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Sebastian Macias May 2019
Hope can be fatal
Unless you hold
What makes
Hope become alive
Unless all you
Can believe in
Is that hope
And nothing else
Can exist
But that hope
To live and become
Something else
  May 2019 Sebastian Macias
s Willow
I drink ‘till I’m drunk
Trying to drown the pain.

Waking up when sober,
and after a really bad hangover.
I realize my mistakes.
So I do it all over again in order to forget.

Eventually the pain will be gone,
Eventually everything will be okay,
Eventually ill be nothing but a memory.
Sebastian Macias May 2019
What happens when all zones
Of your life are in knots
When nothing can plan out
Even the salt tastes like sugar
Sugar doesn't go well on rice
They teach us to believe
They teach us to keep going
But are we just killing ourselves?
Into the brick wall a million times
the wall has become are friend now
What is one to do when the room
Has gone completely dark
Not a single light in sight
Are you to wait in foolishness
In hope because you can't admit truth
Or is there a different room
Waiting for you to build once again
Sebastian Macias Apr 2019
Trying to get through a break-up
Is as difficult as walking a battlefield
Without dying or losing a limb
There will be heroes
There will be causalities
Many make it across
Many begin new lives
Many help win the war
And everyone is grateful
To reach the end line
Till you step on a landmine
Sebastian Macias Apr 2019
It's late at night this time
You're walking down the street
Listening to the wind and
Your boot heels pound the cement
It's a fast pace tonight
Crisp clean air air into your body
This time had you tired
As people catch your face
When they pass you by
You don't look at them
But they near recognize your face
It's the same feeling
You are their pain
The pain in this world
You've soaked it in for years
And now you've nowhere to go
But where ever you desire
There's blood on your lips
You are crystal clear
Sebastian Macias Apr 2019
None of this should come out
The wrong way, yes wrong
Wanting the words to come
In golden boats to please
That's nothing true and honest
That will sink and be forgotten
The words needs truth
The words need pain
The words need to be unapologetic
They shouldn't be force or manipulated
Let them run free along with your mind
Don't be hesitant or afraid
It never works out right away
But if you keep on keeping on
They'll flow like milk into eternity
Nothing can hold them back
Some words fill in the blank spots
In between the great structures
Not every one will hold the punch
As in everything that is done,
Should be done as a whole, not alone
Combine it all together as one masterpiece
You'll see, after time, it's believable
Sebastian Macias Apr 2019
The hands of time come down
Upon this life of yours
And one day you will not be here
You'll be dust and molecules
And memories if any remain
All the sadness and happiness
You've once felt will disappear
Just like your life, no apologies
And jut like that good song
It all comes to it's end, the end
The marvelous end of the film
And the only part that matters?
The middle of it, the chewy fat
How you live is what matters
So live *******
Drink the drinks and live the nights
Run for president of something
Write the books, draw the drawing
Have your reactions to the mess
Be naked in the morning
Just be careful with the coffee, eh
Build the suits, wear the dresses
Love your fellow human beings
Be comfortable with being uncomfortable
Life will happen soft or concrete
So come on and come on
Have a flow to everything and go
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