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 Aug 3
Mr Shankley
Our teeth are black, their teeth are white
We praise the day, they praise the night
We know the way of right and wrong
Their tribe is weak, our tribe is strong
We can't be abel until they feel pain
So lets break their bones with a blood soaked cain
Hide their name where no one knows
Under sea or soil or the holy ghost

And when the war comes
We'll take their lives
Take their home
Take their wives
Take their children as slaves
And no one gave a **** about the world
That they created

The man next door has a real nice car
And he walks and he talks from a land afar
His garden shrines are of a different kind
Whatever they are, they're not divine
And if i turned the other cheek he'd spit on it
And if he got the chance he'd be sleeping with
Our wives and daughters
I think its time we taught him
That this place is no place
For a stranger

And when the war comes
We'll take their lives
Take their home
Take their wives
Take their children as slaves
And no one gave a **** about the world
That they created
I walk the path of
Jeaus Christ
I often stumble
and make a mess

I find sin
again on end
I beg forgiveness
so I can mend

Then I get up
every morning
Take a deep breath
and start again

I am weak
A pathetic soul
A lost sheep
from the 100 fold

My seed falls
amongst the cracks
Raises up stems that
the sun beats back

How I long for
living waters
To cool my my soul
To discard this earthly mold

Til then
I will live in my place
Awaiting the gift
of Holy Grace
 Mar 9
I when I was a teenager I so despately try to die.
I felt unloved because I never had an girl-friend.
But until the past five years I realize I was loved.
Just not the romantic kinda of love that I got.
So yes I deeply understand the pain people feel.
It breaks my heart to see people suffering also.
I done some drugs, and ***** to escape my pain.
But Christ has delivered me from drugs and *****.
He can deliver you from this pain, drugs , and ***** too.
 Mar 1
I used to wish
For the sky to open
To let me see
Who was there
Making fun of me
To ask why
Was I so unlucky?
But the sky
Didn’t answer
It kept moving
So I did too..
to my God I confide my wish
for my God is always all ears
for my God always hears
for my God is unfailingly near
for my God will bestow upon me
the best of best things.
 Feb 24
The storms can not ever control me here on the earth.
For Christ gift to Us, his people is Hope and Strength.
His Strength, which one day shall help Us to Overcome.
Thus being used by him, to draw many more to him  here.
For once people see what he has done in each of our lives.
They too shall want this here Hope and his mighty styrength.
So fear not those storms that you are going through today.
Ask him for more of his strength , if you need it today people.
 Feb 17
v V v
Free will has brought us here,
brought me here,
all the result of breathing.

A consequence for arrogance.
A consequence from alcohol (But not me).
A consequence of neglect.

A consequence of the unknown
explosion at any given moment
from my mother when we
were young.

My developed response
a fight or flight my whole life,
the pathway so deep
the bottom doesn't exist.

Like a deep sea diver
the lower I go
the darker it becomes.

Claustrophobia and panic  
are almost certain.

becomes more difficult

and returning to the surface
takes slow and steady patience.

I've only gone so deep.

How much further I might go I do not know.

I'm terrified to think what might be down there.

The thought of meeting the unknown face to face is
a fight I fight everyday.

They tell me that fighting gives it strength,
it would be better to befriend it.

I try but

its hard to make friends
in the dark.
 Jan 26
Chuck Kean
A Reason To Live

    I know everyone has their demons
I know that I’m not the only one
I’ve found the answer and I can say
That all my demons are gone

If the clouds of darkness seem to follow you
If you feel there’s no light to be found
You may think that I am crazy but I
Tell you that you can turn it around

You’ve got a passion don’t give it up
Don’t let yourself get trapped in a pitfall
The answer is not in any type of drugs
Or at the bottom of bottles of alcohol

Face your problems and fears
There’s no reason to run and hide
No matter how bad it is just hang on
There’s no reason for suicide

For suicide only takes your pain
And permanently puts it on a shelf
The thing about it tough is it
Just gets transferred to someone else

So if you’ve got a heart that’s broken it’s a
Heart that loves and it has something to give
Give all your pain to Jesus and he’ll help
You Find a reason to live, a reason to live

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright 07/26/2019
All rights reserved
 Dec 2019
Diksha Prashar
Another year
Another prayer said
Holy day of
To fest,

The gifts
Love notes

The message of being
It projects,

Merry Christmas
To all dear lads!
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