengths.  I've always enjoyed working with words and I'm so grateful for the gift and inspiration that allows these thoughts to flow through me.  

I keep a huge list of possible words and ideas for future poems, but most often the most recent poem is sparked by something I see or hear that day.  Lately I've been studying Geology and one of my books is "A Beginner's Guide to Minerals", and that was the spark.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we had a beginner's guide to prosperity?  So, I wrote one.
 Dec 2020
he said close your eyes
and follow me
I was ten I did it
he touched me
I thought it was fine
I closed my eyes and clenched my hands
I let it happen
over and over
too afraid to tell anyone
only to regret it for eternity
 Nov 2020
Religious literals
Run our empire

With beliefs such as
The -ites must
Be purged from
God’s lands
In order to clear the way
For His return
Yes of course

That’s what the book says

Stone the gays
Burn the witches
Wedding night ***** check
Unbelievers are already dead
Oh and
Love thy neighbours

I’m sure there’s something in there
Worth saving!
Traveler Tim

Grew up in Christianity, studied religions for 5 years before I stop taking them literal...
I pray our leaders catch up!
Wish in one hand **** in the other
 Oct 2020
There is over three thousand miles
of mental distance set between us,
but I am just trying to talk to you.

I am trying to flip the biblical script,
overturn the binary political ideals
and help you all throw out your doubt
about the roundness of our planet.

I am attempting to use verbal cues
and poetic clues to get you
to see human empathy trumps
ancient mythology,
and science is more of a savoir
then your made up guy on a cross
who claimed he will save you later,
but didn’t set up an appointment
or provide any real proof that he was anointed.

Despite the fact that I know you lack
any willingness to see beyond
the religion and politics you have settled on,
I am still trying to get you to see me
a man who honestly wants to believe that we
can be a better bunch of humans being
despite all the evidence to the contrary.
 Sep 2020
Carlo C Gomez
Her constellations move differently

She no longer controls star systems

Only one remaining cluster
now orbits her

But it is more than enough

For they need and love her as their light-giving empyrean
Title inspired by the poem "Benign" by fellow HP writer Puds:
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