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 Nov 2019
Winter Sparrow
I admire you.
The honesty, the purity
The seconds of happiness
The moments of passion

How does this moment last forever?
Without secrecy...but the same intimacy.
How does one feel?
How should we react?

What is right doesnt mean it will lead to happiness.
What is wrong doesnt mean its worth loosing what is.
But how do we know?
We dont.

Its all risks. A risk worth taking?
A risk worth fighting for?
Whatevere it was...
All it took was a single spark.

All it takes is a singe spark.
A single spark that set ablaze not just the heart.
A spark felt throught.
It never felt so good to be on fire.

But how does a spark end?
Pour water on it?
No. Not this kind of spark.
This is one that merges.

Before it dies out,
It catches fire with someone elses spark.
Fight fire with fire.
And all you get is a bigger fire.

Could the flames burn for eternity?
Die out in a day?
But, how did the spark catch on this much?
Whats so special?

Sirens preserve theirs under the moonlight.
Where the smoke creates the plantes.
The planets then orbit the earth.
Fall down and blaze up the fire again.

The Sparrow is a little more chaotic and less poetic.
She lights up her home, but she keeps adding the twigs.
Does she destroyed her own home?
Or has she created a weapon?

All it takes is a single spark,
To start a fire, a revolution, a war
And the most important thing of all.
To start the shimmerin your eye.
 Jan 2019
Winter Sparrow
His neck tightens,
His eyes flair up,
His teeth cluster,
His fists clutches.

His thoughts move,
Into an oblivious state.
Destruction is on his mind.
And no emotion left behind.

Like a volcano,
He boils up.
Tension heats up the core,
The magma chambers are full.

He cant take it back.
He refuses to take it back,
He cant prove otherwise.
Not on deaf ears.

A victim?
A fool?

His eyes seem to look beyond you,
He is hurt, annoyed, betrayed.
Like a mouse trapped in a corner.
All he can do, is fight back.

The earth rumbles,
The tides shift.
The sun hides away,
In clouds of ash.

He's done.
 Apr 2017
Winter Sparrow
Look at all of you.
Drunk, out of your senses.
Running along with impulse,
Drowning in tears of sorrow.

But from all of them, you repell me.
You tease for a kiss, in such state.
You triggered something in me.
Not love; thats fake; this isnt!

The rage, the anger, the thirst.
Thirst for your suffering.
You pushed my boundaries.
Boundaries I never knew I could break.

But I am guilty?
You contradict yourself!
You want a future, yet want to die.
Saying that others must deal with their ****.
Why dont you?
Youre as sad and foolish as them.

You wanted to be someones muse.
There you go.
My writing is for you.
My rage is for you.

Things have changed,
Perspectives altered.
The tide has turned;
But not in your favour.

— The End —