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 Apr 2017
Valsa George
‘He who rises from prayer a better man, his prayer is answered’
                                                   - George Meredith
In the solemn silence of the cathedral
Close to the 'sanctum sanctorum'
Away from the din of the world
I sat in prayer for hours

In deep adoration as I sat with eyes closed
Envisioning Him at the inmost shrine of my heart
I sensed His living touch all over my body
The one without form lifted me in His arms

Like a child clinging to a caring father
I opened my heart before Him
Placed my life’s burdens at His feet
Asked for gifts my frail hands could hold!

Coming out, relieved and enriched
At the gate I was greeted by a beggar
Dressed in rags, his hair lying wildly matted
With sores in his body, he looked a piteous sight

In his outstretched hands was a begging bowl
His lips were pleading in silence
From my bounty, I gave him something
And saw the glitter in his hazy eyes

Can I ever discriminate him
When we both do the same thing
While he begs before me outside the shrine
I beg before the Lord inside the shrine!
A very simple write straight and unostentatious with no word play ! I don't know if it can be called a poem!
 Feb 2017
They didn't listen when I said I was tired
I said that being different was hard
Because my jeans  don't fit right
My actual genes weren't right

And so I came out in comparison to everything
Already didn't have a father to teach me
The skies will cry if he ever tries to reach me
Not knowing who to trust was something girls my age don't worry about

They're far too happy living oblivious
And I question myself off of this-
How do they possibly not know
That they are all the same person?

Same gloss on smooth Pink lips
Smiling a shark smile that they do like kindness
And they name the rainbow by shades of eyeshadow- as if there wasn't enough color

   Girls like that are happy with the same person for a week
And yet I cannot be happy with myself for a day
Then they switch partners because "Don't  worry he's sooo cute!"
  I wonder if they are happier naive
And how hard it will be for them when they realize how the skies are actually smokey black
And they've been looking up through perfect eyelashes- but beauty doesn't last

   It must be nice always being average
With a cover girl to cover you sitting next to you
And manicured nails to scratch your way through life
Suddenly my thoughts run deeper
and become folded
inside the scent of the air
until they pull on my heart-strings
and watch
my tears cry tears of their  own.  
And I laugh and smile,
pretend to be happy
as if I don't remember
you're gone.

However, sorrow brings truth
as it closes in
to unravel the seconds
of each sleepless night
I have held for years unknown.  
And I realize,
it's time to move forward,
stop letting my tears
cry tears
of their own.
Copyright *Neva Flores @2013
 Dec 2016
Sebastian Macias
As the water hit my back
The sun hit her face
It had been a long night,
The dawn was quiet
We showered together
After our passionate morning
And she washed my hair
And I drank my beer
We were undistracted
I wanted to say I love you too
But I could not ruin the moment
 Dec 2016
Valsa George
Spring dawned after the biting chill,
Beams of sunlight filtered down,
Flakes of snow melted away,
The Earth bathed in brilliant glow

He came,

The dainty Darling of our dreams!
With promises full and hopes in store,
To fill the void,
within our souls.
To burst the silence,
with the clatter of sounds
To dispel the gloom,
that hovered on

He came,

High from Heaven,
like a cherubim sent,
with the glow of umpteen candles lit,

He came,

To gladden our doleful hearts,
To deliver us of our blighted state

He came,

Like the first rain on parched ground,
To drench the arid lands in profuse shower,
To ease the ***** of sweltering heat,
To put out the fire of growing drought

Marveling over the seizure of treasure,
long hidden within the crevices dark,
We stood, so pleasantly taken aback,
over the gift, ere vouched, but long delayed.

Like an eagle in its aerial route,
flew my spirits in ecstatic rounds
Like the Swallow, soaring high above,
my fancy took wings and set to fly.

He lay close to me, the bundle of joy!
His dark little eyes poised on my face,
full with words on silent lips,
and innocence on his glistening visage

I peered into that cute little face,
the face I had long fondled in my dreams,
I whirled in the feel of prime feed,
and swam in the current of maternal bliss!
It was after long 12 years of waiting and after intensive treatment for acute endometriosis, that our first son was born to us at a time when we had given up all hopes. Our joy knew no bounds. Now he is 26 and pursuing a successful career in Law! After three years, my second son also was born. I believe they are gifts from God and I thank Him to have made the impossible possible! For us, a true deliverance!
 Dec 2016
Valsa George
Come on my Love! Let us move to the East
Where the sun resurrects after his interim death
Where darkness first gives way to light
And life renews itself every morn

Look to the East beyond those crooked hills
Where poplars grow tall in line
And wild weeds hem the edges of pathways
Where bunnies and squirrels hop and jump
And merrily run round the trees
Where the wind moves whistling through bamboo reeds
Where the laughing cataract leaps down from the rocks
And flow along in silvery rills
Where the languorous breeze plays upon the leaves

Away from the tumult, far from the crazy crowd
With the pandemonium of the world
Hushed to serene silence
Let us move to that sequestered glade
Of perennial greenery,
through the sunlit grove
Where we shall walk hands locked
Till the bright day gives way to dusky night
Inhaling night air in scented perfume
Under the stillness of a star lit sky
Through moon blanched woods, mysterious
Listening to the sweet whispering of our soul
And ‘drinking life to the lees’ from the chalice of love

Oh! Come on,
Let us not tarry…. Let’s go!
 Nov 2016
Robin Martin DiLeo
I try so hard to avoid it,
The thoughts of when and why.
What a strange thing to wait for,
This inevitable goodbye.

I prefer to put my focus on,
The joys of the here and now.
Forced not to take for granted,
All that the present will allow.

Knowing this togetherness will end,
Burns deep within my heart.
Dreading such a gloomy day,
The two of us shall finally part.

However, the reality of it is,
We're all looking towards the sky.
Waiting on those final words.
The inevitable goodbye.
The leaves change
From green to gold
It reminds me of your eyes
This colder air
Makes Death grow bold
And the weak-willed summer
 Sep 2016
Emily Dickinson

Our lives are Swiss—
So still—so Cool—
Till some odd afternoon
The Alps neglect their Curtains
And we look farther on!

Italy stands the other side!
While like a guard between—
The solemn Alps—
The siren Alps
Forever intervene!
 Aug 2016
Michael Blonski
Sometimes I feel that
we are all
messages in bottles
Floating with currents
Rising and falling with waves
Anxiously waiting for the day
to be read
by affectionate eyes
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