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 Apr 16
Jack Jenkins
stars are born when old wishes die
ignited in the sky
by unbelieving eyes
up above the world so high
down below we weep and cry
faith turned hollow and bone-dry
closed up lips only deny
a prayer a plea before i die
wont these old wishes
wish me goodbye
 Mar 2021
Harriet Shea
Not in the coolness of the night does one become
enlightened in the freshness of spirit, only from
the soul can you share your light, that radiates
throughout eternity.

Must not take your life for granted when it is not
the body but the spirit that lives on forever gathering
love you shared throughout your lifetime.

Like sweet fragrance blowing with the raging
wind across the four corners of the earth itself
does your soul become strong revealing love
that had to be earned to be found.

Cannot pour an ocean into a glass, but with hope
you can pour many oceans into that one

Shivering with uncertainty does one know
the blood that flows through veins of earnest y
gathering knowledge from the Universe.

The soul finder of spirit finds peace eternal.

Fly higher than the thoughts that mingled with
fear of yesterday, they have found a place
of love, glory, and tranquility.

Calmness takes hold of the restless heart
bringing them to their special soul

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
 Oct 2020
Keyana Brown
I was made to be
a conqueror
in a world that's
I was made to
I was made to
have patience

God sent me
to love
and to be patient
on obstacles that
held me back
for I'm reminded
that I'm not alone
and im still alive.
 Feb 2020
Cynthia Jean

are big enough

to carry

it all.

Yours aren't.

Give it all

to Me.

Cynthia Jean

February 8, 2020
 Jan 2020
Lord the Christ, you are Good you are Perfect too.
Lord the Christ , only you God deserve to be worship.
Lord the Christ, for you have been around forever.
Lord the Christ, for only you speak true life into the world.
Lord the Christ, you are loved by your people right here.
Because you have loved Us first while we were still sinners.
Lord the Christ, you have inspire your people to die to self.
Because while you, walked the earth  there was no sin within you.
Lord the Christ, you are so Beautiful, and only you deserve Praise.
 Apr 2019
Robert Blankenship
Christ is all in all
In heaven and on earth
He is the seen and the unseen
Christ gives all its worth
All is created through him
He holds all we find
He is before all things
In him all things bind
 Apr 2019
There is power in Your name
It puts strength in the legs of the lame
It gives hearing to deaf ears
And puts words in the mute mouth
Your name paves ways where there's none
Your name is our shield and comfort
We are heirs of your promise
Your name is our everything.
Glory to God
 Mar 2019
leona chaput
Jesus, we have searched for the answer
For all the problems in this world
With heartaches and sorrow
With needs and every frustration
We know that you are answer for us
Jesus, shining above the world
Jesus, glorious in all that you do
We come bowing before you
Grateful for all that you do
Jesus, you are the answer
You are the power and all we need
Jesus, Jesus, hope for all nations
 Mar 2019
leona chaput
I live in God's glory
I live in His mercy
I breath His love in me
I bow at His feet

I rejoice to the promise
I rejoice at His word
I rejoice and praise Him
I glorify God

I love my Savior who cares for me
I love my Lord and adore Him
I honor His power
I believe in God our awesome Father

By:  Leona Chaput
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